New Cars – Coming Soon

Manufacturers like to keep new cars a secret in order to maximise impact on launch and to keep the outgoing model sales up for as long as possible so exact dates can be hard to nail down. From a retail perspective, it is often possible to order a new car a couple of months prior to release (pre order) to ensure you get one of the first production models, this is not usually an option to Motability customers, the cars will have been released, in showrooms and available for a test drive prior to them being added to the Scheme. The date they join the Scheme can depend on a number of factors and there are no hard and fast rules, but any delay is usually due to production scheduling.


New cars coming soon / arrived  to the Scheme



New Kia X-Ceed joined 12th November

Kia Xceed

The Kia Xceed is so much more than a Kia ceed with pumped up suspension, it is a sleek and attractive SUV styled car. Internally all but base trim (2) get a wonderful 10.25 inch touchscreen which sits on top of the dash that incorporates Apple Carplay/Android Auto alongside a built in Sat Nav. Trim ‘3’ also includes keyless operation, 18 inch alloy wheels, LED lights, heated seats and steering wheel, cruise and climate control, a reversing camera and parking sensors. The top trim ‘First Edition’ has a 12.3 inch TFT replacing the dials, panoramic sunroof, power tailgate, heated rear seats ad park assist. The boot is a useable 426 litres. Engines start with a 3 cylinder 1.0 litre petrol (118bhp) that claims 52.3 mpg and a 0-60 time of 10.9 seconds, the turbo charged 1.4 litre petrol has 138 bhp and can propel the Xceed to 62mph in 9.1 seconds and return a claimed 45.6 mpg. The 1.6 litre diesel, avaialble with either 114 or 134 bhp (depending on trim) offers a claimed 68.9 mpg as 114 or 64.2mpg for the 134bhp version. The only Automatic presently is on the 1.4 petrol and prices start at £799 Advance Payment in trim 3 or a whopping £2099 AP in first edition trim. 

If you are after a compact SUV, the Xceed is one to add to your shortlist.  Prices start at Nil Advance payment and rise to 


Golf 7 back on Scheme – Not the new Mk8

Volkswagen Golf 

6th November – 28 VW Golf added to Scheme. This is not the new Mk 8 Golf, that is not on sale until February 2020, this is the mk 7 Golf in new trims, Match Edition, GT Edition and R-Line Edition. The three new trim levels add two-zone climate control, LED headlights and a Winter Pack (heated front seats, headlight washer jets and heated windscreen washer jets). Prises are patchy, the excellent 128bhp 1.5 litre petrol EVO engine start at £99 for a manual in Match Edition trim, but Auto prices start at £799 AP, Expensive for a run out model. 




New Nissan Juke joined 26th October

Nissan Juke

Production began on 14th October in Sunderland first deliveries in Showrooms and now avaialble to order on the Scheme – good work. The 1.0 litre 3 cylinder petrol producing 115bhp will hit 62mph in 10.4 seconds and will return a claimed 45.6 miles per gallon. 422 litre boot is 20% larger and the rear seat knee room has been increased by 5.8cm and rear head room by 1.1cm.  Review video here. Prices start at Nil Advance Payment in N-Connecta trim for the manual or £399 as an automatic. Tekna trim is £699 manual or £1099 for an Auto.



Renault Trafic Passenger Added 23rd October

Renault Trafic Passenger

The Renault Trafic could never be described as a ‘looker’ – ok from the front but the designers ran out of energy for the rear. New to the Scheme is the revamped (up to) 9 seat people carrier, however if you opt for the top SpaceClass trim and you add the Adventurer Pack (leisure kit) at £2760 you remove the second row bench and replace it with rails, two captains chairs and a table, a la VW Caravelle.  Short (SWB) and long wheelbase (LWB) versions avaialble and the engine choice is a 2.0 litre diesel as 120hp (manual only 39.2mpg) 145hp (manual 39.2 mpg or auto 38.7 mpg) or 170hp (automatic only 37.2 mpg). Prices start at £2295 Advance Payment for the Business trim SWB 120hp manual, the SWB Automatic 170hp in Sport trim is the pick at £2495 AP, the SpaceClass SWB 170 auto is £3695 Advance Payment.



New 2020 Koleos added 23rd October

Renault Koleos

The Koleos has received its mid life facelift for the 2020 model, LED headlights, a more prominent front grille and larger skidplates to protect the underside alongside some extra chrome trim have been added to spruce up the look externally. While internally reclining rear seats are added, the infotainment system now supports full-screen Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring and the car’s automatic emergency braking system can now detect pedestrians. Vintage red (pictured) has also been added to the colour pallet which we think looks fantastic. The major change is in the engine department, the new front wheel drive 1.7 litre diesel is now on offer boasting 148 bhp, 0-62 in 11.8 seconds and economy claimed at 46.3 mpg. The new (blue) 2.0 litre all wheel drive diesel which has a 12bhp increase on the old engine, at 187 bhp can reach 62 in 10.1 seconds and offers a claimed economy of 40.9 miles per gallon. Both engines are CVT Automatic only The 2.0 litre apparently much improved, a test drive is required to see if the CVT matches your driving style. The towing capacity of the 2.0 lire car is now 2000kg, up from 1650kg for the old 2.0 litre engine and 500kg more than the front wheel drive 1.7 litre car. Prices start at £1495 and rise to £2245.  


