Mercedes CLA

With the old shape CLA having been removed, there are a lot of questions over the new version and when it will join the Scheme.

Motability have set out a Retail pricing structure for a cars inclusion on the Scheme. For a manual gearbox car the Retail price has to be under £29000 and for an Automatic under £30500. If the model range starts under these prices then there is scope to include cars up to £33500 (Manual) and £35000 (Automatic).

With regard to the New CLA, presently only Automatic cars are avaialble with a starting price for the CLA180 at £30550, £50 over the threshold for inclusion.  The previous CLA180 auto was £29540.

There are exceptions to this pricing structure on the Scheme, The C Class for example has a starting price of £30850 as a manual car. One assumes there will be a greater discount on this model to aid its inclusion as it is an older model. The new CLA is very desirable and will perform well at retail so while Motability will be keen to add it, Mercedes will be happy to let it roll on retail sales as demand is so high.

In short, Motability want to buy the car and offer it to Customers but need Mercedes to help on pricing, the likelihood is that there will be a delay before the stars are aligned and the new CLA is added. In the meantime the A Class Saloon has joined the Scheme which offers more room than the CLA and is fine looking car.