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September 21st 2020

Motability warn that prices will increase on 1st October for Q4 prices, stating the cause a ‘disrupted supply chain and a challenging marketplace’. 


July 20th 2020

Motability Grants is now open for new customers and as from today open for phase two to take applications from beneficiaries who are currently on the Scheme and have a Complex Driving Solution or Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle. Phone lines, 0800 500 3186 are open from 10am – 4pm but you can complete the  ‘Log your interest for a grant’ web form and a Case Managers will be in contact with you to discuss your requirements.


April 28th 2020

Motability have announced a £50 refund for all (due to insurance savings) that will be rolled out from the second half of May, no need to contact them.

If you are in a ‘bit of a pickle’ financially due to the restrictions on you from Covid 19 an advance of your good condition bonus (£600 for a 3 year lease) can be applied for, you do need to talk to them for this, to request a phone call from their offices click here.


March 31st 2020

Motability search tool taken down, no cars listed as none can be ordered. All cars extended for six months (presently) Motability Scheme all but mothballed.


March 25th 2020

Coronavirus and Motability info here:


March 10th 2020

Increased by 96(up by 96) 2081 Vehicles Avaialble on the Scheme Increased by 15(15) 879 are automatic gearbox  Increased by 19(19) 346 Nil Advance Payment or less (reduced by 354 Automatics)

Increased by 4(4) 29 Electric vehicles,  Increased by 3(3) 11 Plugin Hybrid,   121 Hybrid,  Increased by 54(54) 1207 Petrol,  Increased by 15(15) 638 Diesel)

Cars suitable for Under 25 year old – Increased by 60(increased by 60) 737  –  Increased by 2(2) 195 are Automatic Gearbox

Motability Sales in 2020 – 26191 reduced by 888 down 888 on 2019 and down 180 on 2018 

Volvo XC40 Price increases for MY21

The MY21 (Model year 2021) Volvo XC40 has a range of new engines, trim lines and the dreaded packs. (Read more about model years here)

The new B4 engine is a 48v mild hybrid (boo) attached to the old T4 engine, the hybrid will give an extra boost (assume this is what the B stands for) the horse power is increased by 7 to 197 but there is no increase in torque over the old engine or a decrease in the the 0-62 mph time (8.4 seconds). The Economy range increases from 33.6 – 36.7 mpg to 34.7 – 39.2 mpg in the B4 FWD.

The price of the basic B4 FWD in Momentum trim has increased from £31835 to £32635 over the old T4

The Brochure and price list is here: 

Prices for the MY21 XC40 should be released on 1st April 2020 when we change to Q2 pricing. 


February 6th 2020

reduced by 125(down by 125) 1985 Vehicles Avaialble on the Scheme reduced by 41(41) 864 are automatic gearbox  reduced by 49(49) 327 Nil Advance Payment or less 

Increased by 5(5) 25 Electric vehicles,  reduced by 4(4) 8 Plugin Hybrid,  Increased by 56 (56) 121 Hybrid,  reduced by 87(87) 1207 Petrol,  reduced by 78(78) 623 Diesel)

Cars suitable for Under 25 year old – reduced by 13(reduced by 13) 677  –  Increased by 17(17) 193 are Automatic Gearbox


RAV4 rejoins 6th Feb 2020

Toyota Rav4  – Back again

Toyota’s big booted, 580 litres, SUV is only avaialble as a petrol hybrid. The 2.5 litre petrol engine is joined by a self charging electric motor that combine to give 219 brake horse power and return a claimed 52.3 miles per gallon, flags have been raised around the CVT Automatic gearbox however so a test drive is essential.  Trim lines are Design and Excel and only the AWD car is available. Following a holiday from the Scheme the Advance Payments have increased by £650 and £500 for the two cars that are available.  

Winter Best Buy –  Toyota RAV4 2.5 petrol Hybrid All wheel drive CVT Automatic  ‘Design’  –  £3445 Advance Payment (£2331 wpms)

Winter Best Buy –  Toyota RAV4 2.5 petrol Hybrid All Wheel drive CVT Automatic  ‘Excel’  –  £3745 Advance Payment (£2630 wpms)


February 4th 2020

Following a period where the Motability search engine has not been stagnant, apparently there was an issue adding new vehicles, there has been a lot of activity:

2008SUV joined 4th Feb

Peugeot 2008 

The New 2008, is based on the excellent 208, as with the smaller car there are petrol, diesel and a full electric version available. The new car is 140mm longer than its predecessor and 20mm lower. At 4.3m, the new 2008 is only 150mm shorter than the larger 3008 SUV.  A 60mm longer wheelbase helps boost boot space by 10 litres up to 434 litres across all versions including the electric e-2008, while also increasing rear passenger legroom over the outgoing model. Prices start at £299 (manual) £599 (Automatic) or £1799 As an Electric car. 



January 7th 2010

Motability registrations over the last three years – 663795 vehicles.

2017 – 33.16%, 2018 – 32.43%, 2019 – 34.14%

Busiest months in 2019 were March (11.74%) and September (10.97%) 

Quietest are February (5.21%) and August (6.28%)


December 14th 2019

Car Joined December 14th 2019

Toyota C-HR

The Toyota Coupe High Rider (C-HR) has been updated for 2020 with new trim lines and new engines. In the UK the C-HR is now only available as a self charging hybrid, the engine choices are 1.8 or 2.0 litre petrol paired to the electric power. The power output is 120bhp and 182 bhp respectively, all cars are front wheel drive CVT automatic and the larger engine has a 0-62mph time of 8.2 seconds and returns a claimed 49.50mpg. The 2.0 litre has a larger battery back offering 32 additional bhp compared to 23 in the 1.8.


