Citroen C3

citroen-c3-motability-car-2017New ‘funky’ Citroen C3 

The New Citroen C3 is a cross between a DS3 and a C4 Cactus, complete with ‘airbumps’ and is an attempt to make the C3 more fashionable. There are options of individual personalisation for the roof, light surrounds mirrors, and dashboard. Power to come from small three cylinder petrol engines and a 100bhp Diesel.


Limited edition ‘Elle’ Trim is in conjunction with the magazine offering a feminine experience, seats are fitted with grey fabric highlighted with Cherry Pink stitching, the dashboard is a grey horizontal band encircled in Cherry Pink to accentuate the feeling of comfort and space on-board. Front carpet mats with Cherry Pink braiding and an ‘ELLE’ label that refers to the partnership, equally add a touch of elegance.

Full Citroen C3 Pricing – Click Here

Autumn Best Buy – Citroen C3  1.5 diesel 100bhp Manual ‘Flair Plus’   – £595 Advance Payment (£67.21 wpms)

Autumn Best Buy – Citroen C3  1.2 Petrol 110bhp Automatic ‘Flair Plus’   –  £895 Advance Payment (£68.90 wpms)