New Cars released onto the Motability Scheme


Manufacturers like to keep new cars a secret in order to maximise impact on launch and to keep the outgoing model sales up for as long as possible so exact dates can be hard to nail down. From a retail perspective, it is often possible to order a new car a couple of months prior to release (pre order) to ensure you get one of the first production models, this is not usually an option to Motability customers, the cars will have been released, in showrooms and available for a test drive prior to them being added to the Scheme. The date they join the Scheme can depend on a number of factors and there are no hard and fast rules, but any delay is usually due to production scheduling. *Prices are at the point of launch, always check price search for the latest pricing.


New cars released to the Scheme:



Mazda CX-60

The CX-60 is one of the largest vehicles on the Scheme, longer, taller and wider than the seven seat Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace. The CX-60, while offering only 5 seats, has a large boot of 570 litres seating for five adults in comfort. The sole power option to the Scheme is a Plugin Hybrid that pairs a 2.5 litre petrol engine to a 173bhp electric motor and a 17.8kWh battery for a combined power output of 323bhp and a healthy 500Nm of torque. The CX-60 also benefits from all-wheel-drive and it can sprint, 0-60 is a brisk 5.8 seconds and a top speed of 124 mph. The electric only range is a claimed 39 miles but as with most PHEV’s the charging is slow, there is no fast DC charging and a full charge at 7.2kWh will take two and a half hours. The sole trim line is ‘Exclusive Line’ while the entry point it is very well appointed with 18 inch alloy wheels, 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system with built-in satnav and Apple CarPlay/Android Auto connectivity, leather upholstery, heated front seats and steering wheel, head-up display, front and rear parking sensors with reversing camera, cruise control, power tailgate and blind spot monitoring. Two ‘packs’ can be added at £500 each The Convenience pack which adds 360 view monitor, wireless charging, 1500W AC socket, 150W AC socket, door pocket illumination, centre console storage illumination and front & rear door courtesy lamps and rear privacy glass. The Comfort pack adds 20 inch alloy wheels, door mirrors memory, electrically operated driver and front passenger seat, front seat ventilation, heated outer rear seats and a driver personalisation system. A lot of car requires a lot of money, the Advance Payment, before adding packs, is £6995.



Jeep Avenger

The Avenger is a small crossover, the boot is a compact 355 litres and dimensions wise, it is slightly shorter, narrower and lower than a Vauxhall Mokka. The 54kWh lithium-ion battery eschews the industry practice of merely being fitted flat into the floor, instead being placed around the four-door hatchback body allowing a lower seat height and a taller-riding stance. Its official Combined range is 249 miles. A 154bhp/184lb ft electric motor drives the front wheels and gives a top speed of 93mph, with 0-62mph in 9 seconds. Efficiency is quoted at 4.6 miles per kWh and charging times are 24 minutes for 20 to 80 per cent using a 100kW DC fast charger and 8 hours for a 100 per cent charge on a 7.4kW home wall box. The Avenger has received glowing reviews, including Car of the Year 2023.  Advance Payments £2249 Summit, £2449 Altitude, £2649 Longitude. (Note the Top trim is the cheapest Summit)



Hyundai Ioniq 5

There is no doubting the electric ioniq 5 is a head turner, the squared off lines and sharp angles give it a real presence on the street, internally the futuristic theme continues, two large high resolution screens lead to a minimalist look.  Two options; a 58kWh battery paired to a 125kW motor, rear wheel driven with a claimed range of 239 miles a 0-62 mph time of 8.5 seconds and fast charging at 175kW DC. The larger 77kWh battery is paired to a larger 178kW motor (rear wheel driven) that offers an increased claimed range of 315 miles and a quicker 0-62mph sprint time of 7.3 seconds, charging rate is also increased to an astonishimg 233kW DC. The sole trim on the Scheme is Premium which is well equipped with a 527 litre boot, part leather, ambient lighting, tinted windows, 19-inch alloys, body-coloured door mirrors, flush manual door handles, chrome side mouldings and a rear-view camera. Two price points £6999 Advance Payment for the 58kWh batter and £7999 for the 77kWh version.



Mustang Mach-e

The Electric Mustang is a direct competitor for the Audi Q4, Skoda Enyaq iv and Hyundai Ioniq 5. The 70kWh battery paired to the 198kW motor offers a claimed range of 273 miles and comparable power of 273 bhp.  The Mach-e is rear wheel drive only to Scheme customers and can hit 62 miles per hour in 6.9 seconds, top speed is limited to 111 miles per hour. The Mustang Mach-E Standard Range can charge at rates of up to 115kW. A 10-80% charge takes 38 minutes at a 100 kW rapid charger; a 10 minute charge can give 73 miles of range and to charge from a home 7kW outlet from empty to full takes 13 hours. Priced at £7995 Advance Payment means it is out of reach financially to all but a few Scheme members.




