New Motability Prices Q3 1st July 2015

New Vauxhall Astra - order now

New Vauxhall Astra – order now

The New Vauxhall Astra hatchback is on the Scheme, we have the first deliveries due in November, so you will have to order without seeing the car for now. It does look great and the engines are all excellent ranging from a 3 cylinder 1.0 petrol to a 200bhp 1.6 litre missile, the wise choice is the 1.6 ‘whisper’ diesel that can return a claimed economy of up to 80mpg and available with 110, 136 or a twin turbo 160bhp. Prices are realistic starting at nil advance and is the first car to offer the super new Onstar system which offers a wifi hotspot for your car, free for the first year, as well as an SOS button in the car which connects you directly to an operator that can help with anything from finding a drive thru to providing emergency help.



Mazda 6 Motability car

Mazda 6, amazing value now without a downpayment

Mazda have reduced the 3 and 6 prices by £2-300, both are now on offer without an advance payment, we did not think that the prices could go lower, these two cars are cracking value.





New S-Max Titanium from £1395

New S-Max Titanium from £1395

The New S-max has arrived and the better offers are on the Titanium and Titanium Sport trim lines, in fact you can get a Titanium for the same price as the lowly Zetec this quarter. Priced at £1395 for an manual or £1995 for the powershift Auto 150bhp diesel or £1495 for a 4 wheel drive manual. It is expensive compared to the Vauxhall Zafira Tourer which is available without a downpayment but it does offer the latest engines and technology.



Ford Focus ST3 anyone?

Ford Focus ST3 anyone?

Following on from the success of the Ford Focus ST, Ford have added the range topping bad boy ST3 to the Scheme from £1395, included are Bi-xenon headlights, cruise control and metallic alloy wheels with red painted brake callipers. Reports of indefinite delays on the ST3, be sure to raise this with the dealer.




Stunning - Volvo XC60

Stunning – Volvo XC60

Volvo, every now and then and usually for a short period, treat us, this quarter sees the delightful XC60 added to the Scheme. Volvo, being a law unto themselves, have not added the base model but the SE Lux Nav as either a D4 (190bhp) front wheel drive or D5 (220bhp) all wheel drive, both are either Manual or Automatic. Prices start at £1899.



Back but £3k for 7 seats

Nissan X-Trail – Back but £3k for 7 seats

Nissan have given us back the X-Trail. Advance payment is a whopping £1999 for a 5 seat in Acenta trim, the Automatic N-Tec offers 7 seats but is £2999 Advance Payment. Shame.





Renault Kadjar - Qashqai beater

Renault Kadjar – Qashqai beater

The Renault Kadjar shares the best car with the worst name award with the Nissan Qashqai, it shares a lot with the Qashqai as it is built on the same chassis and has the same engines, the Kadjar however is slightly bigger and better value, prices start at £145 and include a built in Sat Nav. Well worth sticking on your shortlist. Orders opened 1st July with the first deliveries due in September, they are not even with the dealers yet, thank you Renault for putting a new car straight onto the Scheme, you are a trailblazer.




Alfa Giulietta, price drop

Alfa Giulietta, price drop

The delightful Alfa has reduced in price on all models but the one that caught our eye is the 1.4 petrol with 170bhp and a twin clutch Automatic Gearbox (with paddles), TCT as Alfa call it. This is a fast car 135mph and 0-62 in 7.7 seconds and in Exclusive trim it looks the part too. Priced at a competitive Advance Payment of £995.




Click to open the Motability Price guide

Click to open the Motability Price guide

The new price guide is now available here giving a breakdown of all the Q3 prices. Volvo XC60, Ford S-Max and the excellent Renault Kadjar which is built on the Nissan Qashai but bigger and better value.



Mobility car price search

Click to open Motability full search

The Full search tool is now up to date and can be accessed here.






Vauxhall Q3 2015Vauxhall Prices

Click here or on the logo to open the new Vauxhall prices that includes pricing for the new Astra that is not even in the showrooms yet.  £350 reduction on the Automatic Zafira Tourer. Good deals on the 1.6 whisper diesel on the Mokka.





Finally Ford have produced a single easy to read catalogue, click here or on the blue oval to open.



Alfa prices here, confirmation of the excellent deals on the Giulietta.







New Hyundai prices here.



