Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V

The 2019 Honda CR-V is a large SUV and a real contender with the addition of the new hybrid power plant. The interior is also a step up in both quality and technology compared with the old car. Its traditional rev-counter and speedo dials are replaced by a 7.0-inch digital set of dials as standard, and another 7.0-inch infotainment touchscreen sits on the dashboard from SE trim and up. The best bet for most people will be this mid-level SE, which gets LED headlights, 18-inch alloy wheels, climate control, a rear view camera as well as parking sensors front and rear and Honda’s 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with sat-nav, Apple CarPlay and Android auto. The CR-V is available as a five or seven seat car, the Hybrid is only a five seater as the 1.4kWh battery sits in the boot.

Honda CR-V Hybrid now available

The new I-MMD Hybrid is the only engine available on the Scheme, sadly this is a 5 seat car only. The 2.0 litre petrol engine is paired to a 1.4 kWh lithium ion battery pack which produces 181bhp, a 0-62 time of 8.8 seconds (9.2 sec on the four-wheel-drive version) and impressive economy of 40.9 miles per gallon, reports are that town driving is very economical where the electric power can be used but long journeys can really eat into your wallet.

The Multi Mode Drive (i-MMD) hybrid system uses a ‘motor/generator’ in place of a conventional automatic gearbox, it essentially has no gears at all and is smoother and quieter to drive than a manual or previous CVT automatic. There are three driving modes; Engine Drive, Hybrid Drive and EV Drive, with decreasing reliance on petrol power. When Engine Drive is engaged, the motor-generator and electric motor are locked to provide a direct mechanical drive from the petrol engine to the front wheels – typically at high motorway speeds. In Hybrid Drive mode, the petrol engine turns the motor-generator but is disconnected from the wheels. Instead, electricity generated is sent to the electric drive motor as well as topping up the battery. EV Drive, meanwhile, uses the battery alone to power the car for short distances.

Full Pricing for Q3 ‘Summer’ 2021:

Hybrid Car:

HONDA CR-V 2.0 Petrol/Hybrid S 2WD 5 Seat CVT £1399 (£270 wpms)
HONDA CR-V 2.0 Petrol/Hybrid SE 2WD 5 Seat CVT £2349 (£1220 wpms)
HONDA CR-V 2.0 Petrol/Hybrid SR 2WD 5 Seat CVT £2999 (£1870 wpms)
HONDA CR-V 2.0 Petrol/Hybrid SE 4WD 5 Seat CVT £3049 (£1920 wpms)
HONDA CR-V 2.0 Petrol/Hybrid SR 4WD 5 Seat CVT Auto Price reduced from previous quarter price£3749 (£2620 wpms)

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