Audi Q4 E:Tron

The Q4 is electric only, the 82kWh battery offers a claimed range of 321 miles.  The 150kw motor, equivalent to 201bhp, will propel the Q4 to 62 miles per hour in 8.5 seconds. Charging is a Type 2 connector and the on-board charger has a maximum power of 11 kW in most cases the maximum charging power will be 7.4 kW, allowing for a charge time of 12 hours 15 minutes and a charge rate of 21 mph. Rabid charging can take the battery from 10% to 80% in around 35 minutes, adding around 175 miles of range. The Advance Payment for the Q4 in Sport trim is £7999.



Kia Niro

The 2022 Kia Niro is a compact SUV, similar in size to a Nissan Qashqai, but sitting a little lower, it is 45mm longer (20mm contributed by the wheelbase) and 20mm wider than the previous version and has a modern, stylish design. The Niro has ample room for four adults, the front seats provide plenty of side bolstering and are firm enough for longer journeys. The 451 litre boot is uniform in shape and has a height-adjustable floor as standard, as well as a foldable parcel shelf that takes up very little space when not in use. The only power train available this quarter is the 68kWh electric car paired to a 150kW motor, offering an equivalent 198 bhp and a claimed range of 285 miles.  Performance is excellent, 0-62 mph in 7.8 seconds and a limited top speed of 104 mph. Charging is up to 80kw DC so a 10-80 % charge can be obtained in 41 minutes and 7.4kW charging from empty to full takes 10 hours 30 minutes. Two trim lines, 3 and 4, ‘3’ offers 18-inch alloy wheels, a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a heated steering wheel and faux leather heated seats with adjustable driver lumbar support. ‘4’ trim adds a heads-up display, dual 10.25-inch screens, heated rear seats and cooled front seats. Prices are £3999 Advance Payment for trim 3 and £4999 for trim 4.



Citroen E: C4X

Saloon version of the C4, sporting an ‘old skool’ boot, one with quite a small opening yet increases the load carrying space to 510 litres from 380 litres in the C4 hatch. The 50kWh battery is paired to a 100kW motor so the C4x is not a sports car, 0-62 in 10 seconds and top speed is 93 miles per hour. WLTP range is 221 miles which will dip in cold weather or faster driving speeds. Fast charging is 100kW so to go from 10-80% charge can take as little as 26 minutes, from empty to full from the standard onboard 7.4kW charger paired to a 7.4kW wallbox will take 7 hours 30 minutes. Only the top trim Shine Plus is on the Scheme priced at £3249 Advance Payment.



ORA Funky Cat

Ora, an all-electric brand owned by Great Wall Motor was established as part of a joint venture with BMW.  UK buyers can only have the Funky Cat in top-spec First Edition trim, which comes with a 48kWh battery for 193 miles of range and a 169bhp electric motor for front-wheel drive, 184lb ft and 0-62mph in 8.3 seconds and a limited top speed of 99mph. Charging on a fast charger (maximum the car can take a charge is 64kW) from 15%- 80% will take 42 minutes or a full charge on a 7kW (home charge) will take five and a half hours. Advance Payment is £1999 which is the top end for a car that retails at just over £30k



Lexus UX250

The UX is built on the TNGA-C platform shared with the Toyota CH-R and Toyota Corolla, the UX is a direct competitor for the Audi Q3 (not on Scheme). The UX 250h is a full hybrid, pairing a 2.0 litre petrol engine to a 1.4 kWh nickel-metal hydride battery which is charged by regen methods and the petrol engine running. You can’t drive the UX any distance on electric power, but the car can operate on electric at standstill and during low loads. The electric motor can also assist the petrol engine during acceleration boosting the 0-62 mph time to 8.5 seconds and offering economy of 51.3 miles per gallon. The sole trim on the Scheme is F-Sport Design (front wheel drive) which offers heated seats, heated steering wheel, 18-inch F-Sport wheels, F-Sport bodykit and LED front foglights, leather upholstery, selectable driving modes. Priced at £2995 Advance Payment



Kia X-Ceed

Not a new car but a re-entry to the Scheme.

1.5 litre 158bhp manual only petrol ISG (intelligent stop and go) in trim 2 £499 AP, trim 3 £1499 and GT-Line S £2499 AP.

PHEV – 8.9kWh battery- claimed (up to) 36 miles electric range Trim 4 at £4499 Advance Payment.




