Ford Focus 2018

Ford claim the new Focus will be the best car in its class to drive, with more cabin space and is safer and packed with the latest technology. Deliveries of the hatchback begin in September, with the estate and Vignale high-end trim versions coming to showrooms in October, and the more rugged Active spec car arriving in January. Ford has not matched the likes of Toyota or Volkswagen and brought hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric versions of the new 2018 Focus to showrooms initially. Ford claims the new model – built in Germany using modern production techniques – will offer the “best-ever Focus quality and craftsmanship”.

All engines have been carried over from the old Focus with an upgrade to Euro stage 6.2 from stage 6.


Full pricing and range: Q4 prices reduced by £100, 1.0 litre Automatic now available


New Focus Estate: