Here is the list of car manufactures and the links to the Mobility page of their website, you can check the latest prices and find your local dealer. (Just click on the name to open the relevant page in a new window)

Alfa Romeo mobility

Audi motability

BMW motabilty

Chevrolet motability

Chrysler motability

Citroen motability

Dodge mobility

Fiat mobility

Ford mobility

Honda motability

Hyundai motability

Jeep motability

Kia motability

Land Rover motability

Lexus motability

Mazda motability

Mercedes-Benz motability

Mini motability

Mitsubishi motability

Nissan mobility

Peugeot motability

Proton motability

Renault motability

Saab motability

Seat  motability

Skoda  motability

Smart motability

Subaru motability

Suzuki mobility

Toyota motability

Vauxhall  motability

Volkswagen motability

Volvo motability