Toyota C-HR

The Toyota Coupe High Rider (C-HR) is being updated with new trim lines and new engines. The C-HR will now be self charging hybrid only, the engine choices will be the 1.8  or 2.0 litre petrol paired to the electric power the power output is 120bhp and 182 bhp respectively. The 2020 Toyota C-HR includes a new multimedia system that upgrades the vehicle’s connectivity. This system now allows full smartphone integration and offers the latest versions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Front lights are upgraded to premium LED technology, with the daytime running lights and indicators combined into one frontal projector that emits a single smooth line above the main beam. At the rear, the new combination lights are connected by a gloss black spoiler creating a single clean shape. The new C-HR will be in the showrooms at the end of October, we expect to see it back on the Scheme shortly afterwards.


Volkswagen Passat

VW Passat now on the Scheme as a saloon or Estate. The R-Line trim is avaialble with the 2.0 litre diesel 187bhp as a Saloon but not an estate as it tips over the cap limit. Other engines are the 1.5 148bhp and 2.0 187bhp petrol (Estate R-Line available £2799) and the 1.6 diesel with 118bhp or the 148 bhp 2.0 litre diesel. Prices start at £1899 Advance Payment for the 1.5 litre petrol but the real value is to be had in SEL and R-Line trim with the 2.0 litre diesel, prices top out at £2899 AP for the Saloon DSG auto 187bhp 2.0 litre Diesel in R-Line trim.



Hyundai IONIQ Electric

The new 2019 Hyundai Ioniq electric has an increased battery size of 38kWh (134 bhp) offering a range of 165 miles. Charging is via a Type 2 connector, maximum 7.2 kW, this charges a fully depleted battery back to full in around 6 hours 15 minutes or 19 hours 45 minutes using a three pin domestic plug. Rapid charging is possible through a CCS connection, maximum rapid charge power is 47 kW, this charges the battery from 10% to 80% in around 50 minutes. The new IONIQ features Bluelink that can remotely control the temperature of the car, lock or unlock and charging can be remotely controlled and scheduled. The Ioniq Electric has a useable 350 litre boot and comes well equipped with adaptive cruise control, heated seats, climate control, auto LED lights, rear view camera, wireless phone charging, 10.25 inch touchscreen with sat nav and Apple Carplay/Android Auto. For £500 extra the Premium SE adds leather seats, electric (drivers only) and ventilated front seats, heated rear seats and privacy glass.

Autumn Best Buy – Hyundai Ioniq Electric 38kWh Premium’ Automatic  –  £1749 Advance Payment (£636.84 wpms) add £500 for Premium SE trim


BMW 1 Series

The 1, as BMW are calling the new 1 Series is added to the Scheme in SE, Sport or M Sport trim, Manual or Dual Clutch Automatic. The only version presently is the 118i, a 1.5 litre three cylinder petrol which is shared with the Mini, X1 and 2 series BMW. It offers 138bhp and can return a claimed 46 ish MPG, the reality is mid to high 30’s from our experience. 0-62 is 8.5 seconds and the 3 cylinder makes a nice rasping noice when pushed hard.   The major change is the move from rear to front wheel drive which does away with the propshaft tunnel making more foot room for the rear passangers, other changes are a larger boot, up to 380 litres and a long options list. Upgrade from SE to Sport trim and you have 17 inch alloy wheels and one years Apple Pay free, year two and three are chargeable -Disgusting. Full brochure and specs here. Prices are excellent for a new car and despite the retail price increasing by over £1000 the Advance Payments are less than the outgoing car. Prices start at £499 for the SE, £749 for Sport and £999 for the M- Sport in Manual. Auto cars are £749, £999 and £1249 across the trims.


The Mazda 3 Joins the Scheme, powered by the Skyactiv G engine a 2.0 litre non turbocharged petrol engine with 120 brake horse power.  This car is suitable for under 25’s as it is insurance group 16 up to Sport Lux trim. Sadly GT Sport and GT Sport Tech jump to group 17 so these are out of bounds. The more powerful and economic Skyactiv X engine is not represented, which is a shame. The trim lines are SE-L, SE-L Lux, Sport Lux, GT Sport and GT Sport Tech. Prices start at £199 and rise to £899 for the manual car, add £200 for an Automatic gearbox.


Kia Niro PHEV

The Niro PHEV has an 8.9kWh lithium-polymer battery teamed with a 1.6-litre GDi petrol engine. It’ll charge from empty in two hours fifteen minutes and offers an electric only range of 30 miles according to Kia and 22 miles in reality. But even when the batteries are depleted, the car operates as a mild hybrid and claims up to 55.4 mpg. The gearbox is a six speed twin clutch and the 0-62 time is a respectable 10.4 seconds. Based on the ‘3’ trim (but 16 inch wheels in place of 18 inch) the Niro is well appointed, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to the 10.25 inch touchscreen and adaptive cruise control. The Extra battery does take a chunk out of the boot capacity reducing it from 382 litres to 324 for the PHEV. The price is excellent and over £3000 cheaper than the last time the Niro PHEV was on the Scheme in Quarter 1 2019.

