Audi A1


The New A1 is a 5 door ‘Sportback’ only and is less rounded in shape adding more ‘designer’ creases a la Q2. The all-new Audi A1 is based on the same mechanical underpinnings as the Volkswagen Polo and SEAT Ibiza, The petrol only engine choice is the three cylinder 1.0-litre petrol with 94bhp or 114bhp. The boot is one of the largest in this class with 335 litres of luggage space. Entry-level SE models get LED headlights, heat-insulating glass, electric rear windows and a digital instrument cluster, along with a smart 8.8-inch colour infotainment touchscreen. Top spec models also get leather upholstery, LED ambient light and the same 10-inch infotainment system as the Audi new A8.


The A1 is avaialble with a 1.0 litre petrol in Sport, Teknik or S-line trim, with either 94 or 114bhp, the 94 is also avaialble as an automatic this quarter in Teknik trim and is an option for under 25’s. The 94 bhp is badged ’25’ and the 114 bhp badged ’30’ the The 148bhp 1.5 litre petrol, badged 35, which can offer near hot hatch performance, 0-62 mph in 7.7 seconds has been removed for Q4 2020.

A1 Citycarver

The Citycarver gets plastic body cladding around the wheel arches, front and rear protection plates under the bumpers plus a new front grille that’s the same hexagonal shape as an Audi Q model. It also gets 50mm extra ride height for climbing kerbs but sadly no quattro four-wheel drive. There’s only one trim level and only one engine on the Scheme a 1.0-litre with 114bhp. Priced at £399 manual and £849 Automatic.

Autumn Best Buy – Audi A1 Sportback 1.0 litre 25 (94 bhp) Sport (suitable for under 25’s) 5dr Manual  – £149 Advance Payment (£64.26 wpms) or £299 (£65.26 wpms) in S-Line trim.

Autumn Best Buy – Audi A1 Sportback 1.0 litre 30 (94 bhp) Sport petrol  5dr Automatic – £699 Advance Payment (£67.90 wpms) or £849 (£68.89 wpms) in S-Line trim.