New Motability Prices Q1 ‘Winter’ 1st January 2018

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January 1 2018

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We will update every price on this site and review all the new cars ASAP, but it is a manual process, so please be patient. We will post all findings / news on this page.  Happy 2018. For a price to updated in must state Winter and Not Autumn.



New Cars for Q1 2018

Hyundai Kona – From Nil – £949 Advance Payment (manual only)

The Hyundai Kona is ultimately a replacement for the ix20 but the Kona has a boot size of 334 litres compared to the 440 of the ix20, but it is certainly a better looking car. The Compact SUV sector is becoming a crowded space, the Nissan Juke gave us the segment and the Citroen C3 Aircross can compete on quirky looks but the Seat Arona with its 400 litre boot offers much better value this quarter. The single engine for the Kona is a 118bhp 1.0 litre three cylinder petrol presently only with a 6 speed manual gearbox. Trim lines are S, SE, and Premium. SE, £399 AP, and above come with a reversing camera paired to the 8 inch screen that includes a link to your smartphone.



MG ZS – From £45 – £195 Advance Payment

The Seat Arona sized Compact SUV from MG (ZS) has a 448 litre boot, 48 litres larger than the Arona, and an 8 inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay link. The 1.5 petrol manual car with 5 gears is eclipsed by the 1.0 three cylinder (Vauxhall shared) 6 speed automatic. The top trim Exclusive has leather seats and 17 inch Alloy wheels and reversing camera.



Mazda CX5 – from £999 Advance Payment

Two weeks into the new year and the surprises keep coming.  The smooth looking CX-5 is with us, powered by a 2.0 litre petrol or 2.2 litre diesel the CX-5 is a very welcome addition. Two trim lines: SE-L has 17 inch alloy wheels, privacy glass, cruise control, rear parking sensors, climate control and a 7 inch touchscreen with sat nav. Sport trim adds 19 inch alloys, reversing camera, power tailgate, heated power leather seats and heated steering wheel. The 2.0 litre petrol is front wheel drive manual gearbox only, 163 bhp (0-62 in 10.4 seconds and 44.1 mpg) The 2.2 diesel is 150 bhp front wheel drive only manual (0-62 in 9.4 seconds and 56.5 mpg) or 6 speed automatic (0-62 in 10.1 seconds 50.4 mpg) Only the petrol manual car in SE-L trim at £999 AP can compete for price with the VW Tiguan, the diesel cars start at £2499 and the Auto diesel at £3499 AP.


Renault Grand Scenic (7 Seat) – £2995 Advance payment

The new Hybrid Assist Grand Scenic uses the same 108bhp diesel engine but is fitted with a 10kW electric motor and a 48v 150kWh battery to power it. That provides an extra 15Nm of torque at the most, and is charged up using the powertrain, so there’s no need to plug in. This is a mild Hybrid system where the battery power provides a little shove along from the power generated from the deceleration process, the fuel economy is increased to an excellent 80.7 miles per gallon but the extra weigh makes the car slower to reach 62mph (12.9 as apposed to 12.4 seconds for the non assisted car) As the hybrid system offer only assistance and not a separate powertrain Renault are able to make the Scenic a manual gearbox car.


Ford Mondeo TiVCT Hybrid Titanium – £2745 Advance Payment

Combining a non turbo 2.0 litre petrol engine and two electric motors (one used for recharging the batteries)  The Mondeo has a power output of 184 bhp, which can see it reach 62 miles per hour in 9.2 seconds and return a claimed economy of 70.6 miles per gallon. The problem arises when you want to do anything other that accelerate slowly or cruise on the flat, the poor mid range torque paired to the CVT gearbox makes progress in the Mondeo very noisy and presumably thirsty in reaching your cruising speed.



Volkswagen Polo – Nil Advance Payment

The new for 2018 super sleek VW Polo is avaialble in SE or down with the kids ‘Beats’ trim complete with 300 watt sound system and ‘Herbie stripe’ should you choose. The 95 bhp 1.0 litre engine can ht 62 mph in 10.8 seconds and the claimed economy is 62.8 mpg.  Nil Advance Payment as Manual in either trim or £799 as a DSG Automatic.