December 10th 2019

CX-5 Removed from Scheme


Mazda CX-5

Just as the news that the new Mazda CX-30 has joined the Scheme was filtering through we have to report that the largest UK Mazda SUV, the CX-5, has left the Scheme. Sad day.




Peugeot 208 and E-208 added 10th December

Peugeot 208

The New 208 comes as a petrol, a diesel and a full electric, E-208. Sharing many of the components of the Vauxhall Corsa (chassis, engines, gearbox, electrical architecture, dimensions) the 208 has the edge on design, inside and out the little Peugeot is incredibly pleasing on the eye. The engine choices are 1.2-litre three-cylinder turbocharged petrol with either 75bhp, 99bhp and 128bhp, a 1.5-litre diesel with 99bhp or a 134bhp (100kW motor and a 50kWh battery 0-60mph in 7.8 seconds) BEV version offering a WLTP range of 211 miles with no loss of space as the electric motor sits under the bonnet and the batteries under the rear seats. Charging times from empty to full are 20 hours using a conventional three-pin household socket, eight hours when using a dedicated home charging point, while a 100kW fast charger will provide an 80 percent charge in 30 minutes. Trim Lines are Active, Allure, GT-Line and GT. Prices for the E-208 start at £1499 Advance Payment for either the Active or Allure, rising to £1699 for the GT line and topping out at £1999 for the GT trim only available as an E-208. The petrol and diesel cars offer a much smaller Advance Payment starting at Nil and rising through the grades to £849 AP for the Automatic 1.2 litre petrol with 128bhp.  


Mazda CX-30 added 10th December

Mazda CX-30

Mazda’s new SUV, sits between the CX-3 and CX-5 for size. (Why is it not called the CX-4? The number 4 is considered unlucky in Japan) Powered by their excellent turbo less 2.0 litre petrol front wheel drive engine producing 120bhp (badged Skyactiv-G) or 178bhp (Skyactiv-X). The larger engine delivering improved fuel economy, 47.7 combined mpg compared to 45.6 for the lower powered car and an improved 0-62 time of 9.0 seconds compared to 10.2 seconds, The CX30 also incorporates a mild hybrid system but it is so mild Mazda do not make reference to it in their literature. Trim lines are SE-L , SE-L Lux, Sport Lux and GT Sport.


December 6th 2019

Toyota Rav 4 removed from Scheme

Toyota Rav 4

Toyota Rav4 has been removed form Scheme. The high demand and subsequent lengthy delivery times have forced the popular Hybrid off the Scheme.




December 5th 2019

T-Cross added 5th December 2019

Volkswagen T-Cross

Finally the VW Polo based T-Cross is added to the Scheme, bumper retail sales and the resultant build delays have kept it off until now. Sadly as demand is high, the Advance Payment prices (starting at £1149) do not make it anything like a bargain – but if you want what is generally perceived as the best small crossover then the price is worth paying. Trim Lines are S, SE, SEL and R-Line, to have parking sensors (front and rear) you have to choose the SEL trim, equipment is excellent aside from this; 8 inch touchscreen with CarPlay / android auto alongside automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection and lane keeping assist. Two engines, a 1.0 litre three cylinder petrol, with 95 or 115 bhp (go for the 115 if you want six manual gears or a 7 speed dual clutch Automatic) or a 1.6 diesel with 95bhp with 5 manual gears or a 7 speed Auto. Prices for the 115 manual T-Cross are £1299 SE, £1699 SEL £2199 R-Line or as an Auto: £1599 SE, £1999 SEL and £2499 R-Line. Told you it was expensive!  

November 26th 2019

Increased by 55(up by 55) 2110 Vehicles Avaialble on the Scheme  Increased by 21(21) 907  are automatic gearbox  Increased by 7(7) 376 Nil Advance Payment or less (57 Automatics)

(Increased by 5(5) 20 Electric vehicles,  12 Plugin Hybrid,  Increased by 10 (10) 65 Hybrid,  Increased by 18(18) 1295 Petrol,  Increased by 5(5) 701 Diesel)

Cars suitable for Under 25 year old – reduced by 1(reduced by 1) 690  –  Increased by 2(2) 176 are Automatic Gearbox

November 23rd 2019

Skoda Kamiq Joined 23rd November

Skoda Kamiq

The Skoda Kamiq is a small crossover (SUV) and the sister car to the Seat Arona and (sadly not on the Scheme) VW T-Cross. The Kamiq is largest of the three and offers a conservative looking alternative to the Nissan Juke. The 400 litre boot is 22 smaller than the Juke but the wide opening makes it a more practical solution. The 1.0 litre petrol is available with 94bhp (manual only) or 113bhp (manual or DSG Automatic). The larger 1.5 litre petrol offers a148bhp and genuine pace, 0-62 in 8.4 seconds. Two trims SE and SE L, The SE has 17 inch alloys, rear parking sensors, cruise control, wireless SmartLink for Apple Car Play (wired for Android Auto and mirrorlink) to the 8 inch Touchscreen, the SEL adds 18 inch alloy wheels ambient interior lighting, privacy glass, 9.2 inch Touchscreen and a virtual cockpit.  Prices start at Nil Advance payment, the 113bhp car starts at £195 manual and £795 Auto. The 1.5 litre cars starts at £995 manual and £1595 automatic.


