Hyundai Tucson

New 2021 Tucson:

The new Tucson has caused a bit of a stir, it’s a great looker and is full of useful features. Full Brochure here. Sadly the full hybrid is not on the Scheme, what is left is a 148bhp 1.6 petrol and 1.6 148bhp 48v mild hybrid petrol, both offer questionable fuel economy, 41.5 mpg for the petrol manual and a small boost of 42.8 for the 48v hybrid, reality on the road is mid 30’s.

New for Q4 2021 was the Plugin Hybrid that offers a 1.6 litre petrol engine paired with electric offering a whopping 261 brake horse power (0-62 mph in 8.6 seconds) and the advantage of being able to run on electric power alone for a claimed 33 miles. Prices are high, £5099 (£3936 wpms) in Premium trim or £5599 (£4436 wpms) in Ultimate trim

Full Pricing for Q2 2022:

1.6 Manual SE Connect – £1349 (£186 wpms)

1.6 Manual Premium £2099 (£936 wpms)

1.6 Manual Ultimate £2699 (£1536 wpms)

1.6 Automatic 48v SE Connect £3149 (£986 wpms)

1.6 Automatic 48v Premium £3749 (£2586 wpms)

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