Mini Countryman PHEV – £1749 Advance Payment

The Mini Countryman Plug in Hybrid has a 1.5 litre 3 cylinder petrol engine powering the front wheels and an 88hp electric motor powering the rear wheels, the total power avaialble combining the two engines is 224 brake horse power and a 0-62 miles per hour can be achieved in 6.8 seconds. More importantly you can drive up to 25 miles on electric power alone from a fully charged car. Charging can be as fast as two hours fifteen minutes and it is also possible to charge from a household 3 pin plug, though does take longer.



Audi Q2 – from £399 Advance Payment

Audi have removed the Q3 and A4 from the Scheme, so the Q2 is their flagship product on the Scheme. It is a compact crossover, likeable if a little un-Audi like in design, it is a little, dare we say it, radical for the Bavarians. Prices start at £399 for the super 1.0 litre petrol and rise through the 1.6 diesel and 1.4 litre petrol up to the 2.0 litre diesel 4wd auto at £2749 AP. Sadly Automatic Q2’s start at £1699 AP.



Jeep Compass petrol from £499 Advance Payment

Before the Volvo XC40 arrives (if it ever does) we can marvel at the delightful Jeep Compass, certainly from side on, the front has a bit of an aggressive grille for our taste. Engines are a 1.4 litre petrol and two diesels, a 1.6 and 2.0 litre. Prices for the petrol manual car are excellent, starting at £499 AP for a well equipped Longitude trim. Automatic cars are two, a 1.4 petrol at £1845 and a 2.0 litre diesel at £3495



BMW 2 Series Coupe from £799 Advance Payment

Previously known as the 1 series Coupe, the 2 series Coupe is built up from the BMW 1 series. The current 2 Series better looking than the 1 Series Coupe, it’s also longer, wider and more practical than before. It feels like a standalone model in its own right, rather than simply a two-door version of the 1 Series. In fact, it looks and feels like a junior 4 Series. BMW facelifted the 2 Series in 2017, fitting new air intakes, a larger radiator grille and LED lights as standard. Only the 218 is avaialble as a 134 bhp petrol or 148 bhp diesel. Prices start at £799 for the petrol Manual or £1299 as an Auto for SE trim, Sport and MSport are also on offer.


Renault Koleos – Only a single 4wd Auto at £3750 AP. Ouch

The sister car to the Nissan X-Trial, the Koleos is only avaialble with five seats, it is also only on the Scheme as one car, a 175 bhp 2.0 litre diesel with 4 wheel drive and a smooth seven speed auto gearbox, well equipped in Dynamique Nav trim: 7” touchscreen with sat nav/Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, rear parking camera with front and rear sensors, opening panoramic sunroof and 18” two tone alloy wheels. The only problem the Advance Payment £3750.



Skoda Kodiaq

The much anticipated and frankly overdue big Skoda is here. The five and seven seat cars are avaialble with either the 1.4 litre petrol or 2.0 litre diesel, both producing 148bhp. The entry level S trim is on with a 123bhp 1.4 petrol at £1595 Ap but we would go for the SE trim with the additional power starting at £1995. Prices then rise through the range up to a whopping £3750 AP for the diesel Automatic in SE-L trim with seven seats. Four wheel drive Manual and Automatic cars are avaialble.


Skoda Karoq

The smaller and brand new Karoq is also added with a full range of engines, the 1.0 litre and 1.5 litre petrol and the 1.6 and 2.0 litre (all wheel drive manual) diesel. Prices range from £1195 for the 1.0 litre manual SE all the way up to £3750 for the 1.5 petrol Automatic in First Edition trim.



Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The Eclipse Cross is powered by an all new 1.5 litre petrol engine producing 16o bhp, 0-62 mph in 10.3 seconds and economy of 42.8 mpg as a six speed manual. The automatic gearbox is a CVT, but it does have an ingenious 8 speed manual override which will require a test drive to see if it is to your liking. Trim lines are 2, 3, and 4. All cars get a 7 inch touchscreen with apple carplay and android auto (wired) with DAB radio and touchpad, cruise control and reversing camera, move up to level 3 for heated seats and 18 inch alloy wheels in place of the 16 inch and front and rear parking sensors and up to 4 for leather and a panoramic glass roof. Prices to start from £399 AP. Full list Here.


