New Q1 Winter (January – March) Motability Prices released 1st January 2024

New Motability Prices

New Quarter 1 (Winter) Prices released 1st January 2024

The new Motability prices will be published on Monday 1st January 2024. Quarter 1 (Winter) prices run from 1st January through to 31st March 2024. We will post all information as it comes to us on this page. We will update you on all the movements (up and down) on this page. Every movement on the previous price can be tracked with our little arrows.  means the price has increased (if you place your mouse on the arrow you can see by how much the price has increased) and if the price has decreased you will see a green arrow Price reduced from previous quarter price or if there is no change in price the arrows are side by side . We will continue to post the War Pension (WPMS) prices alongside the DLA/PIP/AFIP prices.  Advance Payments for WPMS are around presently £1085 less than those of DLA/PIP/AFIP.  Even with this extra award there are no additional vehicles available to War Pensioners.


Grants and extensions.

Motability can extend the lease on your existing vehicle from the existing three years to up to five years, should you find a vehicle that suits your needs during the extension period then you are free to place an order. Should you have to change your vehicle and are not able to afford the Advance Payment you may qualify for assistance through the charitable arm of Motability’s Grants team. The number of Grants awarded has increased by 8% with 17626 awarded


Delivery Delays

Three months before the end of your three year lease you are able to order a new vehicle, in the present climate it is extremely likley your new vehicle will not have been built before the lease is due to end, in this situation Motability extend the lease on your existing vehicle. Manufacturing delays are a realty, stock cars are rarely available to Motability customers, delivery time for a new vehicle varies greatly from manufacturer to Manufacture and vehicle to vehicle, usually between three to twelve months, the dealership will have the most up to date information, the forum is also an excellent resource.


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