GWM Ora is a division of the Chinese Great Wall Motors started in 2018 to produce electric cars. Ora stands for Open, Reliable, Alternative. GWM sold almost 1.3 million cars in 60 countries in 2021, growing more than 15% that year. In China, it’s the country’s leading brand for pick-ups and SUVs. Great Wall Motors has set up a joint company with BMW which is developing the next generation electric Mini.




ORA Funky Cat

UK buyers can only have the Funky Cat in top-spec First Edition trim, which comes with a 48kWh battery for 193 miles of range and a 169bhp electric motor for front-wheel drive, 184lb ft and 0-62mph in 8.3 seconds and a limited top speed of 99mph. Charging on a fast charger (maximum the car can take a charge is 64kW) from 15%- 80% will take 42 minutes or a full charge on a 7kW (home charge) will take five and a half hours. At just over 4.2 metres long, the Cat is a touch shorter than the MG4 and VW ID.3, and slightly longer than the Renault Megane E-Tech. The 228 litre boot is small against its competition, the VW id3 offers 385 litres and the Renault 440 litres. Advance Payment is £1999 which is the top end for a car that retails at just over £30k