Mini Countryman

The Mini Countryman has been removed Q1 2017 – New Countryman due for release in February 2017


The Mini Countryman is the latest addition to the Mini stable of cool cars. This is no longer a Mini, it has four doors, a 350 litre boot and seating for 4 adults, two individual seats in the rear mean that you cannot carry more than 4 people but you can opt for a rear bench seat (at no extra cost) to have the flexibility to carry five.  Like so many new cars that one would assume to be four wheel drive the reality is that only a couple of cars in the range are actually available in all wheel drive, in the case of the Countryman these are badged as ‘All4’.


As you would expect from Mini the Countryman is a head turner, targeted at the fun loving, skinny latte sipping urbanites who have outgrown their old Mini as they now they have children and as we all know a car without rear doors and children to put in – is a non starter.

Mini is owned by BMW so you are getting a well built car (sadly it’s assembled in Austria and not the UK) but it does have a whiff of the English eccentric about it, it’s a piece of design, it will easily pass the dropping the teenagers off at school test.


Mini CountrymanThe Mini Countryman comes in four trim levels named ‘One’, Cooper, Cooper S and Cooper SD, the Cooper is our pick for value, well equipped with alloy wheels, leather steering wheel, Mini Connect, a clever device linking your phone to the car, and automatic air conditioning, sitting in the car is a delight, it just looks so cutting edge design.

The ‘All 4’ is available in two diesel options and one petrol, the two litre diesel with 141 Brake horse power and can reach 62 miles per hour in 9.4 seconds and keep going to 121 miles per hour while return 62.8  miles per gallon. The Countryman has sold well after initial hesitation from customers, the 1.6 litre petrol as a two wheel drive model is available from £799.

The Mini Countryman has been removed Q1 2017 – New Countryman due for release in February 2017

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