Which Mobility Car top 10

We have been looking long and hard at the figures, the spec, the mpg the mph and all the other bits and bobs to bring you our top 10, please let us know if you feel we have missed something, we will start with the small cars and work our way up. Click on the picture of the car for a more in-depth review.  

Q2 2021 Best buys.


Vauxhall E-Corsa (Electric Car)

The all electric E-Corsa has a 50kWh battery paired to a 100kW motor equating to 134bhp in old skool numbers. 0-62 mph can be achieved in 8.1 seconds but more impressive is 0-30mph in 2.1 seconds, top speed is limited to 93 mph. Range from a fully charged battery is 205 miles according to WLTP, Rapid charging from 15-80% can be achieved in 30 minutes from a 100kW rapid charging station, charging from an 11kw AC outlet takes five hours fifteen minutes from empty to full. Trim lines include SE Nav, Sri Nav and Elite Nav, SE cars have a 7 inch colour touchscreen with sat nav, rear parking sensors and an 11kw 3-Phase charger, Elite cars add a black roof, tinted rear windows and a 10 inch touchscreen. Prices areNil Advance Payment (£63.55 wpms) for the Sri Nav Premium and Price reduced from previous quarter priceNil Advance Payment (£63.55 wpms) for the Elite Nav Premium trim



The 2020, fourth generation, Honda Jazz is a little less boxy than its predecessor and slightly longer but it retains the practical and moderately uninspiring look from the previous car. Like before, all Jazz models get Honda’s brilliant Magic Seat setup, allowing the rear bench to fold completely flat in a swift and easy-to-operate single motion. It’s really handy and makes the Jazz one of the most practical cars in its class, think cinema seats. The Jazz is a very easy car to become comfortable in, particular for the driver, the high seating position makes the most of the room available and rear passages do partially well. The boot measures a decent 304 litres, expanding to 1,205 litres if you fold down the back seats. The new Jazz is powered by a single speed automatic gearbox Hybrid engine, the 1.5 litre petrol engine is paired to two electric motors connected to the 0.86kWh lithium ion battery which lives under the rear floor. As in an electric car there is no gearbox only a sole gear, the torque of the electric motor is able to provide acceleration at lower speeds, negating the need for a spread of gear ratios. With a total of 108bhp and 253Nm of torque, the Jazz can get from 0-62mph in 9.5 seconds and the official economy is quoted at up to 62.8mpg.

Spring Best Buy – Honda Jazz 1.5 petrol Hybrid (108 bhp)  Automatic  ‘SE’  –  Nil Advance Payment(£63.55 wpms) or £399 (£66.18 wpms) in SR Trim or Price reduced from previous quarter price£599 (£67.50 wpms) in EX Trim



Hyundai Kona Electric

The Hyundai Kona has a 64kWh battery, a range of 300 miles and fast charging from 10% – 80% in as little as 47 minutes on a 100kW DC rapid charger, charging from empty to full on a standard 7kW charger takes 9 hours 15 minutes. Progress is quick, if not Tesla sipped, 0-62 mph in 7.9 seconds and a top speed of 104 mph. The Kona is not a large car, similar in size to a Fiat 500x, Renault Captur of Ford Puma and the position of the batteries eats into the boot capacity leaving only 332 litres of space, by comparison the Ford Fiesta has a 311 litre boot. The top trim, Ultimate with electric seats, heated and cooled in the front and a glass roof, is astonishingly good value at £499 Advance Payment which includes the instillation of a home charger or should you not have room you can opt to have membership to BP Pulse (usually £7.85 per month) with reduced rates from 12p per kW of charge. 



Fiat 500x

The Fiat 500x is the latest brand extension to the delightful super mini and iconic Fiat 500, this latest car takes all the curves and friendly face from the original and sizes it up into a practical family small SUV, it really is a peach of a car, better looking than all the competition and has inherited its smaller siblings personality too. Fiat has spent $1 billion building a new factory to produce this car so while it may not hit the sales in this country it deserves it will be a car that sells in huge numbers across Mainland Europe and beyond, we have long memories with regard to cars in this Country and the Fix It Again Tomorrow tag has undeservedly stuck to the brand.

 Spring Best Buy – Fiat 500X 1.0 petrol (118bhp) petrol Sport  Manual   –  Nil Advance Payment (£63.55 wpms) or £595 as 148bhp 1.3 petrol Automatic



Golf GTD

The Golf 8 GTD is a delightful addition to the Scheme, the 2.0 litre turbocharged diesel engine can produce 197 brake horse power and sprint to 62 miles per hour in around 7 seconds and on to a top speed of 153 mph, the mid range grunt is fuelled by 400nm of torque while still returning a claimed 54.3 miles per gallon. There are a few peculiarities with the Golf 8, most notably the sliding feature for the air conditioning controls, you really should have a test drive as the car is a little lower than the standard car too. Priced at a very competitive £1799 (£676 wpms) Advance Payment. 



