Petrol Prices

Its just crazy! The price just keeps going up, six pounds a gallon now and soon to be seven pounds. While there is nothing anyone can do about this, short of buying an electric car, here at we want to help as much as we can so we have teamed up with to help you get the cheapest prices possible, just click here and pop in your postcode to see where you can get the cheapest prices in your area., sign up for the email alerts too – we do.

How do prices in the UK compare?

We are the second most expensive counry  in Europe as you can see from the chart below (prices March 2011) and one of the few countries where Diesel is more expensive than Unleaded. Why? – Uk Tax, thats all. And the price in The USA – WOW.  The UK average price by comparison is £1.32 for Unleaded and £1.40 for Diesel.