One bad apple

Stupidity is not a disabilityAs the Osmonds so eloquently put it ‘one bad apple don’t spoil the whole bunch’ we all knew they were wrong at the time but loved the song anyway.

So the new rules are applied and you can’t spend over £2000 in an advance payment, this judgement only affects 5% of mobility customers, some 30 000 people.  We feel that it’s a shame you can’t top up to a more ‘swanky motor’ if you want to spend your own money doing so, there was no looser in the scheme as it operated, the car manufacturer received their money and the customer had the car they wanted. We feel sorry for the people that tow a caravan or require a 4×4 vehicle due to their remote location, and if you need an automatic four wheel drive car then your choice is one car, the Vauxhall Antara, which has a six month waiting list.

We fully understand why these changes were introduced and that the point of the scheme is to provide motoring for those who need it most and not ‘beemers and mercs’ (BMW’s and Mercedes Benz cars) to benefit cheats, as is the all too familiar claim in the press.  We are disappointed that one bit of baiting from a right wing comic saw these changes rushed in.  As customers we would love the scheme no less if the choice of car had always been limited but no one likes change, particularly the disabled, and parents of disabled, who are used to being treated with contempt.

There are few good things about being Disabled, being the parent of a disabled child or being the carer of a disabled loved one, the mobility scheme is one of the good things, it’s values are unmatched in modern society, the customer is treated with a respect rarely experienced, and as such the customer shared a sense of ownership of the scheme so when detracting voices force change we take it personally, we have two hopes, firstly that there will be an large number of manufactures slashing their prices to dip under the £2000 limit (not holding our breath on this one) and secondly that this is the end of the changes to the scheme and we can be left alone as a group to enjoy happy motoring and our freedom, go and pick on someone else.