Nissan X-Trail

Thankfully we are not given the mild hybrid entry level engine or the entry level Vesia Trim, we have the E-Power and E-4orce,  (2 and 4 wheel drive hybrid) two trim lines, Accenta Premium and N-Connecta, Prices as follows:

E-Power: £2899 Advance Payment Acenta Premium, £3399 N-Connecta

E-4orce: £3399 Advance Payment Accent Premium (£3999 with 7 seats) or £3899 N-Connecta




The MG4 is a fully electric car, similar in size to a Volkswagen Golf, Ford Puma and electric cars Hyundai Kona and Volkswagen ID3 (both no longer on the Scheme). The sloping sleek lines lead to small rear windows and rear passenger space, while adequate, is not class leading. The boot is a competitive 363 litres but down on the Renault Megane at 440 litres.

51kWh battery (217 mile range)  £799 Advance Payment in SE trim

64kWh battery (279 mile range) £999 Advance Payment in SE trim or £1999 AP in Trophy trim



Kia Niro

The 2022 Kia Niro is a compact SUV, similar in size to a Nissan Qashqai, but sitting a little lower, it is 45mm longer (20mm contributed by the wheelbase) and 20mm wider than the previous version and has a modern, stylish design. The Niro has ample room for four adults, the front seats provide plenty of side bolstering and are firm enough for longer journeys. The 451 litre boot is uniform in shape and has a height-adjustable floor as standard, as well as a foldable parcel shelf that takes up very little space when not in use. The 139 brake horse power 1.6 litre petrol is a 6 speed dual clutch Automatic full hybrid, the 1.32kWh lithium-ion battery is recharged by the engine running and braking, the car can only run on electric power alone for short distances at low speed but it performs well, the 0-62 time is 10.4 seconds and claimed economy a whopping 64.2 miles per gallon and as a bonus the braked to weight of 1300kg makes it a towing option for medium sized caravans. The sole trim line is the entry level ‘2’ thankfully is very generous, 8 inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 4.2 inch screen between the dials, forward collision avoidance, rear parking sensors and camera, roof rails, cruise control and pre wiring for a tow bar to be fitted. The sole car to the Scheme is the 1.6 hybrid in ‘2’ trim at £999 Advance Payment.



Mazda CX-5

For 2022, the family SUV CX-5 has received some updates, a lightly revised front end, LED headlamps and a stiffer bodyshell to improve handling, but as a result can crash into potholes. The CX-5 is just over 4.5 meters long and 1.84 meters wide with an ample boot size of 522 litres. The sole engine to the Scheme is the 2.0 litre 163bhp Skyactiv-G petrol. the engine is not turbo charged which as a result can be a little sluggish under acceleration, offering 210Nm it manages the 0-62mph sprint in 9.8 seconds but it does have to be worked hard to achieve this. Economy is not a strong point; 41.5 milers per gallon as a manual or 38.2 as an automatic.  Three trim lines are avaialble SE-L, Newground and Sport Edition.  SE-L has privacy glass, front and rear parking censors, start – stop button, dual zone climate control, 17 inch alloy wheels and a 10.25 dashboard screen. Newground trim adds 19 inch black alloy wheels and half leather seats. Sport Edition has leather seats, heated front seats, de-icer front wipers, power tilt and slide sunroof, head-up display, 7 inch colour driver display and keyless entry. Advance Payment prices for the manual car are £1999 SE-L, £2299 Newground and £2499 Sport Edition and £2499, £2799 and £2999 as an Automatic.



New Cars added 1st October 2022:

Audi A1 +4  1.0 petrol 108bhp  £2299 – £3199 Advance Payment (AP)

Audi A3 +4 1.0 petrol 108bhp  £3099 – £3999 AP

Mazda CX5  +6  2.0 petrol 163bhp  £1999 – £2999 AP

Ford Fiesta +8 1.0 petrol 99 or 123bhp  £445 – £945

Ford Focus +24  1.0 petrol 123 or 153 bhp hatch or estate   £1595 – £2245 AP

Honda HRV +1  1.5 petrol Hybrid CVT  £3999 AP

Kia Niro +1  1.5 petrol HEV 1.32kWh battery ‘2’ trim £999 AP

Kia Sportage +2  1.6 petrol manual 148bhp “2 trim and N-Line’  £999 – £2499 AP



Dacia Jogger

The Dacia Jogger is best described as an Estate car, with the practicality of a 7 seat MPV with a sprinkling of SUV styling. The Jogger has received excellent reviews at retail, offering a cost effective way of carrying up to seven people. The only engine is a 1.0 108bhp petrol paired to a 6 speed manual gearbox, you may be worried about such a small engine but under general driving conditions it is absolutely fine, even fully loaded, yoes it will struggle with big hill with a full car but it will still get up them, just with a few more revs than sounds comfortable. Advance Payments are high considering the retail price at £1495 Expression and £1695 in top trim Extreme SE.  (Retail price for this car £17945 and £18745)  Expression trim has roof bars that can be mounted lengthways or across the car, an 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and  Apple CarPlay, keyless entry, air conditioning, rear parking sensors, a reversing camera, cruise control and blind spot monitoring.  The Extreme SE  trim adds heated front seats, automatic air conditioning, tilting rear quarter glass, high central armrest, sat nav, 2 extra speakers (now 6) and extra exterior styling including 16 inch black alloy wheels.




