Deals and Cashback offers

Deals and Cashback

As of January 2017 there were 4104 franchised Dealerships in the UK, a report from KMPG last year suggested that by 2025 up to 50% would disappear. The pressure from online sales and the insistence on an outdated face to face selling experience is putting pressure on the Dealerships and has lead to excellent discounts being offered to retail customers and these are now filtering through to Motability customers.  Motability do not allow discounting, the Advance Payment prices have been negotiated with the Manufacturer, the dealership receive a (small) payment from Motability for handling a sale. The prices are set, there is no negotiation possible on the Advance Payment price that Motability receive, there is however the opportunity for the Dealership to contribute to the payment and this will be advertised as a cashback or dealer contribution. The offers fall into two categories:

Time limited or Stock offers

Dealerships may wish to move on their stock by offering a cash incentive. These offers may appear to be a generic cashback deal but they will be associated with the wording ‘vehicles registered by’ generally this date will not allow the timescale for a car to be built so you will have to be flexible over choice of colour, engine and extras already fitted to the car.

Pure Cashback offers 

These are limited to a handful of dealerships and are a genuine contribution towards the Advance Payment paid to Motability, these can be a vehicle from stock or a factory build.


Ordering and Collecting

With so few dealerships offering financial assistance, the likelihood is that you will have to travel to get any deal. You will have to go to the dealership twice, once to order the car, this can only be carried out face to face, and once to pick up the vehicle. Servicing and any recalls can all be carried out at your local dealership. Do factor in cost of travel, overnight stays and generally ‘is it worth the effort’ or am I better served forging a relationship with my local dealership by ordering the vehicle through them.

Top Tips

We have followed up a great many advertised deals to have them evaporate, shrink or simply be denied. We have lost count of the number of times have been told that the deal has expired, it was only against a vehicle that has been sold, only this morning we followed up an offer that stated £500 off the entire range to be told that it was only against one model and was actually £250 against another and £150 against a third – oh and it only applied to cars registered before the end of that month. So be careful out there.

Do your groundwork

Make contact with the dealership to confirm the deal, do not turn up out of the blue as that will simply put them in the drivers seat (excuse the pun)

Walk away

As with any negotiation be prepared to walk away if promises are not kept or you simply feel a nagging doubt that all is not right.

Get it in writing

Dealerships generally hate giving out email addresses, they want a face to face meeting or at minimum a phone call, but you need to get any offer in writing prior to order. Following any web chat or telephone call insist that you receive an email outlining the deal offered to you. The best advice is to ask for their email address, write an email with all the agreed information enclosed asking for a reply to confirm the details are correct.

Speak to your local Dealership

If you have a deal confirmed, tell your local dealership as they may not want to loose your custom, they may not be able to match the exact offer but would prefer to be given the opportunity and it could save you the travel.

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