Volkswagen ID.3

Volkswagen ID3

Full Electric Volkswagen ID3 joins the Scheme in two battery sizes and two power outputs. The 58kWh battery is available with either 145 or 204 horse power while the 77kWh is only available with 204 hp. All cars have fast DC charging that can charge from 5% to 80% in 35 minutes (from fast charging stations). The 58kWh battery cars have a claimed range of 263 miles while the larger battery can cover a claimed 336 miles. Acceleration is brisk, 9.6 seconds to 62 mph in the 145 or 7.3 seconds in the 204 hp car, all ID3’s are limited to a top speed of 99mph. As a note, only Tour models come with wheels that are not steel, it’s £640 extra for Alloy wheels.

The ID.3 has a 385 litre boot, which is 4 litres more than the latest Volkswagen Golf. The Nissan Leaf offers 420 litres and the Hyundai Kona electric offers 332 litres by comparison.

Full pricing:

ID3 Life Pro 58kWh battery 145 hp (horse power) – £Nil Advance Payment (£64.19 wpms)

ID3 Life Pro Performance 58kWh 204 hp  – £249 Advance Payment (£65.83 wpms)

ID3 Family Pro 58kWh 145 hp  –  £299 Advance Payment (£66.16 wpms)

ID3 Family Pro Performance 58kWh 204 hp £449 Advance Payment (£67.15 wpms)

ID3 Max Pro Performance 58 kWh 204 hp  – £1399 Advance Payment (£263 wpms)

ID3 Tour Pro S 77kWh 204 hp £1549 Advance Payment (£413 wpms)