Ford Tourneo Connect

The Ford Tourneo Connect is a five or seven seat van derived people carrier with the advantage of sliding rear doors for ease of access. There is a choice of two body lengths, know by Ford as L1 and L2 but by the customer as Tourneo Connect and Grand Tourneo Connect, only the Grand Tourneo is offered with five or seven seats, the extra 40cm of length and larger rear doors make the job a lot more enjoyable for the five rear passengers. This new for 2022 Tourneo Connect is a collaboration with Volkswagen and as a result a sister car to the VW Caddy and Cadddy Life, Volkswagen are the dominant partner here and Ford have simply added their own grille and badge on the outside and their own software to the infotainment system, everything else seems to be VW including the engines. Pricing for Q3 2022 is simple yet confusing as both engines are avaialble in Titanium and Active trim. Basically the Tourneo Connect petrol engine starts at £2245 Advance Payment and you add £500 to upgrade to an Auto Gearbox and a further £500 to have Active Trim. The Diesel starts at a much more competitive £1445 Advance Payment, the same £500 add on applies. The Grand Tourneo Connect, with either five or seven seats (same price) is £2745 Advance Payment in Titanium trim, add £500 to for an Auto Gearbox and add £500 to make it Active. The 2.0 diesel starts at £1945 Advance Payment in Titanium trim, add £500 to for an Auto Gearbox and add £500 to make it Active.



Citroen C5X

The new model, which occupies a strange place in the market as it’s a blend of saloon, crossover and estate bodystyles, sees Citroen return to the large car segment after a seven-year absence. Citroen says the C5X incorporates design elements from past Citroens like the iconic DS and CX, while promising ‘unrivalled’ comfort thanks to its newly developed seats and clever suspension.It’s also more spacious than a typical saloon, with more legroom and a large 545-litre boot, increasing to 1,640 litres once the rear seats are folded. At launch, there is the choice of two turbocharged petrol engines – a 128bhp 1.2-litre and a 178bhp 1.6-litre. All powertrains come with an eight-speed automatic gearbox, too. The Sense Plus model opens the range. Standard kit is generous, including 19-inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, a reversing camera and a 10-inch touchscreen with 3D satellite navigation. Mid-range Shine models include a larger 12-inch touchscreen, a head-up display, LED interior lighting and a heated steering wheel. At the top of the range, the Shine Plus model brings black leather upholstery, electric and heated front seats, an electric boot and 360-degree camera system.



The DS4 is shares a platform with the Citroen C5 Aircross, Vauxhall Grandland and the Peugeot 308 and is built alongside the new Vauxhall Astra in Rüsselsheim, Germany. It is quite the looker, stylish and refined from the street, so much so it was awarded “The Most Beautiful Car of the Year 2022” by the 37th Festival Automobile International jury. Internally the DS4 makes a statement too with a modern and high-tech feel, the large comfortable seats really to give the DS4 a feeling of driving something special. There are also three body looks – a chrome-heavy standard offering just called DS, a DS Performance Line with sporty black wheels and a DS Cross, which has the same suspension and ride height as the others but the prominent skidplates and roof bars of a crossover to take the fight to the likes of the BMW X2. Engines to the scheme are the 1.2 petrol and 1.5 diesel both offering 129 bhp and a 179 bhp 1.6 petrol, all cars are only available with an automatic gearbox.



New Facelift Ford Focus

Hatchback and Estate with realistic prices starting at £1595 Advance Payment

Full Trim line information here:




Volkswagen Caddy Maxi Life (7 seater)

The new for 2021 Caddy Maxi life is a van based people carrier that has the luxury of rear sliding doors. Powered by a detuned 2.0 litre diesel engine offering 120 bhp, the Caddy is now an option for under 25’s on the Scheme. Economy is a claimed 55.9 mpg as a six speed manual or 52.8 mpg as a 7 speed DSG Automatic. The Life trim is the top of the range and comes complete with an 8.25 inch touchscreen, roof rails, 17 inch alloy wheels, cruise control, app connect (screen mirroring for phones), front and rear parking sensors.