VW prices here, Sharan back on but only with the Euro 5 engines. Scirocco 1.4 petrol reduced by £500 now £249. £1000 reduction in blueGT Polo now from £500






BMW prices here, the new 7 seat 2 series Grand Tourer is now available from £1799 Advance Payment.







New Audi prices here. No suprises and no new models





No Downloadable Price list for Fiat as yet. 500X sees healthy price drop now from Nil Advance Payment a reduction of £495. Panda 4×4 now without an advance payment, get in early for winter.








No downloadable price list. The Jazz is being replaced soon so the excellent outgoing car is available without a downpayment as a manul or CVT Auto  in top trim EX, which is laden with treats such as a panoramic roof. The CRV is now available with 160bhp diesel engine as a manual or 9 speed automatic.


Mazda Logo

No Downloadable list. the Mazda 3 is reduced further, nil for a petrol or £299 for the diesel and from £99 for an Automatic. The Super Mazda 6 is now available without a downpayment complete with a built in Sat Nav, super effort from Mazda.



Mini catalogue not released yet, no price changes to report.




Mitsubishi price list here. The Base PHEV has increased by £200 but it is now £100 cheaper to have the car with leather seats. The Automatic Outlander with 7 seats goes up by £200 and the facelifted ASX with its new Euro 6 1.6 litre diesel and confusing trim lines, ZC, ZC-M and ZC-H comes in at the same price as the outgoing version.






New Nissan Prices here. Qashqai Manual cars up by 150, 1.2 petrol prices down by £100. The X-Trail is back but prices have increased by £500 for the 7 seat n-tec and £800 for a 5 seat in Acenta trim.



New Peugeot prices here. 308 120 blue diesel with a claimed mpg of 91 is now from Nil advance payment.




Suzuki Logo

Suzuki prices here. No price changes to report.







New Toyota prices here. The Yaris Hybrid is now without a downpayment, a £495 reduction. Deal of the Quarter for a small car.





New Motability Prices

New Prices (Summer) released 1st July 2015

Wednesday 1st July will see the release of the Quarter 3 (Summer) prices. Please post your comments and ask questions at the bottom of the page as we are all here to help each other. We are fortunate to have some regular contributors, that we really value, who are kind enough to impart their knowledge.

The Quarter 3 (Summer) price period is from July 1st and runs through to September 30th 2015. We have already seen a number of new cars entering the Scheme mid term and the new and updated models will keep coming due to new emission rules that come into force in September 2015 (Euro 6) You can read more about Euro 6 Here. The obvious benefits to picking a Euro 6 engine is that you will be getting the very latest in engine technology, which means better fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. Our advise is to ask the Dealer if the car is fitted with a Euro 6 compliant engine, the change only affects diesel engines.

New Cars

Ford Focus ST motability car

Ford Focus ST

Ford will set the standard for Q3 prices as sales have suffered due to the fact the C-Max, S-Max and Galaxy models have been withdrawn from sale pending new models, the new C-Max and Grand C-Max have just been released and are available to order through the Scheme, the S-Max we hope to arrive shortly onto the Scheme but the Galaxy is still a couple of months away. Ford have also added the Focus ST for what could be a limited period so if you are after a hot hatch move quickly.


Vauxhall Insignia MY16

Vauxhall Insignia MY16

Vauxhall have announced the launch of the new Euro 6 1.6 litre 136bhp ‘Whisper’ Diesel for the Insignia alongside a new 2.0 litre 170bhp diesel. Out go the (relatively new) 120 and 140 2.0 litre diesel and the 163bhp diesel as these are not Euro 6. The new ‘whisper’ engine is quieter, as the name would suggest, cleaner , faster and greener that the engines it replaces. The rugged Insignia Country Tourer has been withdrawn with immediate effect due to the ‘significant engineering investment required to convert to right hand drive’.



From 1st July we will update you on all the movements (up and down) on this page, we will continue to post the War Pension prices alongside the DLA/PIP prices. WPMS weekly payments are presently £64.15 compared to £57.45 for DLA/PIP therefore these prices are generally £1000 less than those of DLA/PIP.  Even with this extra award there are no more cars available to War Pensioners. Every movement up or down on the previous price can be tracked with our little arrows. means the price has increased (if you place your mouse on the arrow you can see by how much the price has increased) and if the price has decreased you will see a green arrow Price reduced from previous quarter price or is there is no change in price the arrows will be side by side .