Q1 Price Lists

Citroen Q1 Prices

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Skoda Q1 prices

Click on logo to open new prices. Karoq and Kodiaq on Scheme. Skoda have increased prices this Quarter.




Mini Q1 Prices

Click on logo to open new Prices. Mini Countryman PHEV avaialble with JCW pack too.



Alfa romeo

Alfa Q1 Prices

Click on Logo to be taken to the new Alfa prices, they do not produce literature. The Giulietta has been reduced by up to £800 as well as adding a number of extra cars (which are very expensive). Prices now start at £495 Advance Payment. Mito prices are a little up and down, Automatics are up. The twinair (105bhp) Speciale Manual at £595 is down £400 over last quarter


VW Q1 Prices

Click on logo to open price list. Scirocco, Jetta and Beetle axed. New Polo is avaialble from Nil Advance Payment. The Tiguan and Passat now avaialble in SEL and R-Line trim for certain engines. Pick out offer is the Tiguan with prices now starting at £499 AP. Our pick is the 2.0 litre diesel SE Nav Tiguan a cracking £699 as a Manual or £1199 as an Automatic




BMW Q1 Prices

Click on logo to open the Q1 BMW prices. X1 is super value this quarter and the diesel engines return to the 3 series. The three door manual 120d MSport at £799 Advance Payment is a cracking deal. The 2 series Active/Grand Tourer have seen excellent reductions. the 220d xDrive Luxury Automatic Active Tourer Automatic at £1249 is a standout or £1649 as a 7 seat Grand Tourer – That’s a 7 seat 8 speed automatic, top of the range, powerful BMW with four wheel drive.



Toyota Q1 Prices

Click Here or on logo to open the Q1 Toyota price list.




Ford Q1 Prices

Click Here or on logo to open the Q1 Ford Price list. Excellent additions to the Kuga Line up and competitive pricing too, Ford have come out fighting for 2018 it seems. Excellent news.


Peugeot Q1 Prices

Click Here or on logo to open the Q1 Peugeot Price List.



Mitsubishi Q1 Prices

Click Here or on logo to open the Q1 Mitsubishi Price List. Confirmation of the Eclipse Sport and the prices. Sadly Mitsubishi, as we feared some would do, have taken advantage of the loosening of the price limits to increase the Outlander’s Advance Payment by £500.




Hyundai Q1 2018

The Tucson sees a price rise for all but entry level. No Ioniq PHEV (Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicle) sadly but the hybrid Ioniq does see a price reduction.




Motability Prices Q1 2018

New Motability Prices

When we posted our Christmas list, alongside the comedy underwear and socks, we asked for lots of new cars to be added to the Scheme, more powerful engines and parity for Automatic gearbox drivers. The one thing we forgot to ask for was no increase in Advance Payments.

This time last year the price cap came into force, £28 000 for Manual and £29 500 for Automatics at Retail, which led to an instant cull of 335 vehicles, the majority being Automatics. The maximum Advance Payment remained at £2000 for Manual and £3000 for an Auto. This has now been relaxed as retail prices have increased this year more than anticipated due to one or more of; Brexit, devalued pound (import costs), falling sales in UK but increasing worldwide or plain old greed.

Changes for 2018

The following changes take effect 1st January 2018:

  • The maximum on-the-road price has increased to £29,000 for manual cars and £30,500 for automatic models.
  • The advance payment ceiling has increased to £3,000 for manual and £3,750 for auto models.
  • A maximum of 200 bhp or 225bhp for Electric



We will update you on all the movements (up and down) on this page, we will continue to post the War Pension (WPMS) prices alongside the DLA/PIP prices. WPMS weekly payments stand at £64.80 compared £58.00 for DLA/PIP. Advance Payments are around £1000 less for War Pensioners but there are no extra vehicles avaialble to them.

Every movement up or down on the previous price can be tracked with our little arrows. means the price has increased (if you place your mouse on the arrow you can see by how much the price has increased) and if the price has decreased you will see a green arrow Price reduced from previous quarter price or is there is no change in price the arrows will be side by side .