Hyundai Kona Electric  (presently not available to order)

The Hyundai Kona has a 64kWh battery, a range of 300 miles and fast charging from 10% – 80% in as little as 47 minutes on a 100kW DC rapid charger, charging from empty to full on a standard 7kW charger takes 9 hours 15 minutes. Progress is quick, if not Tesla sipped, 0-62 mph in 7.9 seconds and a top speed of 104 mph. The Kona is not a large car, similar in size to a Fiat 500x, Renault Captur of Ford Puma and the position of the batteries eats into the boot capacity leaving only 332 litres of space, by comparison the Ford Fiesta has a 311 litre boot. The top trim, Ultimate with electric seats, heated and cooled in the front and a glass roof, is astonishingly good value which includes the instillation of a home charger or should you not have room you can opt to have membership to BP Pulse (usually £7.85 per month) with reduced rates from 12p per kW of charge.



Mini Electric

The 33kWh batteries are positioned in ‘T’ layout to improve the weight distribution and to give you the full Mini go kart experience, 0-62 mph is achievable in 7.3 seconds. The Electric Mini is an absolute hoot to drive because Mini have sacrificed driving range for driving fun.  Batteries are heavy and weight is not good for throwing a car into a corner, as it is the Mini electric is 145 kg heavier than the petrol car, so there is the quandary: are you prepared to accept a limited range, 120-140, miles for an increased driving experience? Prices are £1999 for a level 2 and £249 for a level 3.




Peugeot 3008 (PHEV Hybrid)

The 3008 has received a midlife freshen up, the new front and grille makes quite a statement externally as does the electronic dashboard inside. The engines are carried over, 1.2 petrol (£999 -£2999 AP) and 1.5 diesel (£1399 -£3399 AP), there is also now a PHEV (Plugin Hybrid) version added (on 25th Feb) not only the 225hp front wheel drive version in trims from Allure (£2899 AP) to the range topping GT Premium (£3799 AP), but the 4 wheel drive 300hp version in Allure (£3349 AP) and GT trim (£3599 AP). The Hybrid can travel 32-40 miles on electric power alone and the 300hp version (when the batteries are charged) can hit 62mph in an astonishing 6.1 seconds and the torque is an astounding 520 Nm.  Full Brochure here.




Hyundai Tucson

The new Tucson has caused a bit of a stir, it’s a great looker and is full of useful features. Full Brochure here. Sadly the full hybrid is not on the Scheme and the PHEV not released until late 2021, what is left is a 148bhp 1.6 petrol and 1.6 148bhp 48v mild hybrid petrol, both offer questionable fuel economy, 41.5 mpg for the petrol manual and a small boost of 42.8 for the 48v hybrid, reality on the road is mid 30’s.

Full Pricing: 1.6 Manual SE Connect – £999 (£69.50 +£80 wpms), 1.6 Manual Premium £1899 (£833 wpms), 1.6 48v SE Connect Manual £2199 (£1133 wpms), 1.6 Manual Ultimate £2499 (£1433 wpms), 1.6 Automatic 48v SE Connect £2599 (£1533 wpms), 1.6 Manual 48v Premium £2799 (£1733 wpms), 1.6 48v Automatic Premium £3199 (£2133 wpms)



Hyundai i20

The new Hyundai i20 is a sharp look contender to the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa dominated segment. The 1.0 turbocharged three-cylinder petrol engine, 48v mild-hybrid, delivers 99bhp and an impressive 172Nm of torque available as a six-speed automated manual or a seven-speed dual clutch Automatic. Trim lines are SE Connect with 16-inch alloy wheels, LED daytime running lights, 8 inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, 10.25in instrument display, air-conditioning, cruise control, a leather wrapped steering wheel and gearlever, rear parking sensors with rear view camera and electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors. Premium adds 17 inch alloy wheels, LED headlights, LED rear combination lamps, front fog lamps, power folding door mirrors and privacy glass,  automatic wipers, automatically dimming rear view mirror, climate control, interior mood lighting, heated front seats, heated steering wheel and front arm rest. Ultimate trim adds a two-tone roof, keyless entry and start, wireless charging, blind-spot alert and Forward Collision Assist with cyclist detection, plus a Bose audio system. Prices start at Nil AP manual and £299 Auto for the SE connect trim which is the only value point, Ultimate are are £1299 and £1599 AP.



Vauxhall Crossland

The mid life freshen up of the Crossland X has seen a host of changes, most notably the dropping of the X in the name. The other changes are a more modern-looking grille, sharper bumpers and headlights and new wheel options. Inside there have been some changes to trims and upholstery and Apple Car play has been added to the touchscreen. As well as the new look, Vauxhall has also updated the Crossland with new suspension and steering in a bid to make it feel better to drive, more comfortable and more stable on motorways. The Engines remain the 1.2 petrol and 1.5 litre diesel. Trim lines are SE, SE Nav Premium, Sri Nav, Elite, Elite Nav and Ultimate.