 Autumn Best Buy – Kia Niro 1.6 litre petrol Plugin Hybrid  Automatic  –  £699 Advance Payment (£67.33 wpms)


Mercedes CLA

The new CLA is a peach, a great package, a real head turner and an improvement over the old model both in every department. It is however quite low, small and is presently only available with a 460 litre boot, the (shooting brake) estate may never make it onto the Scheme due to the increase in retail price. There are two models, 180 and 200, both are a 1.3 litre petrol and offer 134 and 161bhp respectively 0-62 mph 9 seconds or 8.2 for the 200, all cars are front wheel drive and have an automatic gearbox. Three trim lines for the 180 are AMG line (£2399 AP), AMG Line Premium and AMG line Premium Plus, only the basic AMG Line is offered with the 200 engine. AMG Line cars come with a 7-inch display on the driver’s side and a 10-inch screen in the centre of the cabin, but all other models come with a pair of 10-inch displays with the top trim adding a delightful panoramic roof. 

Autumn Best Buy – Mercedes CLA 200 1.3 litre petrol 161bhp Automatic AMG Line  –  £2599 Advance Payment (£1486.85 wpms)

Autumn Best Buy – Mercedes CLA 180 1.3 litre petrol 134bhp Automatic AMG Line Premium –  £2749 Advance Payment (£1648.71 wpms) or £3499 (£2398.71) as AMG Line Premium Plus



July 26th the 2019 X1 is added to the Scheme. This is not a new car but a facelift of the outgoing model. Changes include a larger kidney grille, redesigned taillights and an automatic tailgate. Three engines, a 1.5 litre petrol with 136bhp badged 18i, a 2.0 litre petrol with 189bhp badged 20i, both claiming over 50mpg but the 18d 2.0 litre diesel is the pick, 148 bhp and enough grunt to move the x1 seamlessly, claimed economy is 61mpg. The new trim lines to the Scheme are SE, Sport and xLine. All cars have a 6.5 inch infotainment screen with DAB and sat nav built in and the xLine has leather seats. Full brochure here. Prices start at £749 for the 18i SE front wheel drive.

Autumn Best Buy – BMW X1 xLine 18d s-drive 2.0 litre diesel 148bhp Automatic –  £1999 Advance Payment (£898.71 wpms) 


Skoda Scala

The replacement for the appallingly named ‘Rapid’ the Scala is a 5 door hatch that has a very useful 467 litre boot, the VW Golf has 380 litres but is a bit more comfortable and the Ford Focus is a more engaging drive. SE trim has cruise control, 16 inch alloys, tinted windows, rear parking sensors and an 8 inch touchscreen for apple carplay /android auto connection. SEL trim adds digital dials, 17 inch alloys, climate control and a 9.2 inch touchscreen. The engine to go for is the 1.0 litre 113bhp petrol (the diesel is noisy) economy is a claimed 56.5 miles per gallon. The Scala is new to the Scheme and more cars will be added shortly, presently the 1.0 litre petrol is only available as a 6 speed manual. Full brochure here.

Autumn Best Buy – Skoda Scala 1.0 litre petrol 113bhp Manaul ‘SE’ –  Nil Advance Payment (£62.22 wpms) or £399 (£64.86 wpms) in SEL trim


Mercedes A Class Saloon

The Saloon A Class has a little extra extra rear seat room and a bigger, 420-litre, boot, the saloon is 13cm longer than the hatchback. The ‘Sport’ models feature twin seven-inch displays including a central touchscreen. comfort suspension, a DAB radio, 17-inch alloy wheels, automatic two-zone climate control, Active Lane Keeping Assist, Speed Limit Assist and a Keyless-Go starting function. ‘AMG Line’ adds 18-inch AMG alloy wheels, an AMG body styling kit and a three-spoke sports steering wheel. To upgrade to the larger screens, you will have to add a ‘pack’ read more here. Two engines avaialble a 7 speed auto only 1.5-litre diesel A180d and a 1.3-litre manual or 7 speed dual cutch auto petrol A200. The A180d produces 114bhp, 0-62mph in 10.6sec, top speed 125mph, claimed economy of 61.5 mpg.  The A200 offers 163bhp and 0-62mph in 8.1 seconds and a claimed economy of 46.4 mpg. Prices Start at £999 an increase of £200 over Q3.



BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 225XE PHEV

The BMW shares the engines with the Mini PHEV, the 1.5 litre petrol engine is paired with a 7.6kWh battery pack offering a combined offering of 224 bhp, making this a very fast MPV, 0-62 in 6.7 seconds and the ability to run on battery power alone for around 16 miles, charging takes 2 hours from a 7.6 kw charger. The petrol engine drives the front wheels and the electric motor the rear making the BMW an all wheel drive car. This is an excellent solution for those that need a MPV and want to move towards electrification. Also avaialble is the Sport Premium (£2999 AP) and Luxury trim lines (£3249 AP).

