On 11 July 1899, Giovanni Agnelli was part of the group of founding members of FIAT, Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torin. The first Fiat plant opened in 1900 with 35 staff making 24 cars. By 1903 Fiat made a small profit and produced 135 cars this grew quickly to 1,149 cars by 1906. During World War I, Fiat had to devote all of its factories to supplying the Allies with aircraft, engines, machine guns, trucks, and ambulances. during the second world war Fiat made military machinery and vehicles for the Army and aeroplanes foo the Regia Aeronautica  (Air Force). In 1970 Fiat employed over 100,000 in Italy alone when production peaked at 1.4 million cars, over the following decades Fiat’s fortunes declined and in 2014 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles became the new owner of Fiat Group, FCA then merged with the French manufacturer PSA Group in 2019, with the new conglomerate being named Stellantis in 2020.




The Fiat 500 is a small three door car, two doors and a hatchback boot, there is room for four adults and light luggage but not for too long a journey. The Fiat 500 is just about the best looking car on the roads today, it’s almost impossible to pass one without raising a smile. If you only have need for a small car then the Fiat 500 will keep you happy come rain or shine. The new 1.0 litre mild hybrid can offer a (very) small assistance under acceleration and for economy on the 69bhp engine that is manual gearbox only. Prices start at Nil Advance Payment in the Limited ‘Red’ trim. The Electric 500 is avaialble in two configurations, a 24kWh battery paired to a 70kW motor which will give a claimed range of 118 miles avaialble at Nil Advance Payment in ‘Action’  or Limited ‘Red’ trim.  The larger output is a more realistic option fitted with a 42kWh battery and 87kW motor the range increases to a claimed 199 miles, charging from an 11kW point will take around 4h 15m or  0-80% in 30 minutes from a suitable DC point as it is able to draw power at an increased rate of 88kW. Prices start at £95 in the ‘Red’ trim or £295 in Icon trim and top out at the luxury La Prima at £1495 Advance Payment.




The Fiat Panda is a five door supermini that manages to stand out from the crowd without being controversial or arrogant, it just gets on with the job of being a great little car without the need to shout it from the rooftops. The panda shares the 1.0 litre 69bhp mild hybrid manual gearbox engine with the fiat 500. Prices for Q2 have settled after hitting unprecedented heights in Q1, starting at Nil Advance Payment for the ‘City Life’. The panda is all available as a four wheel drive with increased height and rugged styling giving the Panda a real presence on the street and it is amazingly confident in all weathers. The 0.9 twin air petrol is available but only with a manual gearbox with prices starting at £1495 AP (£332 wpms).




The Fiat 500x is a peach of a car, better looking than all the competition and has inherited its smaller siblings personality too. Fiat has spent $1 billion building a factory to produce this car so while it may not hit the sales in this country it deserves it will be a car that sells in huge numbers across Mainland Europe. The FireFly petrol engines are a great improvement over the old 1.6 litre petrol. 1.0 and 1.3 litres in size, the 1.0 litre 3 cylinder turbo produces 118bhp and can reach 62 mph in 10.9 seconds, top speed 117mph, economy is claimed at 46.3 mpg. The four cylinder 1.3 petrol pushes out 148 bhp and is a six-speed automatic only and returns 44.1 mpg, 0-62 time is 9.1 seconds and a top speed of 124mph. Prices have been fluctuating, increased by up to £1200 in Q3 2021 and a further £950 -£1200 in Q4 2021 only to be reduced by up to £850 for Q1 2022, for Q2 the prices are sky high again increased by £1000. Prices now start at £1995 Advance Payment (£832 wpms)  (add £300 for Sport trim) and the automatic car starts at £3245 AP(£2032 wpms) (add £150 for Sport trim)




The Tipo is available as a five door hatchback or a ‘Station Wagon’ Estate. The only engine presently is a 1.0 litre petrol offering a paltry 99 brake horse power and only as a manual gearboxes car, the claimed economy is an impressive 49.6 miles per gallon, but progress would be hampered if carrying a full car. Prices are unrealistic starting at £2345 Advance Payment for the hatchback and £2795 as an estate.