Petrol v Diesel

As a Mobility car customer you are more than likely to be handing your car back after 3 years so what is the best option? Petrol or Diesel?


Smelly dirty stuff designed for Trains and Lorries. Diesel cars sound like tractors when first started, plumes of smoke shoot out the back when you start them up and accelerate hard, they need servicing all the time and are gutless to drive.

But not any more, well it is still smelly and your car will sound louder than a petrol fuelled equivalent, but the modern diesel engine with its turbo charging and fuel infection systems will produce loads of power at low revs (torque) and excellent miles per gallon.


Let’s be honest if we could afford it we would get a Petrol powered car, it just sees the purest fuel, it even smells quite nice and let’s be honest how many surpercars are powered by diesel ? none (yet) A petrol powered car is silent on start up, and easier to drive with the power being delivered evenly through the rev range but the problem is the running costs all but the newest small Petrol engines are more expensive to run due to the fact a diesel will offer superior miles per gallon. Sadly.


This seems to be the way forward, cars powered by an engine and assisted by electric power, the downside being that they are expensive to buy and still don’t offer a massive saving in running costs over a small diesel car. The Honda Insight is an affordable Hybrid car that will return nearly 65 miles per gallon and around town is quiet and even quite nippy.


Not there yet as an affordable option and you can’t drive on holiday as you need to recharge it every few hundred miles. Watch this space as this will be the future – just not yet.

In July 2010 for the first time Diesel powered car sales accounted for 50.6% of the sales – the first time they have outsold Petrol cars and this trend will continue, the manufacturers are under pressure to increase the Miles per Gallon their car can offer to entice the customer and therefore the majority of their research monies will go into the diesel engine.