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Vauxhall Onstar Motability CarVauxhall OnStar

Vauxhall’s onboard telematics service OnStar is now free for the duration of your Motability lease (previously free for the first year and £79 per year) WiFi is free for the first year then chargeable for years two and three. OnStar Corporation is a subsidiary of General Motors, GM own Vauxhall Motors, and after launching the service in 2009 in the US where a call is now placed every two seconds, OnStar has now arrived in Europe. There is a concern that here in the UK, the British reserve may prevent customers from taking advantage of the service but we hope not as this is much more than a gadget to assist Vauxhall sales.


What is Onstar?

Vauxhall OnStar MotabilityOnStar is a quite ingenious system that enables you to download route guidance directly to the sat-nav system or automatically call the emergency services in the event of the airbag being deployed. It also brings a WiFi hotspot (with unlimited 4G for year 1) and the ability to control certain functions via your smartphone such as tyre pressure, fuel and oil levels. From your phone you can lock and unlock the doors and locate your vehicle, if you can’t remember where you last parked, and once close you can flash the lights and honk the horn. You can contact an OnStar representative 24/7 if you need the address of a restaurant, want to check a dashboard warning light or forgot to lock your car, even if you are abroad the advisor will talk in the language you have registered with the service.


Vauxhall OnStar Mobility car

Which Cars have it?

Vauxhall have extended the vehicles fitted with OnStar, the full list is:

Viva: SL

Adam: Adam Slam, Adam S, Adam Rocks, Adam Rocks Air

Corsa: Limited Edition, SE

Meriva: SE

Astra: SRi, SRi Nav, Elite, Elite Nav

GTC: SRi, Limited Edition

Zafira Tourer: SE, Tech Line, Elite

Insignia: Elite, Elite Nav

Cascada: Elite