November 20th 2019

New Vauxhall Corsa added November 20th

Vauxhall Corsa 

The new Vauxhall Corsa is 108kg lighter, 44mm lower, 39mm longer and 19mm wider that the outgoing car. The boot capacity has increase by 24 litres to 309 litres and unlike the previous Corsa, the new car is 5 door only. Power comes in the form of a 1.2 petrol with either 74bhp, 5 speed manual only or a much better 99bhp turbo charged version with a six speed manual or 8 speed automatic, a 1.5 litre 101bhp manual diesel is also avaialble. The 99bhp petrol being the pick.  Trim lines are SE, SE Premium, SRi, Sri Premium, Elite and Ultimate with nav versions of each adding a built in Sat nav. Prices start at Nil Advance payment and the best value is £99 Advance payment for the top of the range Ultimate trim with the 8 speed Automatic paired to the 99bhp 1.2 litre petrol. The Ultimate trim includes sat nav, 10 inch touchscreen infotainment, adaptive cruise control, 17 inch alloy wheels, leather trim with electronic driver’s massage seat, LED headlights and keyless open and start.


All Electric E-Corsa added 20th November

Vauxhall E-Corsa (Electric Car)

The all electric E-Corsa has a 50kWh battery paired to a 100kW motor equating to 134bhp in old skool numbers. 0-62 mph can be achieved in 8.1 seconds but more impressive is 0-30mph in 2.1 seconds, top speed is limited to 93 mph. Range from a fully charged battery is 205 miles according to WLTP, Rapid charging from 15-80% can be achieved in 30 minutes from a 100kW rapid charging station, charging from an 11kw AC outlet takes five hours fifteen minutes from empty to full. Two trim lines, SE Nav and Elite Nav, SE cars have a 7 inch colour touchscreen with sat nav, rear parking sensors and an 11kw 3-Phase charger, Elite cars add a black roof, tinted rear windows and a 10 inch touchscreen. Prices are £1499 for the SE and £1699 Advance Payment for the Elite trim  


DS3 Crossback Electric added 20th November

DS3 Crossback E-Tense (Electric)

The DS3 Crossback was designed with electrification in mind and as such the batteries are littered around the underside of the car meaning that the 350 litre boot is the same regardless of powertrain. The 50kWh battery paired to a 100kw electric motor offer a 0-62mph time of 8.9 seconds, a top speed of 93 mph and a WLTP driving range of 199 miles. The fast charging DC mode will charge from empty to 80% in 30 minutes, if you have access to a public 100kW charger, standard AC 7kW charging will take nearly 8 hours to go from empty to full. Prices start at £1999 Advance payment for the well appointed Prestige trim, for an extra £500 you can move up to the Ultra Prestige or for £2749 Advance Payment you can have the sumptuous La Premiere trim. 


November 18th 2019

Increased by 722055 Vehicles Avaialble  Increased by 35886 of which are automatic gearbox  reduced by 4369 Nil AP or less (reduced by 257 Automatics)

(15 Electric vehicles,  12 Plugin Hybrid,  reduced by 355 Hybrid,  Increased by 261277 Petrol,  Increased by 49696 Diesel)

Cars suitable for Under 25 year old – Increased by 11691 (174 Automatic)


November 15th 2019

Ford Puma Joined Scheme 15th November

The new Ford Puma is a compact crossover, similar in size to the Nissan Juke, Renault Captur and Mazda CX-3 and sits between the Ecosport and Kuga in the Ford stable and as with the previous Puma from the 1990’s it is based on the Ford Fiesta. The 456 litre boot is largest in class and by comparison the Ford Focus offers only 370 litres. The only engine option presently is a 1.0 litre three cylinder petrol manual booted by a mild 48v hybrid system to offer either 123bhp or 153bhp, both offer a sub 10 second 0-62 mph time, 9.8 and 8.9 seconds respectively. Economy is a claimed 67.3 mpg for the 123 car and 64.2 mpg for the larger output, realistically if you get 50 mpg you are doing well. The only trims are Titanium, ST- Line X and STLine X + with the first edition packs making them very well equipped indeed. Prices start at £545 Advance Payment for the Titanium first edition and rise to £1395 for the higher output ST Line X +. 



November 5th 2019

reduced by 121983 Vehicles Avaialble  reduced by 9851 of which are automatic gearbox  Increased by 2373 Nil AP or less (Increased by 159 Automatics)

(15 Electric vehicles,  12 Plugin Hybrid,  reduced by 2358 Hybrid,  Increased by 61251 Petrol,  reduced by 4647 Diesel)

Cars suitable for Under 25 year old – reduced by 5680 (reduced by 8174 Automatic)


October 26th 2019

New Nissan Juke new 26th October

Nissan Juke

Production began on 14th October in Sunderland first deliveries in Showrooms and now avaialble to order on the Scheme – good work. The 1.0 litre 3 cylinder petrol producing 115bhp will hit 62mph in 10.4 seconds and will return a claimed 45.6 miles per gallon. 422 litre boot is 20% larger and the rear seat knee room has been increased by 5.8cm and rear head room by 1.1cm.  Review video here. Prices start at Nil Advance Payment in N-Connecta trim for the manual or £399 as an automatic. Tekna trim is £699 manual or £1099 for an Auto.