Autumn Best Buy – BMW 2 Series Active Tourer 225XE automatic ‘Sport’ PHEV  –   £2749  Advance Payment (£1647 wpms)


BMW I3 Electric car – Added 1st June 2019

The all electric BMW I3 has been added to the Scheme in both standard and ‘S’ trim. The WLTP range is quoted as 193 miles and real life users are suggesting around a 145 mile, the I3 can move quickly from the single speed Automatic gearbox, o-62 as fast as 6.9 seconds. The battery offers 37.9 kWh and is able to fast charge from 20 -80% battery power in as little as 40 minutes. Prices for the standard 125kW car are from £1999 – £2749 Advance Payment depending on the internal ‘world’ and from £2999 – £3499 for the 135kW ‘S’ car. Full Brochure is here.



2019 Nissan X-Trail – Added May 29th 2019:

Nissan X-Trial rejoins with new engines, only auto option is the 1.3 petrol in top Tekna Trim. The new 1.7-litre dCi diesel engine develops 150PS and emits from 137g/km of CO2. It is available with two- or four-wheel-drive and a six-speed manual gearbox. 2WD WLTP MPG 41.5-43.5, 4WD WLTP MPG 39.8-42.2.  The 1.3-litre DiG-T petrol engine offers 160PS and has CO2 emissions from 145g/km. It comes with front-wheel-drive and an automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT). Prices start at £749 for 5 seat Acenta Premium 2WD and rise to £1749 for the Tekna 1.7 diesel 4WD. The only Auto is £1649 AP for the 7 seat 2WD 1.3 litre petrol in Tekna trim.



2019 Ford Mondeo – Added May 17th 2019:

2019 Ford Mondeo added to Scheme, 26 versions hatchback and estate but sadly no Hybrid. 1.5 petrol manual or 6 speed auto, economy quoted as between 22.8 mpg and 38.2 mpg for the Auto – Ouch. The two diesels (148 bhp and 187bhp) are a better (more expensive) option. Prices range from £1595 to £2195 Advance Payment for the petrol and £2395 – £3195 for the Diesel.



Toyota Rav4  – Added Q2

Toyota’s new 5 seat big booted, 580 litres, SUV is only avaialble as a petrol hybrid. The 2.5 litre petrol engine is joined by a self charging electric motor that combine to give 215 brake horse power and return a claimed 52.3 miles per gallon, flags have been raised around the CVT Automatic gearbox however so a test drive is essential.  Trim lines are Icon, Design, Excel, Dynamic. Prices start at £2095 Advance Payment.




Mercedes B-Class – Added Q2

The new B Class will have a sleeker and lower design while still retaining its practicality; room for 5 and a useful sized boot, 445 litres. The major interior change will be the A-class style twin screens; standard models get a pair of 7 inch displays, with higher models being offered with a single 7 inch and 10.25-inch display and, in the widescreen version, a pair of 10.25 inch displays. The new 2.0 litre diesel B200d (148 bhp) and B220d (187 bhp) will be offered alongside the 1.3 litre petrol from the A Class. Click here for review



Toyota Corolla – Added Q2

The new Corolla is powered by a 114bhp 1.2 litre petrol or one of two (self charging) hybrid options, a 1.8 litre petrol (120bhp) and a 2.0 litre petrol (175bhp). The rear legroom and boot (598 litres) can be increased by opting for the super looking estate version.  Apple Carplay/Android Auto are not avaialble and Toyota are frantically trying to add this following scathing feedback.  Four trim lines, Icon, Icon tech, Design and Excel. even the entry level cars have heated front and rear seats. Prices start for the 1.2 petrol at £245 Advance Payment and top out at £545 for the estate in Design trim. The 1.8 hybrid starts at £695 and rises to £1195 for the estate in Excel trim. The 2.0 litre hybrid is only in Design or Excel trim and prices start at £1095 and rise to £1395.  



DS DS3 Crossback – Added Q2

The kooky yet wonderful DS3 Crossback joins the Scheme, think of it as a DS version of an Audi Q2, expect diamond shapes, big comfortable seats and lots of wow factor and handles that pop out when you approach the car. The only engine presently is a 1.2 litre 3 cylinder petrol with 100, 129 or 153bhp, the 100 is manual only, the 129 and 153 outputs are fitted with the EAT8 proper automatic gearbox. Trim lines start with the Performance Line, through Prestige and onto Ultra Prestige. For a limited period (September 2019) there is the chance to bag a ‘La Premiere’ model. Prices start at Nil Advance payment and work their way up to £1299 for the La Premiere Auto 153bhp. Full Brochure click here.




Mercedes C Class – Added Q2

The Mercedes C Class has sneaked onto the Scheme. Only avaialble as a C180, powered by the 1.6 litre petrol engine shared with Renault, and only in base SE trim. This may sound a little disappointing but following the upgrades to the C-Class last year the SE trim is now very well appointed, Artico (man made) leather seats, 10.25 inch infotainment screen with Sat nav, DAB radio and reversing camera, 17 inch Alloy wheels, heated front seats, Active Park Assist, Cruise control, auto headlamps and wipers, power folding wing mirrors and a driver select driving mode. The only extras you may need to add are the Apple Carplay/Android Auto at £275 and privacy glass at £385. The Premium packs are not available on the SE trim. The engine is a surprise too, the 154 brake horse power 1.6 litre petrol can reach 62 miles per hour in 8.2 seconds and on to a top speed of 140 miles per hour, very impressive. Economy from the 6 speed manual gearbox is a claimed 47.1 miles per gallon or 44.1 mpg from the 9 speed automatic.

