Audi A1

The Audi A1 is the baby of the Audi range, this sleek three or five door supermini is aimed squarely at the young affluent set, the people who can’t walk along the street without a cup of coffee. We like it a lot, it has great engines and is very pleasing on the eye, we still prefer the Alfa Mito but can fully understand why people would fancy the little Audi and not just for the badge and bit of Vorsprung durch Technik as they say in Munich. The A1 is as sleek as a Mini and as well built as a Bentley and 2011 car of the year at Whatcar.


The A1 is available in three trims, the, Sport, S-line and Black Edition, all have a 6.5 inch pop up screen which now includes a built in Satellite Navigation system powered from a SD card. The difference between the trims is how sporty you want your A1 to look, and the size of your Alloy wheels, the Sport has 16 inch, S-Line 17 inch and the Black Edition 18 inch. The Black Edition has, as you would expect, black things, exhaust pipes, windows, spoilers and grille, apart from the pedals which are stainless steel.


The engine choice is between two 1.4 litre petrols, the new 1.0 litre and the 1.6 litre diesel, the TFSI 1.4 litre 125bhp petrol engine will reach 62 miles per hour in 8.8 seconds and reach 127 miles per hour and return an impressive 57.6 miles per gallon as a six speed manual, The Black Edition is avaialble with the 1.4 litre petrol with 148 bhp which has a cylinder deactivation system that will shut off two cylinders when not needed, 0-62 can be reached in 7.8 seconds and economy an improved 58.9 miles per gallon. The three cylinder 1.0 litre offers 94bhp and has enough pep to reach 62 in an impressive 10.9 seconds and can return 67.3 miles per gallon.  The 114bhp 1.6 litre diesel is slower than the larger petrol but more frugal reaching 62 miles per hour in 9.4 seconds and a top speed of 124 miles per hour and economy is 80.7 miles per gallon as a five speed manual. All engines can be paired to 7 speed dual clutch s-tronic automatic which has no affect on performance and only a small amount on the fuel economy.

Prices have stabilised this Quarter but automatic cars still start a high £699 Advance Payment for the outgoing 1.4 litre Sport nav.

 Autumn Best Buy – Audi A1 1.0 litre Sport nav petrol  3 dr manual  – Nil Advance Payment (£61.06 wpms) or Price reduced from previous quarter price£49 (£61.39 wpms)  with 5 doors.