Dacia Duster, Sandero and Sandero Stepway

Automobile Dacia is a Romanian car company, owned by Renault since 1999, that produce budget cars that are proving very popular across cash strapped Europe and as of January 2013 Dacia cars are available in the UK. Dacia have stated their intention to join the Mobility car scheme but we have no firm date.

Dacia cars are priced to impress, the Indian built Duster starts at £8995, the Stepway (released May 2013) at £7995 and the Sandero just £5995 do bear in mind these are the base models that are very sparse inside, for example these models do not include a radio. But given these prices and the fact we all love/need a bargain we expect Dacia cars to prove extremely popular when they arrive onto the scheme when they are priced correctly.


Dacia Logan MCV

The Logan MCV is the most affordable estate car on the market and it justifies its spot as the cheapest car on the Scheme,  Dacia have achieved this pricing by removing most things that we expect in a car these days, radio, speakers, replacing electric with wind up windows and no central locking.  You do get a lot of space for your money, the 573 litres of boot space is only 32 short of the VW Golf estate and the 1.0 litre 75bhp three cylinder petrol can return a claimed 48.7 miles per gallon but as the top speed of 98 miles per hour and 0-62 sprint time of 14.9 seconds suggests this is not a quick car by any stretch of the imagination.  If you need space and yearn for the days before electronic trickery took over your car then the Logan is the car for you.

Price reduced from previous quarter price Autumn Best Buy – Dacia Logan MCV 1.0 petrol manual estate  –  £47.00 per week (you receive a DLA/PIP payment of £11.00 per week)


Dacia Duster

The Duster is the car that has catapulted the fortunes of Dacia, similar in size to a Nissan Qashqai, the Duster is available in either two or four wheel drive, the entry level four wheel drive car. This Quarter the Duster is available with a 1.6 litre petrol only in base trim at Price reduced from previous quarter price£54.00 per week (you keep £4 per week of DLA/PIP)




 Sandero Stepway

Released in May 2013 the Stepway is the crossover version of the Sandero offering a higher ride and more rugged styling. the 0.9 petrol Stepway is Price reduced from previous quarter price£54.75 per week (you keep £1.50 per week of your mobility payment)