Autumn Best Buy – Mercedes C Class SE 1.6 litre 154bhp petrol Manual –  £2799 Advance Payment (£1697 wpms) or £3749 (£2647 wpms) as an Automatic  



Mercedes C Class Estate – Added Q2

The C Class estate is only avaialble as a manual gearbox car due to pricing restrictions, and again as a C180 with the 1.6 litre petrol engine and only in SE trim. The Estate car has an electric tailgate and a higher roofline, it also increases the load carrying capacity from 480 litres in the saloon to 490 litres with the advantage of easier access. Drop the rear seats, which you can do from the boot, and you open up 1510 litres of space.

Autumn Best Buy – Mercedes C Class Estate SE 1.6 litre 154bhp petrol Manual –  £2999 Advance Payment (£1897 wpms)  



Seat Tarraco – Click here

The new SEAT seven seater is a cracking deal, Prices starting at Price reduced from previous quarter price£499 Advance payment for the 1.5 litre petrol (Manual only) Open Tarraco brochure here. The Standard equipment list is huge, all cars have seven seats, digital cockpit, 3 zone climate control, LED lights and cruise control. At £1399 Advance Payment the Xcellence 2.0 litre diesel manual (Price reduced from previous quarter price£799 as 1.5 petrol) adds 19 inch Alloys, Sat nav, wireless phone charging, rear camera, alcantara sports seats, adaptive cruise control, park assist, keyless entry, electric tailgate and privacy glass. Automatic cars are limited to the 4wd diesel starting at £1999 AP, the Tiguan Allspace is a better offering.



Kia Pro Ceed – Added Q2

Starting at £1699 Advance Payment the sleek new Pro Ceed is cracking new edition. Could the old Skool Estate car be making a comeback?

‘ You won’t buy the Kia Proceed for the way to drives or for its so-so infotainment system, but you might be persuaded to part with your cash for its slinky body and massive boot ‘ Matt Watson



Alfa Romeo Giulia – Returned for Q2

Another Yo Yo car, but it is always welcome. If we had £3500 for the Advance Payment and if we could live with the tiny front doors we would dash off to the Alfa dealership, love this car. Hopefully the Alfa Dealerships will be able to take orders this time, Hopefully.



Volkswagen Tiguan Allspace – Added Q1

The on – off situation regarding the Allspace continues, the latest news is that it is now back on the Scheme in the new ‘Match’ trim which includes, adaptive cruise control, sat nav, parking sensors, front and rear, 19 inch alloy wheels, keyless entry, privacy glass, electric tailgate, three zone climate control and park assist with rear view camera. The 148 bhp 2.0 litre diesel is nothing short of fantastic. Three cars are on the Scheme, a six speed manual (£1149 AP) or a 7 speed DSG automatic with either two or four wheel drive, bizarrely the 4wd car is cheaper, £1449 AP compared to £1649 for the front wheel drive car.  This is the stand out offering this quarter, the order books will be filling up quickly.



Prius + (7 Seater)

Toyota Prius Plus – Added Q2

The Prius + has re-emerged onto the Scheme. The Prius+ is the seven seat MPV version of the popular hybrid. It’s been around since 2012 and is based on the old 3rd Generation Prius not the new version so it does look a little dated, upgrade due. With three separate seats in the middle row and two more (children’s) in the third row and even with these in place there’s still around 200 litres of space for luggage.  The Prius Plus is a super option for those that need space and want a hybrid car. Priced from Nil Advance Payment is an excellent price and £995 cheaper than the last time it was avaialble.



Audi A1  –   Added Mid Q1

The New A1 is a 5 door ‘Sportback’ only and is less rounded in shape adding more ‘designer’ creases a la Q2. The all-new Audi A1 is based on the same mechanical underpinnings as the Volkswagen Polo and SEAT Ibiza, The petrol only engine choice is the three cylinder 1.0-litre petrol with 94bhp or 114bhp or the four-cylinder. Advance Payment rices start at £49



Renault Zoe Electric car – Added Q1

The 40kw battery in the ZOE will provide a top speed of 84 mph and the range is claimed at 250 miles but recalculated at 148 under WLTP. Charging takes 1 hour 40 minutes from the fastest chargers or seven and a half hours from the 7kW wall box. Advance Payments for Q3 are Price reduced from previous quarter price£3399 (£2297 wpms) in Dynamique Nav trim or £3599 (£2497 wpms) in new S Edition Nav trim.





BMW X2 – Added Q1

The X2 is the X1 with a sloping roof and a BMW badge on the side. It looks great however. The S-Drive (2 wheel drive) X2 is available as a manual with a 1.5 litre petrol badged 18i at £749 in SE or £1249 in Sport or as a 2.0 lite petrol Automatic at £1249 in SE or £1749 in Sport trim. 4 wheel drive car now added Click here to open the BMW prices.




