MINI Electric

Mini Electric

The 33kWh batteries are positioned in ‘T’ layout to improve the weight distribution and to give you the full Mini go kart experience, 0-62 mph is achievable in 7.3 seconds. The Electric Mini is an absolute hoot to drive because Mini have sacrificed driving range for driving fun.  Batteries are heavy and weight is not good for throwing a car into a corner, as it is the Mini electric is 145 kg heavier than the petrol car, so there is the quandary: are you prepared to accept a limited range, 120-140, miles for an increased driving experience?

Level 2 cars have heated front seats, folding and self-dimming mirrors, rear parking sensors and a rearview camera, Level 3 cars add Matrix LED headlights, front parking sensors and a Harmon Kardon audio system, head-up display and parking assistant system.

Prices are £1999 Advance Payment for a level 2 and £2499 AP for a level 3.