Volkswagen ID3

Full Electric Volkswagen ID3 joins the Scheme in two battery sizes and two power outputs. The 58kWh battery is available with either 145 or 204 horse power while the 77kWh is only avail with 204 hp. All cars have fast DC charging that can charge from 5% to 80% in 35 minutes (from fast charging stations). The 58kWh battery cars have a claimed range of 263 miles while the larger battery can cover a claimed 336 miles. Acceleration is brisk, 9.6 seconds to 62 mph in the 145 or 7.3 seconds in the 204 hp car, all ID3’s are limited to a top speed of 99mph. As a note, only Tour models come with wheels that are not steel, it’s £640 extra for Alloy wheels.

Full pricing:

ID3 Life Pro 58kWh battery 145 hp (horse power) – £999 Advance Payment

ID3 Life Pro Performance 58kWh 204 hp  – £1249 AP

ID3 Family Pro 58kWh 145 hp  –  £2649 AP

ID3 Family Pro Performance 58kWh 204 hp £2949 AP

ID3 Tour Pro S 77kWh 204 hp £4499

ID3 Max Pro Performance 58 kWh 204 hp  – £4649 



hyundai-ioniq-motability-car-topHyundai Ioniq

The, updated for 2019, Hyundai IONIQ (so called as it is a mash up of the words ion and unique) is a medium sized 5 door hatchback car that draws its power from a 1.6 litre 103bhp petrol engine alongside a 43bhp electric motor, the two power units work in tandem, the electric motor will start the car off and will be joined by the petrol when required, you can drive solely on electric power for only very short distances before the batteries go flat, these are charged by both the petrol engine running and by regenerative powers like braking, there is no ‘Plug’ to charge the batteries. Hybrid cars such as the IONIQ and the Toyota range (Yaris, Corolla and Prius) are at their most economical over shorter distances and start stop driving, this is where the savings are to be made and the best fuel economy advantage over a non hybrid car is gained. The IONIQ can return a claimed 62.8 miles per gallon.

Spring Best Buy – Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid ‘SE Connect’ Automatic  –  Nil Advance Payment (£63.55 wpms)

Spring Best Buy – Hyundai IONIQ Hybrid ‘Premium’ Automatic  –  £299 Advance Payment (£65.52 wpms)




Citroen C5 Aircross

The C5 Aircross is built on the same platform as the Peugeot 3008/5008, Vauxhall Grandland X, DS 7 and even the new Peugeot Rifter and Citroen Berlingo but it has a look and feel all its own, it is taller than all the competition and has Progressive Hydraulic Cushions which flatten out the bumps in the road so if you are able to get in (it’s 4cm higher than the DS7) then the ride should be to your liking. The boot is an excellent 580 litres in size or up to 720 litres with the second-row seats pushed forward, these also slide and recline individually but have isofix points on the outer two only. Every model gets a 12.3-inch digital instrument display and an eight-inch infotainment touchscreen, Entry-level Sense trim has 18 inch alloy wheels, dual zone climate control, automatic headlights and wipers, and rear parking sensors, Mid-level Shine adds front parking sensors, keyless entry and start,  rear view camera, privacy glass, Electric, heated and folding body coloured door mirrors with integrated LED indicator and kerb puddle light. The 1.2 litre 4 cylinder 129 bhp petrol this quarter is available paired to the EAT8 automatic gearbox or as a six speed manual. The performance is an acceptable 10.5 seconds to reach 62mph and economy a claimed 42.8 miles per gallon. Diesel cars start at Price reduced from previous quarter price£495 Advance Payment and Automatic diesels cars at Price reduced from previous quarter price£1745 , Auto petrols at Price reduced from previous quarter price£1895. The C5 Aircross is available as a Plugin Hybrid this quarter that offers up to 31 miles of electric range but the Advance Payment is a whopping £4895 (£3772 wpms).  

Price reduced from previous quarter price Spring Best Buy – Citroen C5 Aircross Shine 1.2 Petrol 128 bhp Manual  –  £395 Advance Payment (£66.15 wpms)





The MG HS is the new replacement the GS, it is developed in Longbridge and built in China and boasts a 450 litre boot and room for five adults. Powered by a 1.5 litre petrol, six speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, while it produces good power at 160 bhp (0-62 in 9.9 seconds) the fuel economy is a tad disappointing at 37.2 miles per gallon.  Two trims, Excite and Exclusive both well equipped but the Exclusive has nice touches such as reversing camera, LED headlights and a panoramic glass roof. Prices for Q1 have reduced by up to £200, they remain very good.

The manual cars are Nil in Excite and Price reduced from previous quarter price£699 in Exclusive and as an auto Price reduced from previous quarter price£249 and Price reduced from previous quarter price£899 Advance Payment for the two trims.

The HS Plugin Hybrid has joined the Scheme offering 32 miles in electric only drive but at £3395 AP in Excite and £3795 AP in Exclusive.