Peugeot 508 Fastback – Added to Scheme for January 2019- Deliveries May 2019

The New Peugeot 508 is added for January, prices starting at £2799. The SW (Estate) is released in a few months. The Fastback is low, sleek and pleasing on the eye, inside it has a 12.3 inch digital dash and is very appealing. The 508 has already been bestowed carwow’s style award in their car of the year competition – saying: Making a normal mainstream family car look this achingly beautiful both inside and out isn’t easy




Mazda MX-5 RF

Mazda MX-5

The Mazda MX-5 has joined the Scheme, this two seat sports car is available in two body styles, the standard car with a fabric roof, plus the Targa-roofed MX-5 RF.  Power comes from a 129 bhp 1.5 litre petrol engine which has been roundly praised for its high revving and smooth acceleration. 




BMW 3 Series – On sale March 9th 2019

We are being asked about the new 3 series and when it will be avaialble on the scheme. This is the situation. The 3 series is being launched in phases, the first tranche is the 320d and 330i, only the 161bhp 320d is permissible on the Scheme trough power restrictions and as it has a starting price of £33610 which is above the upper limit and according to present guidelines can not be made avaialble on the Scheme.

The smaller engines, 318d and 318i, will be released later in the year and we will have to see if these fall under the pricing restrictions, unless the restrictions are changed by Motability.


Citroen C5 Aircross – Available now to order, not in showrooms until Feb 2019

The C5 Aircross shares its underpinnings with the DS7, Peugeot 3008/500 and Vauxhall Grandland X, and it is a late to the party, at least for Europe as its been on sale in China for a year. At 4.5 m long and a 580 litre boot it ticks a lot of boxes (but not a 7 seat one) and it promises to offer unrivalled comfort, the seats are thicker than the competition and it offers ‘progressive hydraulic cushions’ which soften out the imperfections in the road.  Perfect for the UK. All cars have a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and an eight-inch touchscreen as standard, as well as wireless smartphone charging. Three trim levels are offered, Feel, Flair and Flair Plus. Two petrol powered cars, the 1.2 litre 128bhp PureTech 130 three-cylinder mated to a six-speed manual gearbox, while the 178bhp PureTech 1.6 litre four-cylinder gets an eight-speed automatic gearbox as standard. The base diesel is the 128bhp BlueHDi 130, available with either a manual or automatic gearbox, while the BlueHDi 180 is equipped with the eight-speed automatic. click here for full review and prices.


Audi A1 – Available to order now 

The New A1 is a 5 door ‘Sportback’ only and is less rounded in shape adding more ‘designer’ creases a la Q2. The all-new Audi A1 is based on the same mechanical underpinnings as the Volkswagen Polo and SEAT Ibiza, The petrol only engine choice is the three cylinder 1.0-litre petrol with 94bhp or 114bhp or the four-cylinder 1.5 TFSI with 148bhp. The boot is one of the largest in this class with 335 litres of luggage space. Entry-level SE models get LED headlights, heat-insulating glass, electric rear windows and a digital instrument cluster, along with a smart 8.8-inch colour infotainment touchscreen. Top spec models also get leather upholstery, LED ambient light and the same 10-inch infotainment system as the Audi A8.


Ford Focus Active – First delivers into Showrooms January 2019, joining Scheme in Q1 2019

The Focus Active adds 30mm to the ride height and cladding to the wheel arches, twin exhaust pipes, SYNC 3, Sat nav and privacy glass. It’s targeting the group that want SUV styling without going all out SUV, think Volvo V40 Cross Country or Merc GLA. The Focus Active will available as a Hatchback or more excitingly an Estate. Trims are Active and Active X The X adds an extra inch to the Alloy wheels (now 18 inch), keyless entry, heated front seats and a panoramic roof. The engines are a 1.0 litre 123bhp petrol, 1.5 148bhp petrol and a 1.5 118 bhp diesel. The 2.0 litre diesel with 148 bhp is Active X only. All engines are front wheel drive and avaialble as a 6 speed manual or 8 speed Automatic.



Honda CR-V – Available now

Initial release is a 1.5 litre petrol with 170bhp as a six-speed manual and 190bhp as an Auto. The manual is available with either front-wheel or four-wheel drive, but the Auto is all wheel drive only. The Auto is a CVT, but we have it on good authority that it is a good as a twin clutch auto with no lag and high revs scuppering the enjoyment and you feel it changing from gear to gear, it has seven (fake) gears. 2019 will bring a hybrid (not a plug in Hybrid) version. There is to be no diesel. The option is for the new CR-V to have two extra (child only) seats in the third row (SE trim and above). The full brochure can be found here:


Citroen Berlingo – Available now 

The new Citroen Berlingo retains the styling of the old car but the Peugeot 5008 shared platform increases the length and width but the roofline is a little lower than the old car, meaning there is even more room for up to five (you are not aware of the decrease in height) the boot has increased by 100 litres to a whopping 775 litres, still with no load lip.  The ‘M’ Berlingo will be joined by an XL car in 2019 that is 35cm longer and will offer seven seats. Two trim lines, Feel and Flair, all cars have an 8 inch touchscreen with Apple Carplay / Android Auto, active lane keep, active safety braking, automatic lights and windscreen wipers, height adjustable driver seat and manual air conditioning, Flair models add rear electric windows (worth the upgrade alone), rear parkings sensors, three individual rear seats, electric parking brake, sat nav, alloy wheels and LED daytime running lights. Two engines, a six speed manual 1.2 litre petrol with 108 bhp that returns a claimed 51.4 mpg and a 1.5 litre diesel available as a manual with 100bhp or a manual or 8 speed full automatic with 127 bhp, all claim over 65 miles per gallon. Prices range from £195 Advance Payment for the small diesel up to £895 for the Auto 127bhp car in flair trim.