Vauxhall Mokka

The new Mokka is quite the looker. It is 2.5cm shorter than the old car but 1cm wider than the car it replaces, the boot is not the largest and takes a further hit if you choose the electric car. All cars have twin screens, 7 inch in lower trims or up to 10 and 12 inch in the top trims. Three power options, 1.2 litre petrol, 1.5 litre diesel or full electric. Prices start at £999 Advance Payment for the petrol and £2149 Advance payment for the Electric. This is a good video: watch video




Audi A3 Hatchback

The sister car to the Volkswagen Golf 8, the Audi A3 Sportback (5 door hatch) is available with 3 engines, none are an option for under 25’s due to the starting insurance group 17, The 1.0 litre petrol manual only 108 bhp badged 30, the ’35’ 1.5 litre 148 bhp petrol as a manual or auto, opt for the auto and it comes with a 48v mild hybrid system, lastly a 2.0 litre diesel with 114bhp as a manual badged 30 or 148bhp badged 35 as an automatic. Trim lines in order are Technik, Sport, S-Line.



Citroen C4

The new for 2021 Citroen C4 and fully electric ë-C4 is available to order as a Motability vehicle. The C-Segment hatchback offers a 380 litre boot, the same size as the class leading Volkswagen Golf and five litres up on the Ford Focus. There are four trim levels: Sense, Sense Plus, Shine and Shine Plus.  All cars have LED headlights, ‘V’ signature daytime running lights, fog lights, 18-inch alloy wheels, a 10-inch high-resolution touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, electric parking brake, rear parking sensors, dual-zone climate control.  Full review and prices here



Honda E

The Electric city car from Honda is a futuristic trip, the dash is dominated by multiple screens including two that provide images from the cameras that operate as wing mirrors. Power comes from a compact 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery, which drives the rear wheels, The entry-level car gets 134bhp while the Honda e Advance gets its electric motor tweaked up to 152bhp that can shoot the E from standstill to 62mph in 8.3 seconds. Official range varies from 127 to 136 miles depending on whether you go for 17 or 16-inch wheels, on a cold, fast driving day, you could expect this to drop as low as 80 miles. Fast charging from a 50kw point can revive your honda from 10-80% in 31 minutes or a full charge from a 6.6kw home charger takes just over 4 hours from empty to full.



Ford Kuga

The New Ford Kuga has been added to the Scheme but it will not be in dealerships to see/test drive until the end of March. The new Kuga is longer, wider and has a bigger wheelbase than the car it replaces, this time around the Kuga leans heavily on the Ford Focus, both in looks and interior build, the same 8 inch touchscreen sits atop the dash. The engines are a 118bhp 1.5 diesel (manual or Auto) which can be driven by under 25’s and makes a wise choice for those older too.  The 1.5 petrol is Manual only and not as good as the diesel. The Auto Only 190 2.0 litre diesel is an option for caravan tuggers and the 2.0 litre diesel with a mild hybrid but the 2.5 litre Petrol Plug In Hybrid will get the bulk of attention. Prices start at £1295 and are generally his, as to be expected for a new car. Forum Thread on new Kuga Here..



MG ZS EV Electric

The Chinese built budget Electric compact SUV comes to the Scheme. The 448 litre boot and seating for five (4+1 really) makes it a huge step in the right direction for those looking for a practical Electric car.  The numbers are quite impressive too, 0-62 in mph in 8.7 seconds with a limited top speed of 87 miles per hour. The ZS EV has a 44.5 kWh lithium-ion battery (liquid cooled) that equates to a ‘real world’ range of around 140 miles (official rating 163 miles WLTP) per full charge. Charging times are 6 1/2 hours on a typical home charger (7kW) from zero to full. Using a 50kWh public rapid charger 80% battery capacity can be reached in only 45 minutes. Two trim lines Excite and Exclusive, we are swayed towards the Exclusive for the panoramic glass roof and heated front seats. Prices are £999 Advance Payment for the Excite trim and £1499 for the Exclusive.



Peugeot 2008

The New 2008, is based on the excellent 208, as with the smaller car there are petrol, diesel and a full electric version available. The new car is 140mm longer than its predecessor and 20mm lower. At 4.3m, the new 2008 is only 150mm shorter than the larger 3008 SUV.  A 60mm longer wheelbase helps boost boot space by 10 litres up to 434 litres across all versions including the electric e-2008, while also increasing rear passenger legroom over the outgoing model. Prices start at £299 (manual) £599 (Automatic) or £1799 As an Electric car.





