Fiat 500

The Fiat 500 is a small three door car, two doors and a hatchback boot, there is room for four adults and light luggage but not for too long a journey. The Fiat 500 is just about the best looking car on the roads today, it’s almost impossible to pass one without raising a smile. If you only have need for a small car then the Fiat 500 will keep you happy come rain or shine. The Fiat 500 is not only fun to drive and great to look at inside and out it is also safe, receiving the NCAP 5 star award (the top award) and award winning, European Car of the Year 2008, this how long its been with us!

TThe new 1.0 litre mild hybrid can offer a (very) small assistance under acceleration and for economy on the 69bhp engine that is manual gearbox only. Prices for the petrol are £1795 Advance Payment in the Limited ‘Red’ trim and £2095 in the Dolcevita trim

The Electric 500 is now only avaialble on the Scheme in the larger output, the 24kWh battery paired to a 70kW motor with a claimed range of 118 miles has been removed from 1st October 2022.  The sole version is fitted with a 42kWh battery and 87kW motor that offers an impressive range of 198 miles, charging from an 11kW point will take around 4h 15m or  0-80% in 30 minutes from a suitable DC point as it is able to draw power at an increased rate of 88kW. Prices have increased for Q4 now £2195 Advance Payment in the ‘Red’ trim or £2595 in the luxury La Prima trim.

The Convertible 500C starts at £1195 Advance Payment in ‘Red’ trim paired to the manual gearbox 1.0 mild hybrid and as an Electric with the 42kWh at £2895 AP in icon trim, £3095 in Red and £3195 in La Prima.