Motability £2000 price limit

Motability £2000 enforcedIn December 2011 Richard Littlejohn wrote a piece in the Daily Mail which caused something of a stir, we posted our views here.  In January 2012 changes were made to the mobility car scheme, the major change removed cars that have a retail value of over £25000 and the maximum Advance Payment was to be £2000.

The number of cars available to mobility customers more than halved overnight and if you required an Automatic car by nature of your disability then you were fishing in a very small pool, common sense then took over and motability increased the number of Automatic cars available by increasing the Advance Payment limit to £3000 and letting cars over £25000 onto the scheme. Now the search tool only displays cars that have an advance payment under  £2000 and also missing are higher powered cars and some top spec models.
We have been assured that these models are actually available but not being shown on the search tool and if you contact the dealer the car can be ordered. We are unsure at this stage when the prices change on 1st July if these cars will still be available and not promoted or if they will simply be removed, we will inform you as soon as we have more information.

BMW 3 Series - no diesel option showing

BMW 3 Series – no diesel or automatic option

We understand and support these changes providing it leads to lower advance payments but are concerned that choice is being eroded, for example if you require a large seven seat car and require an automatic gearbox then you can no longer choose a Volkswagen Sharan or Seat Alhambra and take advantage of the excellent sliding rear doors which make the positioning of a disabled child much easier. If you are rural and require an automatic four wheel drive car to carry the family through the British winter then choice is limited to a Vauxhall Antara, Ford Kuga or Volkswagen Tiuguan, the BMW X1 and Audi Q3 are no longer listed as are the diesel powered BMW 3 series or the high powered Volkswagen CC in manual or automatic guise.

The price changes on 1st July will clarify the situation but in the meantime if you require any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.