*The Berlingo is the sister car to the new Peugeot Rifter and following the purchase of Vauuxhal/Opel by the PSA group, the Vauxhall Combo Life. All are on the Scheme and the Vauxhall in XL variant with 7 seats.

Mazda CX5 – 2019 models now available

Click here for full review: The smooth looking 2019 CX-5 is with us powered by a 2.0 litre petrol or 2.2 litre diesel the CX-5 is a very welcome addition. Two trim lines: SE-L+ has 17 inch alloy wheels, cruise control, parking sensors, climate control and a 7 inch touchscreen with sat nav. Sport+ trim adds 19 inch alloys, reversing camera, power tailgate, heated power leather seats and heated steering wheel. The 2.0 litre petrol is front wheel drive six speed manual or Auto gearbox, 163 bhp (0-62 in 10.4 seconds and 44.1 mpg) The 2.2 diesel is 150 bhp front wheel drive only (0-62 in 9.4 seconds and 56.5 mpg) or 6 speed automatic (0-62 in 10.1 seconds 50.4 mpg) The 4WD 181bhp version of the diesel tops the billing, 


Mitsubishi Outlander – Avaialble now 

The 2019 Outlander is now on the Scheme, read more here: Two cars are available, the 4 wheel drive seven seat 2.0 petrol Automatic with 148 bhp that can return 37.7 miles per gallon in either Juro or fully loaded ‘4’ trim (leather seats, 360° parking camera, LED headlamps, heated steering wheel and power tailgate). The five seat Outlander PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) only in Juro trim, the new 2.4 litre petrol engine that drives the front wheels produces more torque and improves fuel economy. The Electric motor attached to the rear wheels is now 10% more powerful and the battery pack capacity has increased to 13.8 kWh, (the mini countryman phev has a 7.6kWh battery and the Toyota prius phev 8.8 kWh) The electric only range is quoted at 33 miles, WLTP quote it at 28 but the reality is closer to 20 miles. The petrol engine is improved but remains very thirsty and the moment it kicks in you are draining the tiny 45 litre tank faster than you would believe, we can only recommend the Outlander PHEV to those that have access to charge the cars batteries regularly. Note. The Diesel Outlander has been discontinued.


New Ford Focus – Avaialble now 

Ford claim the new Focus will be the best car in its class to drive, with more cabin space and is safer and packed with the latest technology. Deliveries of the hatchback begin in September, with the estate and Vignale high-end trim versions coming to showrooms in October, and the more rugged Active spec car arriving in January. Ford has not matched the likes of Toyota or Volkswagen and brought hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric versions of the new 2018 Focus to showrooms initially. Ford claims the new model – built in Germany using modern production techniques – will offer the “best-ever Focus quality and craftsmanship”.

Ford Fiesta Active – Available now 

The Fiesta Active will go someway to plug the gap left by the passing of the B-Max, it’s a bit more rugged and nods it’s head to the SUV class without treading on the toes of the Ecosport. It is a Fiesta raised by 18mm with black plastic cladding, a black decal on the boot and a different grille, in attempt to live up to the Active title there are three driving modes, Eco, Normal and Slippery which optimises the steering and stability systems for maximum traction and safety. The Active has no extra weight and despite being taller is as engaging to drive as the Fiesta, but soaks up the bumps in the tarmac a little better. The three cylinder 1.0 litre petrol is on offer in four variants 85PS, 100PS, 125PS and 140PS, allied to a six-speed manual gearbox or automatic in the 100 only, the 1.5 diesel comes with 85 or 120PS.



Vehicles added To Scheme For Q2 2018 (prices at Q2)

Volkswagen T-Roc small SUV

Volkswagen T-Roc

The VW T-Roc may be 10cm shorter than the Volvo XC40 and perceived to be a class below in terms of size so it is something of a surprise that it offers a larger boot, 445 litres v 432 litres. The Seat Arona is the stablemate to the T-Roc but the Arona is smaller, being built up from the VW Polo and the T-Roc (Audi Q2 too) from the VW Golf. The high seating position,. Three petrol engines are avaialble, the 1.0 litre petrol with 113bhp, 1.5 petrol with 148 bhp (our choice) and the only way to get an automatic T-Roc is to have the 2.0 187 bhp petrol in the top SEL trimThe SE trim with the 1.0 litre petrol and it has all you need to enjoy the T-Roc.


Renault Koleos

Renault Koleos

Last quarter the sister car to the Nissan X-Trail was only avaialble in 4×4 Auto with a 2.0 diesel.  The Seats have been singled out for their comfort.




