Motability Car Scheme

History of the Motability Car Scheme

Thankfully things have changed.

In 1948 the National Health Service was introduced promising ‘comprehensive and free Health Service for every man, woman and child in the country, from the cradle to the grave’ within this pledge came the Invalid Vehicle Service  in which invalid three-wheelers in both powered and hand-propelled forms would be issued free of charge by the NHS to any disabled person meeting the necessary criteria, originally intended primarily to support the injured from the second world war.

In 1947 Bert Greeves, the maker of some of the finest lightweight motorcycles, designed a motorised carriage for his cousin Derry Preston Cobb, seeing a business opportunity Greaves formed Invacar Ltd which went on to provide cars for the next 30 years. The most recognisable being the Thundersley Invacar Model 70.

The Mobility Allowance – now called the mobility component of Disability Living Allowance – introduced by the Government in 1976 broke the mold in giving help regardless of ability to drive. It also signaled the Government’s commitment to giving disabled people choice in the form of a cash allowance, rather than imposing certain types of vehicles on them.

The Mobility Allowance was a positive advance but it soon became clear that it was not large enough to buy and run even the smallest car. The then Secretary of State for Health and Social Services invited the late Lord Goodman and (now lord) Jeffrey Sterling to consider how disabled people could use this allowance to affordably obtain a vehicle, thus the Mobility car scheme was born.


Do I qualify for the Motability Car Scheme?

In order to qualify you, or a disabled child in your care, needs to be receiving the mobility element of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Allowance (PIP) at the highest rate, presently £55.25 per week.


So how do I get a Car?

Simply choose a car then go to your Mobility car dealer with proof that you are receiving DLA or PIP Mobility, you must have 12 months remaining on your offer, and they will sort everything out for you including adaptations if these are necessary.


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