BMW (Bavarian Motor Works) was founded in 1916 to make aeroplane engines, BMW had initial success in the first world war but when the war ended the Treaty of Versaille decreed that BMW had to stop making Aero engines, this is when BMW started making some of the greatest motorcycles arriving in 1923 and then cars from 1928, but when the Luftwaffe formed in 1933 BMW started making Aero engines again and throughout the second world war. By 1959 BMW lay in ruins and was rescued by Herbert Quandt whose family still own much of the company.

BMW make some of the finest cars on the road today, powered by the greatest engines, sadly they are too often driven by people who want to appear on The Apprentice and feel that driving in a courteous manner is simply below them. Shame.  As a Mobility Car supplier, don’t discount BMW as simply too expensive as there are some great deals to be had but you will have to stump up an advance payment to get your deal.




BMW 2 Series Gran Coupe

The four door Gran Coupe is front-wheel-drive as its built upon the same transverse-engined architecture as the 1 series, same wheelbase, similar nose, virtually the same cabin in the front. At the back there’s a 430 litre saloon boot with the addition of split folding rear seats, but the sloping roofline limits headroom for rear passengers.  Trims are Sport or M-Sport and the only engine on the Scheme is the 1.5 litre 3 cylinder petrol 218i offering 140hp and 220 nm of torque which will get you to 62mph in 8.7 seconds. Fuel economy range is a claimed 42.2 – 47.1 mpg, expect mid – late 30’s in the real world. Prices have increased but remain competetive, particularly when compared to the Mercedes CLA, with the BMW 218i manual starting at £1999 Advance Payment rising to Price reduced from previous quarter price£2749 for the 218i auto in M-Sport.



BMW 1 Series

The 1, as BMW are calling the new 1 Series is added to the Scheme in SE, Sport or M Sport trim, Manual or Dual Clutch Automatic. The only petrol is the 118i, a 1.5 litre three cylinder petrol which is shared with the Mini, X1 and 2 series BMW. It offers 138bhp and can return a claimed 46ish MPG, the reality is mid to high 30’s from our experience. 0-62 is 8.5 seconds and the 3 cylinder makes a nice rasping noice when pushed hard.  The 116 diesel is an excellent option but prices start at a crazy £2849 Advance Payment.  The major change is the move from rear to front wheel drive which does away with the propshaft tunnel making more foot room for the rear passengers, other changes are a larger boot, up to 380 litres and a long options list. Upgrade from SE to Sport trim and you have 17 inch alloy wheels and one years Apple Carplay free, year two and three are chargeable. Full brochure and specs here. Prices start at £1499 for Sport and Price reduced from previous quarter price£1749 for the M- Sport in Manual. Auto cars are, £1999 Sport and Price reduced from previous quarter price£2249 M- Sport.



July 26th the 2019 X1 is added to the Scheme. This is not a new car but a facelift of the outgoing model. Changes include a larger kidney grille, redesigned taillights and an automatic tailgate. Two engines, a 1.5 litre petrol with 136bhp badged 18i and an auto only 2.0 litre petrol with 178bhp badged 20i claiming only 38.2 mpg in 4 wheel drive X-Drive trim. The trim lines to the Scheme are SE, Sport and xLine. All cars have a 6.5 inch infotainment screen with DAB and sat nav built in and the xLine has leather seats. Prices start at Price reduced from previous quarter price£1999 for the 18i Sport in front wheel drive.

Price reduced from previous quarter price Spring Best Buy – BMW X1 xLine 20i s-drive 2.0 litre petrol 178 bhp Automatic –  £2449 Advance Payment (£1326 wpms)



The X2 is the X1 with a sloping roof and a BMW badge on the side. It looks great however. The S-Drive (2 wheel drive) X2 is available as a manual with a 1.5 litre petrol badged 18i at Price reduced from previous quarter price£1849 in Sport or as a 2.0 lite petrol (badged 20i) Automatic at Price reduced from previous quarter price£2349 in Sport trim. The 4 wheel drive X2, paired to the 20i is priced at Price reduced from previous quarter price£2449 in Sport trim