New Motability Prices 1st January 2017

BMW_LogoQ1 BMW Prices

Click on Logo to open price list. BMW have been hit hard by the Price limitations set but rather than sit around sulking have slashed their prices, all but the 116d which has been increased – presumably as it is an under 25 year old favourite, The 320i 3 series petrol as an auto has been reduced by £1100 at £1899AP and the only remaining X1, the 18d, reduced by up to £500. Bravo BMW.



Q1 Vauxhall Prices

Click on Logo to open price list. Prices generally held or slightly increased. The GTC is no longer the offer it was, increases last quarter and this, prices now start at £999 for the 1.6 diesel or £899 for the 100bhp 1.6 litre petrol. The outgoing Insignia has even been increased by up to £250, the Mazda 6 all the way.




Q1 Toyota Prices

Click on Logo to download price list. Toyota have added the Rav 4 Hybrid in very well equipped Business Edition plus, Front wheel drive means it is no tow car as the braked weight is only 800kg but the 0-62 time of 8.4 seconds and economy of 57.6 mpg make it a cracking choice for shot trips as you gain the most from the hybrid unit. Advance Payment is £1695.


Mazda Logo

Q1 Mazda Prices

Mazda do not produce literature. The CX-5 has been reduced by up to £1000 this quarter and is now from £499 AP, SE-L Nav trim is fully loaded and the 2.0 litre petrol front wheel drive car can return 47.1 miles per gallon.



Q1 Skoda Prices

Click on Logo to open price list. Lovely literature from Skoda, the Yeti at £95 AP in top SE-L trim is a highpoint (Manual or Automatic. Very few cars leave and prices remain stable.




RenaultQ1 Renault Prices

No Literature from Renault. Renault have taken the award this Quarter. They have held or reduced prices this quarter, reintroduced the new Megane and to top it all have added the Megane GT – Its 1.6-litre turbo engine produces 202bhp and 206lb ft, enough to yield a 7.1-second 0-62mph time and 145mph top speed, it even boasts four wheel steering.


PeugeotQ1 Peugeot Prices

Click on Logo to open price list. The good news is that the Partner Tepee 1.2 PureTech petrol has joined at Nil AP or £299 in top Outdoor trim. The new 8 Seat Traveller too (Prices start from £2999 AP). Sadly all Peugeot prices have increased this quarter on occasion by an alarming amount – the outgoing 5008 increased by up to £1050, the 308 diesel Auto by £700 and a £2-300 appears the average increase. This does not bode well for the new 3008’s arrival.


NissanQ1 Nissan Prices

Click on Logo to open price list. Nissan have added the new 2.0 litre diesel to the X-trail. Prices remain stable elsewhere apart from the Pulsar which after a quarter off the Scheme has come back with a big price hike.



Q1 MINI Prices

Click on Logo to open price list. The MINI Paceman has been discontinued and the MINI Countryman has been removed as there is a new model arriving into showrooms next month. The MINI Convertible has increased in price by up to £800. The good news is that the MINI Seven Cooper S with 189bhp is still on the Scheme from £399 Advance Payment. The MINI and Clubman prices remain the same aside from a few increases of £1-200 on some Automatics.



Q1 Kia Prices

No printed price guide but all prices link here. Kia have help most all of their prices stable aside from the entry level Picanto which at £48 per week enables you to keep £9.45 of your mobility allowance. The new Kia Soul (mid life pep up) is released and the surprise addition to the Scheme is the Soul Sport at £1499 Advance Payment complete with 201bhp 1.6 litre petrol engine. It’s also very well equipped with heated front and rear seats and heated steering wheel.



Q1 Fiat Prices

Click on Logo to open price list. It’s hard to understand what Fiat are up to, their prices have been increased at an alarming rate, one can only assume that they want this busy quarter for retail sales alone. The 500x as an auto has seen a £2000 increase, the 500l 7 seater up by as much as £1200. The entry level engines have increased by less or remained the same.



CitroënQ1 Citroen Prices

Click on Logo to open price list. Price rises across the range £2-300 increase for Grand Picasso and more for the 5 seat car, £450 increase for a diesel auto Cactus. Very disappointing quarter from Citroen, the new Citroen C3 is competitively priced however.




Q1 Audi Prices

Click on Logo to open list. Prices increased across the range by £3-400. Choice of Q3 now a manual and Auto 1.4 petrol




Q1 Volkswagen Prices

Click on Logo to Download price list. The updated list of Tiguan’s now only shows the four Diesel cars.




Q1 Ford Prices

Click on Logo to Download prices. S-Max range limited. Focus ST remains. Grand Tourneo increased by up to £1250.



 Q1 Nissan Prices

Click in Logo to open new Prices. X-Trail 2.0 litre diesel joins, Pulsar rejoins with a massive price hike. Some good offers on the Juke.



Q1 Seat Prices.

Click on Logo to open the Seat prices, The Ateca reduces in price but there is no automatic Ateca now. The Alhambra prices return to normality and the 2017 Leon remains a super value choice.



Click to open the Motability Price guide

Click here or on the logo to open the new price guide. This is not a full list of cars avaialble but more of a ‘best of’ from each manufacturer. The full list will be on the search which is still not up and running with the new figures, we will keep you updated.
Mobility car price searchThe search tool is now up to date, click on the logo or here to be taken there. The predicted price cap has taken a toll on choice, only three short months ago we were looking forward to the Land Rover Evoque and Jaguar XE joining the Scheme. The change of direction is baffling and alarming.

We have lost 335 vehicles from last quarter, 170 of these are Automatics.