October 21st 2019

1995 Vehicles Avaialble  Increased by 8860 of which are automatic gearbox  reduced by 18371 Nil AP or less (reduced by 658 Automatics)

(reduced by 515 Electric vehicles,  12 Plugin Hybrid,  Increased by 1981 Hybrid,  Increased by 151245 Petrol,  reduced by 20651 Diesel)

Cars suitable for Under 25 year old – reduced by 28685 (reduced by 15182 Automatic)


October 11th 2019

VW Passat added October 11th

Volkswagen Passat

VW Passat now on the Scheme as a saloon or Estate. The R-Line trim is avaialble with the 2.0 litre diesel 187bhp as a Saloon but not an estate as it tips over the cap limit. Other engines are the 1.5 148bhp and 2.0 187bhp petrol (Estate R-Line available £2799) and the 1.6 diesel with 118bhp or the 148 bhp 2.0 litre diesel. Prices start at £1899 Advance Payment for the 1.5 litre petrol but the real value is to be had in SEL and R-Line trim with the 2.0 litre diesel, prices top out at £2899 AP for the Saloon DSG auto 187bhp 2.0 litre Diesel in R-Line trim.  



September 26th 2019

Increased by 211995 Vehicles Avaialble  Increased by 12852 of which are automatic gearbox  389 Nil AP or less (64 Automatics)

(Increased by 220 Electric vehicles,  12 Plugin Hybrid,  Increased by 1162 Hybrid,  Increased by 51230 Petrol,  Increased by 3671 Diesel)

Cars suitable for Under 25 year old – Increased by 5713 (197 Automatic)


September 23rd 2019

The new 2019 Hyundai Ioniq electric has an increased battery size of 38kWh (134 bhp) offering a range of 165 miles. Charging is via a Type 2 connector, maximum 7.2 kW, this charges a fully depleted battery back to full in around 6 hours 15 minutes or 19 hours 45 minutes using a three pin domestic plug. Rapid charging is possible through a CCS connection, maximum rapid charge power is 47 kW, this charges the battery from 10% to 80% in around 50 minutes. The new IONIQ features Bluelink that can remotely control the temperature of the car, lock or unlock and charging can be remotely controlled and scheduled. The Ioniq Electric has a useable 350 litre boot and comes well equipped with adaptive cruise control, heated seats, climate control, auto LED lights, rear view camera, wireless phone charging, 10.25 inch touchscreen with sat nav and Apple Carplay/Android Auto. For £500 extra the Premium SE adds leather seats, electric (drivers only) and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats and privacy glass. 

Summer Best Buy – Hyundai Ioniq Electric 38kWh Premium’ Automatic  –  £1749 Advance Payment (£649 wpms)


September 23rd 2019

Increased by 231974 Vehicles Avaialble  Increased by 5840 of which are automatic gearbox  reduced by 3389 Nil AP or less (reduced by 464 Automatics)

(reduced by 218 Electric vehicles,  12 Plugin Hybrid,  reduced by 351 Hybrid,  Increased by 101225 Petrol,  Increased by 18668 Diesel)

Cars suitable for Under 25 year old – Increased by 18708 (Increased by 3197 Automatic)


September 20th 2019

The new BMW 1 Series is added to the Scheme in SE, Sport or M Sport trim, Manual or Dual Clutch Automatic. The only version presently is the 118i, a 1.5 litre three cylinder petrol which is shared with the Mini, X1 and 2 series BMW. It offers 138bhp and can return a claimed 46 ish MPG, the reality is mid to high 30’s from our experience. 0-62 is 8.5 seconds and the 3 cylinder makes a nice rasping noice when pushed hard.   The major change is the move from rear to front wheel drive which does away with the propshaft tunnel making more foot room for the rear passangers, other changes are a larger boot, up to 380 litres and a long options list. Upgrade from SE to Sport trim and you have 17 inch alloy wheels and one years Apple Pay free, year two and three are chargeable -Disgusting. Full brochure and specs here. Prices are excellent for a new car and despite the retail price increasing by over £1000 the Advance Payments are less than the outgoing car. Prices start at £499 for the SE, £749 for Sport and £999 for the M- Sport in Manual. Auto cars are £749, £999 and £1249 across the trims.


September 19th 2019

The Mazda 3 Joins the Scheme, powered by the Skyactiv G engine a 2.0 litre non turbocharged petrol engine with 120 brake horse power.  This car is suitable for under 25’s as it is insurance group 16 up to Sport Lux trim. Sadly GT Sport and GT Sport Tech jump to group 17 so these are out of bounds. The more powerful and economic Skyactiv X engine is not represented, which is a shame. The trim lines are SE-L, SE-L Lux, Sport Lux, GT Sport and GT Sport Tech. Prices start at £199 and rise to £899 for the manual car, add £200 for an Automatic gearbox.



