Financial Help and Grants

Motability GrantsMotability, the registered charity (No 299745), provides financial help (Grants) to disabled people who would not otherwise be able to afford the vehicle or adaptations they need. Help includes grants towards Advance Payments for cars, Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles (WAVs), driving lessons and adaptations.  Over 7000 people were helped last year to the tune of £19 million.

With regard to help towards Advance Payments the Grants team are very understanding but requests for assistance are based purely on need and funds are limited. All applications are means-tested and it will be towards the most affordable solution for your needs. If you can’t find an affordable solution then everything starts with a phone call for an initial assessment – 0300 456 4566. Every application takes into account a wide range of factors, how your disability impacts your mobility, your household circumstances, any equipment you need to regularly travel with and, of course, your financial means. Once an application form and supporting documentation has been received Motability will be in a better position to suggest what the next move should be. If, for example, financial help cannot be made available to you they may be able to suggest other options under the Scheme or even extend the lease on your existing vehicle.


WPMS meaning - what does WPMS stand for?

If you are already a Motability Scheme customer and are applying for financial help towards a new car, you can apply four months before the end of your current lease. If you are applying for financial help towards a new WAV, you can apply six months before the end of your lease.

If you receive the War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement and have a Motability car, you may be eligible for help from Veterans UK , based on your medical records. If you need a vehicle or adaptations costing more than the standard grants they offer, and you are unable to meet the cost yourself, then you can apply to Motability for help.