New Prices Q1 January 2013

Volvo V40 from £499

The New Prices are through and we have updated the site, joining the new VW Golf and Audi A3 on the scheme are the delightful Volvo V40, V60 and the V70 and we once again have a Hybrid car on the scheme, the Toyota Yaris Hybrid is a very welcome addition.

New Audi A3 (3 door) from £1199

Ford have reduced the price of the C-max and Grand C-max by £50 and Nissan have dropped their prices a tad, The Nissan Juke and Qashqai have dropped in price for the third Quarter in a row, the Juke now available without an advance payment and the Qashqai for only £49.

Vauxhall have increased prices on the new Mokka by £450 and the Antara is up to £1499. Shame.


Mitsubishi Colt, 3 door £44.05 per week, 5 door automatic for £49.05 per week.

There is a new leader in the entry point on the Scheme, ie the cheapest car,  the Mitsubishi Colt 3 door with a manual gearbox is £44.05 per week, leaving you with £10 per week of your allowance.

The Colt with 5 doors makes for the most cost effective Automatic car too, weighing in at £49.05 per week enabling you to keep £5 per week of your DLA mobility award. We will review to Colt straight away as it is an excellent little car that has been around since 2004 with an upgrade in 2008, it is due to be replaced by the Mirage in Spring 2013.

The beautiful Alfa Giulietta halved in price to £999

New – BMW 3 Series Estate from £2699

New -The funky Vauxhall Adam, from nil advance payment

New – The big Volvo V70 estate from £1899

Volvo V60 Estate returns to the scheme from £1999


New Motability Prices

Every three months the Motability prices are reviewed, the Winter prices start being released on the 1st January and we will be on hand to give you the ‘movers and the shakers’ the best deals and the ones to avoid. The UK car market is bubbling along very well, November 2012 saw an 11% rise year on year as a number of new models hit the streets. The UK has now overtaken the French market and is now second only to Germany. Of the five biggest markets in the EU, the UK is the only country to have experienced growth in the last year. The UK market has seen growth of 5.4 per cent on the same period last year.


New VW Golf from £99

The New cars we are excited about joining the scheme are the Volkswagen Golf,  Audi A3 and the Dacia Duster, but i feel we will have to wait a little longer for the Duster but hope to be proved wrong.




Dacia Duster not added to scheme

Will the downturn in European car sales force an exciting mobility car price war? Or are we being wildly over dramatic and prices will remain pretty much stable with the odd bargain poking through, this seems the most likely outcome. We will let you know of every movement up or down on the previous price with our little arrows.  means the price has increased (if you place your mouse arrow on the arrow you can see by how much the price has increased) and if the price has decreased you will see a green arrow Price reduced from previous quarter price or is there is no change in price the arrows will be side by side .

UK’s best-selling new cars, November 2012

1 Ford Focus – 7495 units sold

2 Ford Fiesta – 7483

3 Vauxhall Corsa – 6164

4 Volkswagen Golf – 5165

5 Vauxhall Astra – 5032

6 Nissan Qashqai – 3403

7 BMW 3-series – 3238

8 BMW 1-series – 3135

9 Mercedes C-class – 2901

10 Mini hatch – 2787