August 30th 2019

1941 cars on Scheme – 11 cars removed overnight:

Mercedes CLA 2 cars – 180 and 200 without additional packs

Hyundai – 5 off. Ioniq, Hybrid and Electric

Nissan – 1 Juke removed

Vauxhall 3 off- 2 Grandland X and one Insignia Grand Sport


August 26th 2019

Increased by 31951 Vehicles Avaialble  Increased by 28835 of which are automatic gearbox  reduced by 15392 Nil AP or less (reduced by 668 Automatics)

(20 Electric vehicles,  Increased by 512 Plugin Hybrid,  Increased by 754 Hybrid,  Increased by 171215 Petrol,  reduced by 26650 Diesel)

Cars suitable for Under 25 year old – reduced by 31690 (reduced by 8194 Automatic)

I can report that at 8:20 on the morning of Monday the 26th August the number of cars on the Scheme remains at 1951. No Change

Interesting facts:

The Ford Focus is avaialble in 98 different variants, making up 5% of the choice. (The Ford Focus (98) Ford Fiesta (51) and the Seat Leon (46) are the top three)

There are only two manufactures that have more diesel cars listed than petrol, Citroen and Peugeot with Renault listing 39 of both. Those French love their Gazole.

Toyota are the Greenest with 42 of their 80 vehicles either a hybrid or a PHEV. The other cars are all petrol the 7 diesels listed are all Proace Verso (Van based people carrier)


July 26th 2019

BMW X1 is added to the Scheme. This is not a new car but a facelift of the outgoing model. Changes include a larger kidney grille, redesigned taillights and an automatic tailgate. Three engines, a 1.5 litre petrol with 136bhp badged 18i, a 2.0 litre petrol with 189bhp badged 20i, both claiming over 50mpg but the 18d 2.0 litre diesel is the pick, 148 bhp and enough grunt to move the x1 seamlessly, claimed economy is 61mpg. The new trim lines to the Scheme are SE, Sport and xLine. All cars have a 6.5 inch infotainment screen with DAB and sat nav built in and the xLine has leather seats. Full brochure here. Prices start at £749 for the 18i SE front wheel drive. Full X1 Pricing here

Summer Best Buy – BMW X1 xLine 18d s-drive 2.0 litre diesel 148bhp Automatic –  £1999 Advance Payment (£898.71 wpms) 


July 24th 2019

reduced by 1261948 Vehicles Avaialble  reduced by 33807 of which are automatic gearbox  reduced by 9407 Nil AP or less (reduced by 1074 Automatics)

(Increased by 220 Electric vehicles,  7 Plugin Hybrid,  reduced by 747 Hybrid,  reduced by 641198 Petrol,  reduced by 57676 Diesel)

Cars suitable for Under 25 year old – reduced by 98721 (reduced by 25202 Automatic)


June 19th 2019:

Motability Operations issued a press statement, which said:

  • The Board resolved to release capital reserves to a level of £370m below the September 2018 balance sheet position.
  • The Board plans to commit £100m of this release to support customers. The balance of the remainder, along with all this year’s profits, will be donated to Motability to provide wider support for disabled people and their families.


June 18th 2019:

Increased by 122074 Vehicles Avaialble  Increased by 6840 of which are automatic gearbox   Increased by 4416 Nil AP or less (84 Automatics)

(18 Electric vehicles,  7 Plugin Hybrid,  54 Hybrid,  Increased by 81262 Petrol,  Increased by 4733 Diesel)

Cars suitable for Under 25 year old – 819 (227 Automatic)


June 18th 2019:

12 Peugeot 2008 added 6 diesel and 6 petrol, Signature trim line added, replacing Allure.  (New 2008 due early 2020)



June 8th 2019:

Nissan X-Trail Diesel Automatic added (9 cars): The 148 bhp 1.7 litre Diesel (CVT) auto is priced at £1449 Advance Payment for the 5 seat 2wd Acenta Premium car and rises to £2449 for the 4 wheel drive 7 seat Tekna car. Click Here to download full Brochure.



June 1st 2019 – BMW I3 Electric car – Added 

The all electric BMW I3 has been added to the Scheme in both standard and ‘S’ trim. The WLTP range is quoted as 193 miles and real life users are suggesting around a 145 mile, the I3 can move quickly from the single speed Automatic gearbox, o-62 as fast as 6.9 seconds. The battery offers 37.9 kWh and is able to fast charge from 20 -80% battery power in as little as 40 minutes. Prices for the standard 125kW car are from £1999 – £2749 Advance Payment depending on the internal ‘world’ and from £2999 – £3499 for the ‘S’ car. Full Review is here.


May 29th 2019:  

Nissan X-Trial rejoins with new engines, only auto option is the 1.3 petrol in top Tekna Trim. The new 1.7-litre dCi diesel engine develops 150PS and emits from 137g/km of CO2. It is available with two- or four-wheel-drive and a six-speed manual gearbox. 2WD WLTP MPG 41.5-43.5, 4WD WLTP MPG 39.8-42.2.  The 1.3-litre DiG-T petrol engine offers 160PS and has CO2 emissions from 145g/km. It comes with front-wheel-drive and an automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). Prices start at £749 for 5 seat Acenta Premium 2WD and rise to £1749 for the Tekna 1.7 diesel 4WD. The only Auto is £1649 AP for the 7 seat 2WD 1.3 litre petrol in Tekna trim.


May 21st 2019:

2101 Vehicles Avaialble Increased by 4242  868 of which are automatic gearbox Increased by 4545   413 Nil AP or less reduced by 1010 (86 Automatics reduced by 66)

(11 Electric vehicles,  7 Plugin Hybrid, 54 Hybrid, 1271 Petrol, 758 Diesel)


May 17th 2019:

2019 Ford Mondeo added to Scheme, 26 versions hatchback and estate but sadly no Hybrid. 1.5 petrol manual or 6 speed auto, economy quoted as between 22.8 mpg and 38.2 mpg for the Auto – Ouch. The two diesels (148 bhp and 187bhp) are a better (more expensive option) Prices range from £1595 to £2195 Advance Payment for the petrol and £2395 – £3195 for the Diesel.


April 15th 2019:

2059 Vehicles Avaialble reduced by 7272   823 of which are automatic gearbox reduced by 2222    423 Nil AP or less reduced by 2121 (92 Automatics reduced by 213)

Ford Remove 29 C -Max/Grand C-Max as it is being removed from range, VW remove 22 cars from across the range.


DS3 Crossback - New

DS3 Crossback – New


April 13th 2019: DS 3 Crossback joins Scheme. Read here



April 1st 2019: New Prices released, latest updates here

2131 Vehicles Avaialble reduced by 4343   845 of which are automatic gearbox reduced by 77    444 Nil AP or less Increased by 4848  (95 Automatics Increased by 99)


March 7th 2019: Mazda CX-5 removed from Scheme. Motability citing insurance issues, no plan for a return to the Scheme in the short term. (1st April 2019 CX5 returns, price increased by £700)


March 5th 2019:  2174 Vehicles Avaialble reduced by 55    852 of which are automatic gearbox Increased by 2222    396 Nil AP or less Increased by 1010  (86 Automatics Increased by 1616)


January 22nd 2019: New Audi A1 joins the Scheme in ’30’ 1.0 petrol 114bhp (manual or Auto). Under 25’s will have to wait for the 94bhp version of this engine to be released. 


January 10th 2019: SsangYong joined the Scheme in January 2015 and presently have no cars on the Scheme. With the lack of large vehicles the Turismo was a welcome addition with its second row individual seats. We are unsure at this stage if they are to rejoin. 


January 1st 2019: New cars:  BMW X2, Renault Zoe, Honda CRV, Citroen C5 Aircross, Peugeot 508 fastback.

Cars removed: Alfa Romeo Giulia, Ford Mondeo, Toyota Auris, Toyota Rav4, Mini Clubman and Nissan X-Trail – Read more 


December 31st 2018:   2179 Vehicles Avaialble Increased by 189189    830 of which are automatic gearbox Increased by 5757    386 Nil AP or less Increased by 2525  (70 Automatics Increased by 11)


December 21st 2018: All the Q1 pricing information on this page:


December 17th 2018: Multiple reports coming in that due to the changes in the Government Grant for Plugin Hybrid Vehicles ‘October 12th 2018: UK Government announce an end to the £2500 Grant for Plug in Hybrids (PHEV) that can travel less than 70 miles on electric power alone), the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV will not be on the Scheme from January 1st 2019.


December 11th 2018: Motability Operations announce that Sir Stephen O’Brien will become the new Chairman when Neil Johnson departs in April 2019.  Sir Stephen O’Brien used to be the MP for Eddisbury, Cheshire from 1999 – 2015. Read more on Sir Stephen here.


December 7th 2018: 

The boss of Motability Operations is stepping down after it emerged he is set to receive a £2.2m bonus on top of his seven-figure salary.

Mike Betts, the chief executive of Motability Operations, came under fire earlier this year after MPs called his annual £1.7m pay package “totally unacceptable”.

A report by the government spending office, the National Audit Office, published today says as well as his “generous” remuneration, Betts is also in line for a previously undisclosed performance bonus worth about £2.2m.

Following the report, Mobility Operations announced Betts would stand down from his position by May 2020, while the group’s chairman, Neil Johnson will retire in April 2019.


December 4th 2018: Friday 7th December sees the National Audit Office (NAO) publish its report into Motability Operations. There are also reports in the print press relating to bonuses paid. Expect TV News and Print to take up the story on Friday. Heavy sigh.


December 3rd 2018:  2133 Vehicles Avaialble Increased by 143143   822 of which are automatic gearbox Increased by 4949    377 Nil AP or less Increased by 1616  (70 Automatics Increased by 11)


November 28th 2018: All MINI cars on the Scheme rebadged Classic, Sport and Exclusive. Chili and Pepper packs are thankfully discontinued


November 14th 2018:  1990 Vehicles Avaialble reduced by 11    773 of which are automatic gearbox Increased by 1818    361 Nil AP or less Increased by 1818 (69 Automatics Increased by 187)


October 17th 2018: Number of Vehicles avaialble against  September 27th. WLTP is affecting the numbers, manufactures have reduced the number of trim lines per model and there are still new engines being developed to pass the emission rules, there is also a continued cull of diesel engines.

1991 Vehicles Avaialble reduced by 582582    755 of which are automatic gearbox reduced by 186186   343 Nil AP or less reduced by 9292 (62 Automatics reduced by 1414).


October 12th 2018: UK Government announce an end to the £2500 Grant for Plug in Hybrids (PHEV) that can travel less than 70 miles on electric power alone. The Grant for Electric cars is also reduced from £4500 to £3500.