The MG HS is the new replacement the GS, it is developed in Longbridge and built in China and boasts a 450 litre boot and room for five adults. Powered by a 1.5 litre petrol, six speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, that produces good power at 160 bhp (0-62 in 9-9 seconds) but the fuel economy is a tad disappointing at 37.2 miles per gallon.  Two trims, Excite and Exclusive both well equipped but the Exclusive has nice touches such as reversing camera, LED headlights and a panoramic glass roof. Prices for the manual car are Nil in Excite and £799 in Exclusive and as an auto £199 and £999 Advance Payment for the two trims.




Toyota C-HR

The Toyota Coupe High Rider (C-HR) has been updated for 2020 with new trim lines and new engines. In the UK the C-HR is now only available as a self charging hybrid, the engine choices are 1.8  or 2.0 litre petrol paired to the electric power. The power output is 120bhp and 182 bhp respectively, all cars are front wheel drive CVT automatic and the larger engine has a 0-62mph time of 8.2 seconds and returns a claimed 49.50mpg. The 2.0 litre has a larger battery back offering 32 additional bhp compared to 23 in the 1.8. Front lights are upgraded to premium LED technology, with the daytime running lights and indicators combined into one frontal projector that emits a single smooth line above the main beam. At the rear, the new combination lights are connected by a gloss black spoiler creating a single clean shape. The 2020 Toyota C-HR includes a new multimedia system that upgrades the vehicle’s connectivity. This system now allows full smartphone integration and offers the latest versions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.



Peugeot 208

The New 208 comes as a petrol, a diesel and a full electric, E-208. Sharing many of the components of the Vauxhall Corsa (chassis, engines, gearbox, electrical architecture, dimensions) the 208 has the edge on design, inside and out the little Peugeot is incredibly pleasing on the eye. The engine choices are 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol with either 75bhp, 99bhp and 128bhp, a 1.5-litre diesel with 99bhp or a 134bhp (100kW motor and a 50kWh battery 0-60mph in 7.8 seconds) BEV version offering a WLTP range of 211 miles with no loss of space as the electric motor sits under the bonnet and the batteries under the rear seats.  Charging times from empty to full are 20 hours using a conventional three-pin household socket, eight hours when using a dedicated home charging point, while a 100kW fast charger will provide an 80 percent charge in 30 minutes. Trim Lines are Active, Allure, GT-Line and GT. P



Volkswagen T-Cross

Finally the VW Polo based T-Cross is added to the Scheme, bumper retail sales and the resultant build delays have kept it off until now. Sadly as demand is high, the Advance Payment prices (starting at £1149) do not make it anything like a bargain – but if you want what is generally perceived as the best small crossover then the price is worth paying. Trim Lines are S, SE, SEL and R-Line, to have parking sensors (front and rear) you have to choose the SEL trim, equipment is excellent aside from this; 8 inch touchscreen with CarPlay / android auto alongside automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection and lane keeping assist. Two engines, a 1.0 litre three cylinder petrol, with 95 or 115 bhp (go for the 115 if you want six manual gears or a 7 speed dual clutch Automatic) or a 1.6 diesel with 95bhp with 5 manual gears or a 7 speed Auto.



Skoda Kamiq

The Skoda Kamiq is a small crossover (SUV) and the sister car to the Seat Arona and (sadly not on the Scheme) VW T-Cross. The Kamiq is largest of the three and offers a conservative looking alternative to the Nissan Juke. The 400 litre boot is 22 smaller than the Juke but the wide opening makes it a more practical solution. The 1.0 litre petrol is available with 94bhp (manual only) or 113bhp (manual or DSG Automatic). The larger 1.5 litre petrol offers a148bhp and genuine pace, 0-62 in 8.4 seconds. Two trims SE and SE L, The SE has 17 inch alloys, rear parking sensors, cruise control, wireless SmartLink for Apple Car Play (wired for Android Auto and mirrorlink) to the 8 inch Touchscreen, the SEL adds 18 inch alloy wheels ambient interior lighting, privacy glass, 9.2 inch Touchscreen and a virtual cockpit.  Prices start at Nil Advance payment, the 113bhp car starts at £195 manual and £795 Auto. The 1.5 litre cars starts at £995 manual and £1595 automatic.



Vauxhall Corsa

The new Vauxhall Corsa is 108kg lighter, 44mm lower, 39mm longer and 19mm wider that the outgoing car. The boot capacity has increase by 24 litres to 309 litres and unlike the previous Corsa, the new car is 5 door only. Power comes in the form of a 1.2 petrol with either 74bhp, 5 speed manual only or a much better 99bhp turbo charged version with a six speed manual or 8 speed automatic, a 1.5 litre 101bhp manual diesel is also avaialble. The 99bhp petrol being the pick.  Trim lines are SE, SE Premium, SRi, Sri Premium, Elite and Ultimate with nav versions of each adding a built in Sat nav.  The Ultimate trim includes sat nav, 10 inch touchscreen infotainment, adaptive cruise control, 17 inch alloy wheels, leather trim with electronic driver’s massage seat, LED headlights and keyless open and start.



