New Motablity Prices

New Vauxhall Mokka, from £499

The site is now up to date and this quarter has seen some good discounts, Ford are leading the way but Vauxhall, after their ‘summer sale’, have increased across the board, Antara and Insignia have increased by £500 which is a shame but on the plus side the new Mokka is on the scheme though not released until November.

Nissan prices have reduced a little the Quashqai+2 is now from £499 and the the Juke from £99.



The good looking new Kia Ceed is added to the scheme.

Skoda have reduced prices a little, Yeti now from £95.


The Korean pair of Kia and Hyundai have increased prices on their smallest cars all others are unchanged. The Delightful new kia Ceed is added to the scheme, full review to follow.


Volkswagen have cut the price of the Touran and the Golf  for example the Golf Match 1.6 Diesel has been reduced by £150 to £199 advance payment.



New to the Scheme, Ford Kuga from £795

Ford are the Top Performer having  added the new B-Max and the delightful Kuga to the scheme. The C-Max has been reduced by £200 to £95, the Grand C-max by £300 to £395, but the best two offers from Ford are the £500 reduction on the 7 seat S-Max Zetec diesel bringing it down to £795 and the £345 off the automatic Focus which is now available without a down payment.


New Ford B-Max, rear sliding doors and easy access






Every three months the Motability prices are reviewed, the Autumn prices are released on the 1st October and we will be on hand to give you the ‘movers and the shakers’ the best deals and the ones to avoid.

Last Quarter (1st July) saw some dramatic changes, led by Vauxhall who slashed prices across their range, so will this prompt a price war with the only winner being the Mobility car customer? Sadly not, but we still have our fingers crossed, it seems Vauxhall cut their prices because up until the end of August 2012 they had registered nearly ten thousand cars less than the first eight months of 2011. In the mass production world of car manufacture the assembly line has to keep moving in order to maximize profit, so if there are more cars being made than being sold the showrooms have to go into overdrive offering  promotions to entice the customer to part with their money and as a result the mobility car prices come down to.  It appears that Vauxhall are the only big player to have lost market share in the UK, Ford are performing well and the WAG group (VW, Skoda, Audi, Seat) are stable too. Kia and Hyundai are the two companies that are bucking the trend and showing big increases in market share.

Ford European sales down 29% for August 2012

Ford European sales down 29% for August 2012

The picture does become more interesting when you look at European car sales, the UK are the the only territory that has seen stability in the car sales market, even in the mighty Germany, where one in three of all new cars are sold throughout the whole of Europe, saw a 5% drop in sales in August and the troubled economies of Greece and Italy fell by  47% and 20% respectively, while France was down 11% and the predictions are for a further shrinkage in the market.

So what can we expect from the New Mobility prices? Will Vauxhall keep their prices low or cut them even further? Will the downturn in European car sales force an exciting mobility car price war? Or are we being wildly over dramatic and prices will remain pretty much stable with the odd bargain poking through, this seems the most likely outcome. We will let you know of every movement up or down on the previous price with our little arrows.  means the price has increased (if you place your mouse arrow on the arrow you can see by how much the price has increased) and if the price has decreased you will see a green arrow Price reduced from previous quarter price or is there is no change in price the arrows will be side by side .