October 2nd 2018: Motability Operations donate £400 million to Motability Charity link


October 1st 2018: Q4 prices announced –


September 27th 2018: Number of Vehicles avaialble against 25th June, we expect this number to be slashed on 1st October.

2573 Vehicles Avaialble Increased by 189189    941 of which are automatic gearbox Increased by 4545   435 Nil AP or less Increased by 8383 (76 Automatics Increased by 8314).


September 26th 2018: Quarter 4 preview:


September 20th 2018: Good condition bonus, paid on return of vehicle increases:

– Three year agreement: £500.00 (previously £250)
– Four year agreement: £600.00
– Five year agreement: £800.00 (previously £450)

Applies to car and WAV customers. WAV customers still receive a support payment of £300 for a 3 year lease and £100 per year extended, WAV customers in a 5 year lease £500.


August 16th 2018: WLTP continues to cause a blockage in new car deliveries, the current list of vehicles that have pass the testing can be seen here (updated regularly)


July 28th 2018: The Fiat 124 has now been removed from the Scheme. We have it on good authority that Skoda are not taking orders for petrol Karoq / Kodiaq cars.


July 23rd 2018: The Forum is littered with tales of woe relating to extended waits and sudden cancellations. Alfa have cancelled all orders of new cars, hence the Giulia being removed from the Scheme, the Mazda CX-3 is being updated and temporally unavailable, The Ford Kuga AWD Petrol have issues with completing the ordering process, (now resolved)  same for the Mercedes CLA diesel – we could go on and on. WLTP continues to cause havoc, thankfully step 2 has to be complete by 1st September 2018 so every car listed for Quarter 3 will have to be avaialble to order.


July 23rd 2018: Motability inform dealerships to contact all customers who have a vehicle affected by WLTP to either be offered a new order or to inform customers that  all cars will need to be registered on 18 plates even if the collection date is when 68 plates are avaialble (after 1st September)


June 30th 2018: New prices are coming in, read more….


June 22nd 2018:  2384 Vehicles Avaialble reduced by 179179    896 of which are automatic gearbox reduced by 6262   352 Nil Advance Payment or less reduced by 3030  (62 Automatics reduced by 66).

The WLTP effect is really kicking in, this will affect Q3 greatly.


June 18th 2018:  New Ford Focus Joins Scheme:


June 8th 2018:  2563 Vehicles Avaialble Increased by 7979    958 of which are automatic gearbox Increased by 3030   382 Nil Advance Payment or less Increased by 2929  (68 Automatics ).


June 6th 2018  Apple have announced a new Software update (ios12) for all phones as far back as the iphone 5S and ipads from air/mini 2. This new software will allow the use of the two most popular sat nav systems to be linked to Carplay, namely Google maps and Waze, meaning you will no longer be shacked to apple maps alone.

The new software is available in beta form (may not be compatible with existing apps) to download now for paid up developers, later this month in beta form for all customers and will go on general release when the beta testing is complete around September 2018.

Wireless Carplay is the next obvious technological step to be rolled out in new cars. Wireless Carplay is not a software update as it has been an option since ios9, it is a hardware issue down to the capabilities of the head unit fitted to your car, there are only a couple of cars that offer these units, BMW 5 series being one (not on Scheme) and the new 2018 Mercedes A Class will offer it on all models (Joining Scheme soon – hopefully)


May 14th 2018: 2484 Vehicles Avaialble reduced by 7676    928 of which are automatic gearbox reduced by 1515   353 Nil Advance Payment or less reduced by 2323  (68 Automatics reduced by 55).


May 2nd 2018: DS7 Crossback Joins Scheme as a manual diesel, the Auto diesel is over the cap. The 1.2 litre petrol with an auto box will join late 2018. 


April 27th 2018: 2560 vehicles avaialble reduced by 1515   943 of which are automatic gearbox reduced by 77   376 Nil Advance Payment or less    (73 Automatics ).

The continued drop is for a few reasons and nothing terminal:

  1.  Mini and BWM are changing the automatic gearbox fitted to their cars from an eight speed torque convertor to a seven speed dual clutch. Number of MINI cars on scheme last quarter 78, this quarter 55. BMW 84 last quarter 70 this.
  2. Models are being updated and production of outgoing model stops prior to launch of new model: Honda CR-V last quarter 34, this quarter 19, new Mercedes A-Class pending, Mercedes cars dropped from 118 in Q1 to 106 now, Renault Megane last quarter 49 this quarter 6.
  3. VAG (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat) are changing their 1.4 petrol engine to a 1.5 litre petrol and trimming lines, Skoda 156 cars last quarter 141 now, Seat 119 Q1 105 now.
  4. Nissan drop Pulsar and trim Qashqai and X Trail lines. Q1 Nissan 82 Q2 Nissan 45.


April 18th 2018: 2575 vehicles avaialble reduced by 4242   950 of which are automatic gearbox reduced by 8585   376 Nil Advance Payment or less Increased by 66   (73 Automatics  Increased by 44). From Q1 Pricing we have lost 232 vehicles, 85 of which are Automatics.