 Volvo XC40

Volvo XC40

The Volvo XC40 is a new compact crossover SUV awarded European car of the year and what car magazine car of the year.  The XC40 has been been universally praised by reviewers and has been performing well at retail, despite its high price tag. There is a delivery estimate for new cars of between 4-5 months. But good things come to those who wait.




 New Golf SV – Perfect all rounder

Volkswagen Golf SV

The Golf SV is as good to drive as the hatchback with the boot space of the estate (up to 590 litres). The only drawback is there aren’t individual rear seats, so it isn’t quite as flexible with its space as the Citroën C4 Picasso. The rear seats do slide in a 60/40 split to maximise boot space (at the cost of rear legroom) and the doors are wide opening making the fitting of car seats easier. The excellent range of engines from the Golf are carried over and a body long crease in the metal does a good job of masking the extra height of the SV. An excellent addition to the Scheme.



BMW 2 Series Convertible

BMW 2 Series Convertible

The fabric roof folds neatly into the boot in around 20 seconds at speeds up to 30mph. The rear two seats are small – adults will struggle for knee room and, if the roof is up, head room is restrictive too. The 2 Series Convertible is more about style and enjoyment for two. And it delivers the goods, with a classy, high quality finish and thoroughly enjoyable, yet still very comfortable driving experience. Trims avaialble are the SE and Sport paired to the 1.5 litre 3 cylinder 134 bhp petrol, 0-82 is a respectable 8.8 seconds. Advanced payment prices start at £1599 and rise to to £2399 for the Automatic Sport model.



Hyundai Kona

The Hyundai Kona is ultimately a replacement for the ix20 but the Kona has a boot size of 334 litres compared to the 440 of the ix20, but it is certainly a better looking car. The Compact SUV sector is becoming a crowded space, the Nissan Juke gave us the segment and the Citroen C3 Aircross can compete on quirky looks but the Seat Arona with its 400 litre boot offers much better value this quarter. The single engine for the Kona is a 118bhp 1.0 litre three cylinder petrol presently only with a 6 speed manual gearbox. Trim lines are S, SE, and Premium. SE and above come with a reversing camera paired to the 8 inch screen that includes a link to your smartphone.


MG ZS – Available now

The Seat Arona sized Compact SUV from MG (ZS) has a 448 litre boot, 48 litres larger than the Arona, and an 8 inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay link. The 1.5 petrol manual car with 5 gears is eclipsed by the 1.0 three cylinder (Vauxhall shared) 6 speed automatic. The top trim Exclusive has leather seats and 17 inch Alloy wheels and reversing camera.



Mini Countryman PHEV – £1749 Advance Payment

The Mini Countryman Plug in Hybrid has a 1.5 litre 3 cylinder petrol engine powering the front wheels and an 88hp electric motor powering the rear wheels, the total power avaialble combining the two engines is 224 brake horse power and a 0-62 miles per hour can be achieved in 6.8 seconds. More importantly you can drive up to 25 miles on electric power alone from a fully charged car. Charging can be as fast as two hours fifteen minutes and it is also possible to charge from a household 3 pin plug, though does take longer.



Audi Q2

Audi have removed the Q3 and A4 from the Scheme, so the Q2 is their flagship product on the Scheme. It is a compact crossover, likeable if a little un-Audi like in design, it is a little, dare we say it, radical for the Bavarians. Prices are good for the  the super 1.0 litre petrol and rise through the 1.6 diesel and 1.4 litre petrol up to the 2.0 litre diesel 4wd auto.



Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The Eclipse Cross is similar in size to the Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson and Nissan Qashqai. Mitsubishi already make two SUV’s, the ASX and the Outander, the Eclipse Cross is slightly larger than the ASX and slightly smaller than the platform sharing Outlander, if this seems strange it’s because the next generation ASX is to be smaller and the next Outlander to be larger, making a clearer differential within the stable. First impressions of the Eclipse Cross is that the front half is all Outlander and the rear half ASX with a spoiler, it can be a little odd looking from certain angles. Powered by an all new 1.5 litre petrol engine producing 16o bhp, 0-62 mph in 10.3 seconds and economy of 42.8 mpg as a six speed manual. The automatic gearbox is a CVT, but it does have an ingenious 8 speed manual override which will require a test drive to see if it is to your liking. Trim lines are 2, 3, and 4. All cars get a 7 inch touchscreen with apple carplay and android auto (wired) with DAB radio and touchpad, cruise control and reversing camera, move up to level 3 for heated seats and 18 inch alloy wheels in place of the 16 inch and front and rear parking sensors and up to 4 for leather and a panoramic glass roof. 


Kia Stonic – Now On Scheme

The Stonic clearly shares a look with its Rio supermini sibling and from the front in particular has the appearance of a slightly raised hatchback rather than a full SUV. Kia has kept it simple by offering just two trim levels – 2 and First Edition  priced at £49 and £699 respectively when paired to the pick of the engines the 1.0 litre petrol which is a highlight. The diminultive three cylinder unit can boast 118bhp and enough pep to reach 62 mph in 9.9 seconds and a claimed economy of 56.5 miles per gallon.