Budget Update | PIP Changes


Iain Duncan Smith cheering the proposed tax credit cuts – 2015 budget

Finally George Osborne provided a Budget where those affected by Disability have not been a main target.

The damage already being done out of the glare of the press with £130 slashed from 640,000 people’s PIP (Personal Independence Payment)

Current rules rate people on a sliding scale of “points”, with eight needed to get the standard rate of PIP, and 12 needed to get the enhanced PIP. People previously earned two points if they needed a handrail or walking stick to get dressed or use the toilet, this will now only amount to one point, meaning they will only be eligible for the Daily Living Component at standard rate. This change will not affect the Mobility Component and your entitlement to a Motability car.


“A nation’s greatness is measured by how it treats its weakest members.” – Mahatma Ghandi