April 12th 2018: Toyota Prius+, seven seat hybrid joins Scheme read more here


April 5th 2018: Volkswagen T-Roc joins Scheme, read more here


April 3rd 2018:  2617 vehicles avaialble reduced by 190190   1035 of which are automatic gearbox    370 Nil Advance Payment or less Increased by 99   (69 Automatics  Increased by 252).


April 1st 2018: The Motability search tool can be found here  it should be live now but as of 5.30 am 1st April it is not. Search working intermittently at 6.55 am.


March 29th 2018: Confirmed: XC40 will join Scheme on 1st April with a limited range headed by the T3 petrol. The Mitsibushi Outlander PHEV is also new this quarter. Full details of latest price changes will be posted here:


March 26th 2018: 2807 vehicles avaialbleIncreased by 44.    1035 of which are automatic gearbox Increased by 252     361 Nil AP or less    (67 Automatics ).


March 21st 2018: New cars for Q2 (dependent on final pricing agreements in some cases) – Volvo XC40, Volkswagen T-Roc and Golf SV.  Cars not joining in Q2  –  Nissan Leaf (Electric), Renault Zoe (Electric) and Citroen DS7


March 19th 2018: 2803 vehicles avaialble Increased by 2517.    1033 of which are automatic gearbox Increased by 2511     361 Nil AP or less reduced by 61   (67 Automatics ).


March 14th 2018: 2786 vehicles avaialble reduced by 610.    1022 of which are automatic gearbox Increased by 254     362 Nil AP or less Increased by 251   (67 Automatics ).


March 10th 2018: BMW are making changes to the X1, changing the gearbox in the automatic front wheel drive cars to a 7 speed dual cutch, resulting in a reduction of X1’s on the scheme. The X1 xdrive 20i xline will also cease production in May. This gearbox change will be phased into Mini cars over the coming months.


March 6th 2018: SMMT announce February car sales decease by 2.8% year on year. 11 months in a row sales have decreased. We have a look behind the headline numbers: here


March 5th 2018:  Work and Pensions and Treasury Committees hold joint session on the Motability Scheme’s finances and executive pay. Upshot is the  National Audit Office will take a look.  Letter here or watch here

2796 vehicles avaialble Increased by 2525.    1018 of which are automatic gearbox      361 Nil AP or less reduced by 66   (67 Automatics reduced by 44).


March 1st – 3th 2018:  The ‘Beast from the East’ and Storm Emma combine to bring snow, winds and freezing temperatures, closing motorways and roads across the UK.


February 28th 2018: Geneva Motor show lineup (First look at new models to be released later in the year or early 2019) Mazda 6, Mercedes A-Class, Citroen Berlingo/Peugeot Rifter, Kia Ceed, Hyundai Kona Electric, Honda CRV and Toyota Auris.


February 27th 2018: Toyota CH-R prices return to 1st January 2018 level, Prices now start at £495 AP for 1.2 Petrol


February 26th 2018: Toyota CH-R price drop, a rare event prices change mid quarter, Prices start at £195 AP for 1.2 Petrol

2771 vehicles avaialble, 1018 of which are automatic gearbox. 367 Nil AP or less (71 Automatics).


February 23rd 2018: Vauxhall Insignia Country Tourer added


February 21st 2018: Volkswagen Motability send an email stating that the 7 seat Tiguan allspace is avaialble only for it to be ‘fake news’ we suspect it will be avaialble for Q2 pricing on April 1st.


February 21st 2018: Peugeot 5008 GT Line Premium added


February 15th 2018: Lord Sterling, who co-founded Motability in 1977, wrote to Esther Mcvay outlining the “litany of inaccuracies” in the comments made by her and fellow MPs in a debate earlier this month to be “deeply troubling”. Neil Johnson, Chairman of Motability Operations writes an equally frank letter.  See Letters here.


February 13th 2018: Stratstone MINI Tyneside increase discount to up to £500. Amber Taylor 0191 234 5500 (you have to travel to dealership to place an order)


February 8th 2018: Esther McVey, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, calls for the the national audit office to look into the finances and pay policy of the Motability charity.


February 8th 2018: Labour’s John Mann MP (along with a collection of other MP’s) stands up in Parliament and makes an urgent request which is riddled with inaccuracies. Transcript 


February 5th 2018: Daily Mail publish a article where they confuse Motability the Charity and Motability Operations that causes division and hatred amongst readers.


30th January 2018: Hyundai Kona added


24th January 2o18: MG-ZS added


17th January 2018: Mazda CX-5 added


12th January 2018: £300 discount on MINI from Stratstone MINI Tyneside, Amber Taylor 0191 234 5500 (you have to travel to dealership to place an order)


10th January 2018: VW Marshalls Oxford 01235 424242 or offer £500 discount on VW Tiguan and discount on other VW cars too. (you have to travel to dealership to place an order) more info here:


1st January 2018: New Prices released for Q1 2018 (Winter). New Pricing guidelines: vehicles with a retail value up to £35000 (Auto) can now join the scheme, BHP limits introduced at 200bhp and 225bhp for Hybrid cars, Advance Payments limit for Automatics increased to a maximum £3750 and £2999 for Manual Cars. Full details here:

New cars added: Skoda Kodiaq, VW Polo, Mini Countryman Hybrid, Audi Q2, Jeep Compass, BMW 2 Series Coupe, Renault Koleos, Skoda Karoq, Mitsibushi Eclipse Cross, Ford Mondeo Hybrid