Citroen Berlingo

Citroen Berling Motability car - 1 (1)The revamped for 2015 Citroen Berlingo is a quite fantastic multi purposed vehicle (MPV), not only does it swallow up five adults, each having their own individual seat, but it has room for all their luggage, camping equipment and a wheelchair. If you need a hoist, the Berlingo is perfect, the chair or Scooter will fit in the back without folding or taking bits off,  there is stowage everywhere and even an internal roof rack which we have used to carry an old door to the tip. The Berlingo has charm in abundance and the rear sliding doors are just the icing on a perfectly designed cake. So why are we not all driving around in Berlingo’s you ask, well are and we are proud to do so, ok so you take bit of ribbing from your friends and they insist on calling it a van, but we have the last laugh as they are squeezing their families into their fancy fashion wagons as we drive off fully loaded in comfort. Ha.


Citroen Berling Motability car dashThe Berlingo comes in two trim levels to mobility customers, Feel and Flair. Feel cars have air conditioning cruise control, split opening tailgate with dark tinted rear side and tailgate windows, Bluetooth with hands free phone kit and a USB point, height and reach adjustable steering wheel and height-adjustable driver’s seat, Flair cars add Automatic digital air conditioning, 7 inch Touchscreen, DAB digital radio/MP3 audio system with steering wheel audio controls, LED Daytime Running Lights, front and rear parking sensors, three individual seats in row 2 and 16 inch Alloy wheels. Take out the rear seats of the Berlingo and you’ll have an amazing 3,000 litres of boot space. Even with all the seats in place it offers 675 litres.



Available only to the Flair trim model is the 120 brake horse power 1.6 litre diesel engine, while the standard 100 brake horse power unit is more than adequate, if you intend filling your Berlingo up with passengers and luggage then you will be thankful of the extra power, it is a big car after all. The 120 bhp diesel will propel you to 62 miles per hour in a respectable 11.4 seconds compared to 12.4 for the smaller diesel and to a top speed of 109 miles per hour against 103 mph for the smaller unit, the combined economy figures are 68.9 miles per gallon for the 100 and 64.2 for the 120 bhp engine. A semi- automatic is avaialble on the 100bhp car.

I will leave the final word to Jeremy Clarkson who said of the Berlingo:

Sadly, with the Berlingo, they’ve tried to disguise the window cleaner origins with chrome this and flared that. What they’ve ended up with is a plumber in a tux. It looks and feels completely wrong. Almost certainly, then, you will see it and immediately decide to buy something else. This would be a very big mistake…..It rides more smoothly than a Jaguar XJ8 – they should have called it the Aeroglisseur…. There are so many cubbyholes and oddment stowage boxes that you could hide a priest in there and never find him again.

*New Berlingo due Autumn 2018

Summer Best Buy – Citroen Berlingo ‘Feel’ 100bhp Diesel  Manual  –  Nil Advance Payment (£60.81 wpms)

Summer Best Buy – Citroen Berlingo ‘Feel’ 100bhp Diesel 6 speed Semi-Automatic  –  £295 Advance Payment (£62.77 wpms)