New Motability Prices 1st April 2014 (Quarter 2)

All Prices on the site are now up to date, a few shafts of light but on the whole Q2 sees an upward trend in prices, especially in Automatics, Ford have saved the day with their prices and cashback offers.  The full Price Search can be accessed from this page

Prices Released:

Suzuki Logo New Suzuki Prices, Click logo to open, sees the S-Cross reduced in price again, now available without an advance payment or £99 in the SZ4 trim.





SEATNew Seat Prices, Click logo to view






New Skoda Price, Click on logo to open




Mercedes have reduced the price of the small diesel engined cars on both the A and B Class by up to £500, and have increased the price of the Automatics by the same amount.




NissanNissan have increased the price of the new Qashqai, the entry point car 1.2 petrol rises £300 to £499 Advance Payment. The outgoing X-Trail is no longer on the Scheme. (click on logo to download full list)




Hyundai have reduced the price of the ix35 by £100 and kept the i30 automatic diesel at nil advance payment.




New Peugeot Prices, click on logo for list. Nothing to report apart from an increase in the Peugeot Partner Tepee and the removal of the RCZ sports car.





Honda have moved to one production line from two at Swindon threatening 340 jobs, the cause is a downturn in sales across mainland Europe. The new 1.6 litre diesel is powerful and frugal and should see demand increasing, sadly this quarter this engine has increased in price by up to £500 Advance Payment; the entry level Civic last quarter was available without a deposit and is now £499, the CR-V diesel up by £500 across the range. The new Civic Tourer (estate) make it onto the Scheme with a disappointing starting price of £1299 (manual) £2199 (Auto)  petrol or £1799 for the Diesel.



Ford are running a Cashback scheme on Zetec models of the Focus £200 and £50 on all Fiestas and Kuga’s at £200, the Kuga Titanium and Tit X also has a free appearance pack which offers aluminum finish roof bars and privacy glass, the Kuga Advance Payment has been reduced, now starting at £795 before Cashback. Ford have reduced prices across the range but the new Tourneo is added at a disappointing £795 Advance Payment.



BMW see little change in prices for the 1 series, 3 Series or X1 and no new cars (2 Series or i3) added to the Scheme.






Citroen Prices remain stable, click on logo to download price list.






Volvo, in their predictably unpredictable way have retained the V70 but have broken all records by increasing the D2 automatic by £1100 over the last quarter price, the D5 manual has only seen a rather modest increase of £500



New Audi Prices sees an end to the Automatic Q3





VauxhallVauxhall, as usual, are the first off the blocks and there are some refreshing changes, firstly the Convertible Cascada joins the Scheme and there are reductions to the price of the Mokka of up to £250, the Electric Ampera by £1000 to £1999 and the Insignia by up to £100. For those petrol heads out there the Astra GTC is now available with the 200bhp 1.6 litre direct injection petrol engine that can reach 62 miles per hour in mouth-watering 7.3 seconds.   (Click on the Logo to open the full price list.)






Increase in Mobility Payments

April 2014 will see Mobility payments, either DLA or PIP, increased by £1.50 per week to £56.75 but do not expect this to impact the Advance Payments as these increases are factored into the three year pricing, the good news is that if you already drive a car that did not use all your weekly award then you will receive this extra £1.50.


Spring Cashback

Presently around 30% of those eligible to join the Scheme do so (over 600,000 people lease a Mobility Car).  In real terms this makes up over 10% of new car sales, a figure that is increasing year on year.  It is refreshing to see new models available on the Scheme and the smart Manufactures treating the Disabled (or Carer) with true parity to retail buyers.

As Advance Payments appear to be ever increasing, particularly for Automatics, it is therefore exciting to report that we could be on the verge of a small price war.  Ford are presently offering £200 Cashback (Contribution towards the Advance Payment) on the B-Max and Focus and £400 on the Kuga reducing the price from £995 to £595 for the Zetec 140bhp Diesel.  We expect a riposte from Ford’s major competitor, Vauxhall, in the very near future.


Potential New Cars for Q2


Vauxhall Cascada motability car

Vauxhall Cascada

The 2 door convertible Cascada is a new addition to the Scheme this quarter, the super smooth Cascada can have the roof lowered at up to speeds of 30mph in only 17 seconds, the available from £1799 as a manual or £2499 as an automatic.




Mazda 3 Motability car

Mazda 3

The Mazda 3 was released in January to great acclaim, available as a Saloon (Fastback) or Hatchback the ‘3’ is a super looking car in either guise, power from the 1.5 litre 100bhp petrol is adequate if not exciting and economy is excellent at 56.4 miles per gallon, two version of a 2.0 littre petrol are available with 120 or 156bhp the latter won’t make it onto the Scheme we suspect. The pick of the engines is the 2.2 litre diesel and we can only hope that this is added as Mazda have a history of leaving Diesel powered cars for retail sales.


Ford Tourneo Connect motability carFord Tourneo Connect

The van based Tourneo Connect with 5 seats and the Grand Tourneo Connect with seven seats offer superb people carry credentials to those who put function over style, sadly the only automatic version is the 1.6 litre petrol that only offers 35.3 miles per gallon and there is no auto choice on the 7 seat Grand Tourneo. Ford are aiming at the Citroen Berlingo buyers offering a car based feel to the van shaped look.



Honda Civic Tourer Motability carHonda Civic Tourer

The Swindon built Civic is something of an acquired taste, we cant make up our minds but we are convinced that hidden rear door handles don’t suit estate cars but the class leading 624 litre boot and cinema flip up rear seats make it the most practical medium sized estate on the market, add to this the superb 1.6 litre diesel engine capable of 74 miles per gallon the Honda Civic Tourer will be a very welcome addition to the Scheme.



BMW i3 motability car

BMW i3

The BMW i3 comes as a full electric car or ‘Range Extender’ which has a 650cc engine on-board that charges the batteries while you drive but you will still need to plug it in to charge the batteries as the range cannot be extended indefinitely, only for a further 60-100 miles.



With regards the BMW 2 Series the latest communication from BMW reads:

I can advise that, as with any new model, we are currently reviewing the BMW 2 Series Coupe in conjunction with Motability Operations, to define whether the vehicle can be offered on the Motability Scheme.  Unfortunately, we cannot give any indication at this stage if or when the car will be available on the Scheme.



Every three months the Motability prices are reviewed, the Spring (Quarter 2 2014) prices are released on the 1st April and we will be on hand to update you instantly with the ‘movers and shakers’ the new best deals and also the cars that have increased out of hand.

We will let you know of every movement up or down on the previous price with our little arrows. means the price has increased (if you place your mouse on the arrow you can see by how much the price has increased) and if the price has decreased you will see a green arrow Price reduced from previous quarter price or is there is no change in price the arrows will be side by side .