DS 3 Crossback

DS DS3 Crossback

The kooky yet wonderful DS3 Crossback joins the Scheme, think of it as a DS version of an Audi Q2, expect diamond shapes, big comfortable seats, lots of wow factor and handles that pop out when you approach the car. The DS 3 Crossback certainly looks rather different to the small SUVs it competes with, with bold details and lots of unconventional bulges and creases. Perhaps the most unconventional bit is the ‘shark fin’ – a small piece of bodywork that raises up behind the middle widow pillars. From a practical approach the DS3 Crossback has plenty of room upfront but the large front seats do eat into the room for rear passengers where legroom is not generous. The 350 litre boot, places it on the small side of the class, Nissan Juke 355 litres, Audi Q2 405 and MINI Countryman 430 litres.


Trim lines start with Elegance, then to Performance Line, Prestige and onto Ultra Prestige. For a limited period there is the chance to bag a ‘La Premiere’ model. Performance Line models have 17 inch black alloy wheels, a 7 inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connectivity, reversing sensors, keyless start, door handles that pop out when you approach, lane-keeping assistance, emergency braking and speed limit recognition with cruise control, part-Alcantara suede seats, tinted rear windows, LED rear lights and aluminium pedals. Prestige versions add front parking sensors and a 10 inch dash mounted touchscreen, built in sat nav, automatic air conditioning and leather seats. Ultra Prestige has 18 inch Alloy wheels, blind spot detection, reversing camera, head-up display, keyless entry, heated/power front seats, LED headlights/daytime running lights and nappa leather seats. La Premiere gives you the full cocktail bar experience with brown nappa leather seats and dash along with active cruise control and 18 inch black alloy wheels.


The only petrol engine presently is a 1.2 litre 3 cylinder petrol with 100, 129 or 153bhp, the 100 is manual only, the 129 and 153 outputs are fitted with the EAT8 proper automatic gearbox, no more do PSA cars suffer from the dreadful semi automatic gearbox. The petrol 100 version and a 1.5 diesel are the only way to have a manual car. The 100 petrol copes well around town but is noisy when pushed, as is the way with three cylinder engines, the diesel cars start at Nil AP. The 129bhp petrol manages a respectable 9.2 seconds for the 0 to 60mph sprint, with the 153 version managing the sprint in 8.2 seconds. Fuel economy figures are 46.0 miles per gallon for the 100, 42.2 for the 129bhp auto and 41.7 for the 153bhp auto.


DS3 Crossback Electric added 20th November

DS3 Crossback E-Tense (Electric)

The DS3 Crossback was designed with electrification in mind and as such the batteries are littered around the underside of the car meaning that the 350 litre boot is the same regardless of powertrain. The 50kWh battery paired to a 100kw electric motor offer a 0-62mph time of 8.9 seconds, a top speed of 93 mph and a WLTP driving range of 199 miles. The fast charging DC mode will charge from empty to 80% in 30 minutes, if you have access to a public 100kW charger, standard AC 7kW charging will take nearly 8 hours to go from empty to full. Prices start at £1999 Advance payment for the well appointed Prestige trim, for an extra £500 (£2499 AP) you can move up to the Ultra Prestige

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Q3 Summer Petrol Cars

1.2 100 manual 46.0 mpg Performance line – Nil Advance Payment (£63.56 wpms) , £999 (£69.50 + £100 wpms) Prestige

1.2 129 Auto EAT8 42.2 mpg – £799 (£68.85 wpms) Performance Line, £999 (£69.50 + £100 wpms) Prestige, £1399 (£271 wpms) Ultra Prestige

1.2 153 Auto EAT8 41.7 mpg  – £1299 (£171 wpms) Prestige, £1499 (£371 wpms) Ultra Prestige and £1999 (£871 wpms) La Premiere

Q3 Summer Diesel Cars

1.2 129 Manaul 76.3 mpg –  £999 (£Nil AP wpms) Performance Line, £1149 (£69.50 + £100 wpms) Prestige