Vauxhall E-Corsa (Electric Car)

The all electric E-Corsa has a 50kWh battery paired to a 100kW motor equating to 134bhp in old skool numbers. 0-62 mph can be achieved in 8.1 seconds but more impressive is 0-30mph in 2.1 seconds, top speed is limited to 93 mph. Range from a fully charged battery is 205 miles according to WLTP, Rapid charging from 15-80% can be achieved in 30 minutes from a 100kW rapid charging station, charging from an 11kw AC outlet takes five hours fifteen minutes from empty to full. Two trim lines, SE Nav and Elite Nav, SE cars have a 7 inch colour touchscreen with sat nav, rear parking sensors and an 11kw 3-Phase charger, Elite cars add a black roof, tinted rear windows and a 10 inch touchscreen.




Ford Puma

The new Ford Puma is a compact crossover, similar in size to the Nissan Juke, Renault Captur and Mazda CX-3 and sits between the Ecosport and Kuga in the Ford stable and as with the previous Puma from the 1990’s it is based on the Ford Fiesta. The 456 litre boot is largest in class and by comparison the Ford Focus offers only 370 litres. The only engine option presently is a 1.0 litre three cylinder petrol manual booted by a mild 48v hybrid system to offer either 123bhp or 153bhp, both offer a sub 10 second 0-62 mph time, 9.8 and 8.9 seconds respectively. Economy is a claimed 67.3 mpg for the 123 car and 64.2 mpg for the larger output, realistically if you get 50 mpg you are doing well. The only trims are Titanium, ST- Line X and STLine X + with the first edition packs making them very well equipped indeed. Prices start at £545 Advance Payment for the Titanium first edition and rise to £1395 for the higher output ST Line X +.



Kia Xceed

The Kia Xceed is so much more than a Kia ceed with pumped up suspension, it is a sleek and attractive SUV styled car. Internally all but base trim (2) get a wonderful 10.25 inch touchscreen which sits on top of the dash that incorporates Apple Carplay/Android Auto alongside a built in Sat Nav. Trim ‘3’ also includes keyless operation, 18 inch alloy wheels, LED lights, heated seats and steering wheel, cruise and climate control, a reversing camera and parking sensors. The top trim ‘First Edition’ has a 12.3 inch TFT replacing the dials, panoramic sunroof, power tailgate, heated rear seats ad park assist. The boot is a useable 426 litres. Engines start with a 3 cylinder 1.0 litre petrol (118bhp) that claims 52.3 mpg and a 0-60 time of 10.9 seconds, the turbo charged 1.4 litre petrol has 138 bhp and can propel the Xceed to 62mph in 9.1 seconds and return a claimed 45.6 mpg. The 1.6 litre diesel, avaialble with either 114 or 134 bhp (depending on trim) offers a claimed 68.9 mpg as 114 or 64.2mpg for the 134bhp version. .  Kia Official video


Nissan Juke

Production began on 14th October in Sunderland first deliveries in Showrooms and now avaialble to order on the Scheme – good work. The 1.0 litre 3 cylinder petrol producing 115bhp will hit 62mph in 10.4 seconds and will return a claimed 45.6 miles per gallon. 422 litre boot is 20% larger and the rear seat knee room has been increased by 5.8cm and rear head room by 1.1cm.  Review video here.



Renault Clio

The mark 5 Renault Clio, new for 2020, is 85% a new car but it looks surprisingly similar to the old one, which says more about how good the old Clio looks than any neglect from the designers, this is evolution not design revolution. Underneath and inside, however, the Clio has undergone a ground-up rethink. Three engines are avaialble, a 1.0 litre three cylinder petrol with 99 bhp as a manual or automatic, a 1.3 litre four cylinder petrol with 128 bhp which is automatic only and a manual only 1.5 litre diesel offering 85 bhp. The small petrol can reach 62 miles per hour in 11.8 seconds and on to a top speed of 116 mph, economy is a claimed 54.3 miles per gallon. The 1.5 litre diesel offers more midrange torque but is not sprightly, 0-61 mph takes 14.7 seconds and while the economy is a claimed 67.2 miles per gallon it is just a little too sedentary to recommend. The 1.3 litre petrol only avaialble in RS Line as an automatic is a hoot, 0-62 miles per hour in 9 seconds a top speed of 124 miles per hour puts it firmly in the ‘warm hatch’ category, economy is also an impressive 49.6 miles per gallon.