There are four new cars on the Scheme, perhaps an insight into where it will end up:



Volkswagen Tiguan

The Tiguan is a late, but most welcome, arrival to the Scheme. Prices start at £799 Advance Payment for the 1.4 litre petrol which is only a Manual car and top out at £1299 for the SE nav trim. The 2.0 litre diesel starts at £1199 rising to £1999 AP in SE trim. An Automatic Diesel Tiguan is a whopping £2749 AP. UPDATE 4th January : Petrol Tiguan now removed, only 4 Diesel choices avaialble.


volkswagen-caddy-maxi-motability-carVolkswagen Caddy Maxi Life

The Caddy Maxi Life, is a seven seater with sliding rear doors. In the words of whatcar:

‘This is a van-based MPV that can’t totally hide its roots. The VW Caddy Maxi Life is not that practical or versatile and, considering what it is, it’s too expensive.’

A 101bhp 2.0 litre manual is £1999 Advance Payment and the Automatic a hefty £2849 AP



Peugeot Traveller

The Traveller is a Large MPV with three rows of seats and can seat eight in comfort.

Prices start at £2999 for a Manual and rise to £4499 for an Allure Automatic.




Ford KA+

The Telegraph summed up the KA+ perfectly saying it was ‘the wrong car at the wrong time’. Our advice would be not to give it eye contact and walk straight over to the Ford Fiesta which is avaialble with a better engine at the same price.




New Motability Prices 1st January 2017 (Quarter 1)

New Motability Prices

New Prices (Winter) released 1st January 2017

New Motability prices will be published on Sunday 1st January 2017. Quarter 1 (Winter) prices run from 1st January through to March 31st 2017.

From Midnight Sunday we will update you on all the movements (up and down) on this page, we will continue to post the War Pension (WPMS) prices alongside the DLA/PIP prices. WPMS weekly payments are presently £64.15 compared to £57.45 for DLA/PIP therefore Advance Payments are around £1000 less than those of DLA/PIP.  Even with this extra award there are no more cars available to War Pensioners. Every movement up or down on the previous price can be tracked with our little arrows. means the price has increased (if you place your mouse on the arrow you can see by how much the price has increased) and if the price has decreased you will see a green arrow Price reduced from previous quarter price or is there is no change in price the arrows will be side by side .


Hyundai Santa FE- Being removed 2017

Hyundai Santa FE- Removed in 2017

New Price Cap

From January 1st a new price cap will be enforced at £28 000 for Manual gearbox vehicles and £29 500 for Automatics. There are presently a number of vehicles on the Scheme above this limit and indeed well above the present capped limit of a supposed £25 000.


Why a cap and why now?

      1. The number of Motability customers has reduced. The transition from DLA to PIP and the walking rule change from 50 to 20 meters means that many are not eligible to the enhanced rate which is required to qualify for a Motability car. (The government previously predicted that 548,000 of the 892,000 working-age people who were receiving the higher rate of the DLA mobility component in February 2013 would not receive the enhanced mobility rate of PIP)
      2. The price of new cars is increasing.  The Pound has lost value against other major currencies in the last year making parts and the importing of cars more expensive.
      3.  The resale value of three year old cars is projected to fall. Car production has been booming for the last few years and the rise of the PCP (personal contract purchase) has seen an increase in the number of three year old cars entering the market.
      4. Benefits are not rising as projected. The DLA/PIP increase for April 2017 will be 55 pence per week to £58.00 per week.
      5. Transition support. Motability pay up to £2000 to anyone loosing their car through PIP reassessment. Motability has already provided a £175 million package of support.


What will happen in January?

We will see a few cars removed. We already know the Volvo XC60 and Hyundai Santa Fe will be removed, along with the top trim lines of BMW, Audi and Mercedes to name but three.


What will happen in the future?

Figures suggest that 44 per cent of Motability Customers that have been assessed for PIP so far have lost their entitlement to the scheme and have had to hand their vehicles back (figures march 20th 2015), equating to 35 000 lost customers in 2016, as PIP is further rolled it is estimated at least 100,000 disabled people lose their Motability car.

Penny Mordaunt, Minister for the Disabled, has said that she wants to help three groups of Motability customers; those appealing against losing their entitlement to higher rate mobility support; those who leave the country for more than 13 weeks, for example to study or take a sabbatical; and those who do not qualify for higher-rate mobility support.

The support for people at appeal keeping their Motability car is something we all support. How to get recipients of the standard mobility rate (£21.80 per week) onto the Scheme will be more of a challenge.


New Cars for 2017

New Volkswagen Tiguan Motability car

Volkswagen Tiguan

Long overdue but finally making an appearance for Q1 2017. Only expect the lower trim lines, there will be no room for SEL or R-line.





Toyota C-HR

Added to the Scheme last week the Toyota Coupe High Rider (C-HR) with its angular design and hidden rear door handles is causing quite a stir. Bigger than the Nissan Juke with a 370 litre boot moving it towards the Qashqai for size. Powered by a 1.2 litre 114bhp petrol or 1.8 petrol / electric motor taken from the platform sharing Prius. There is no diesel offering from Toyota. Advance Payments start at £595 Manual and £795 Auto for the 1.2 petrol.

Toyota C-HR full Pricing




Peugeot 3008

In showrooms before the end of the year the 3008 would be a warm addition to the Scheme. Peugeot have moved the 3o08 away from the MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) and into the SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) class, the raised ride height, upright nose, long bonnet and wide grille add a dose of style. Initial reviews have been very complementary.




Still waiting for…..



Honda HRV Motability car

Honda HRV

The Honda HRV has been on sale since September 2015 and picking up awards and 5 star reviews from the Motoring press ever since. T



Mazda CX-3 motability car

Mazda CX-3

The super Mazda CX-3 is yet to make an appearance on the Scheme and has been available to buy since June 2015, it is overdue its debut and will be a popular and most welcome addition.